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Tales from the Realms

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He would not tell me completely though I had prodded him to tell.

He said it is quite a task to open up and write what he had encountered. Things that could only be corroborated by a person who goes to inner exploration of the realms that we may never justifiably relate by spoken language.

So as I piece his story as the chips come in and with a lot of cajoling, I am relating here.

He was, soaking in his makeshift tub, listening to some instrumentals. Lost in that moment and forgetting where he was, that was his initial transport to a realm that I would assume to belong within the inner tunnels or crevices of space and time.

He saw this guy poured what seem to be was some kind of salt. He was readying some kind of pod with water up a certain level. He turned some switches and knobs. The pod began to hum.

This was some kind of room, maybe an underground bunker. The skylight above offered rays of natural lighting to an otherwise fairly dim tunnel. He put on some earplugs. Then the man put a gadget on his back and strapped it on. He slipped into the pod of water and closed the retractable cover. He can see his outline from the covers and he was floating, enjoying the waters. It was then that he remembered he was in a tub myself.

But before he got hold of myself, I saw this orb from that pod. And he spoke to him from that orb and asked him who he was. Strange, but the two were communicating telepathically.

Telling him who he was, my friend became aware that he was some kind of orb himself. Then the man invited him to fly to an opening from the wall. And as they went in the shrinking tunnel, an oncoming object bumped them and they meld to it. This then accelerated and off they go. Out of the fairly camouflaged earth house bunker, they flew and saw the two suns above.

Into a kind of portal in the sky and he brought him to where his dreaming body was and them they pretty much explored from above the house and through various vantage points around the world using the dimensional blimp.


And when he brought him back again, he watched the winged blimp disappear like a blur in the sky. He found his awareness in his body, slowly he began to hear the music in the earphones.

My roommate would not tell me man's name, so we call him Mr. Mills - The man that taught my friend how to go to other realms.

Off they would ride from one reality to alternate realities and my friend would frequently spill some stories on parallel realities or timeline of Mr. Mills. I was thoroughly perplexed by so many information obtained, pondering whether I must share this story.

They are a constant investigators of realities which sometimes correlate with ours. The stories bring to my mind many images and situations which I will try to add as I try my own OOBE/study of the realms. I opine it maybe of much help, to evaluate how much his world could share the same events as ours so here is my literary try to give words to them.


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    This is how my friend tapped into his inner world:
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    He was a man from a parallel earth, rooting from a stow away European slave and a run away child with religious ambitions.

    Mr. Mills investigated his own beginnings with journeys using the modified 5d insect turned into a 4d fying rod. My friend related how Mr. Mills family rebuilt in the new lands of America.

    After the sinking of the Olympics, the Miller couple became a reclusive farmer couple. One day, agents tracked them and over intoxicating drinks got the old Miller to admit the story.


    It may have served that her pregnant wife treated the group amicably with their produce. Over home made alcoholic drinks and food, the old man and his wife somehow received sympathy from visitors out to possibly kill them.

    We skipped the light fandango
    Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor
    I was feeling kinda seasick
    But the crowd called out for more
    The room was humming harder
    As the ceiling flew away...

    The stow away young lad was beaten and ordered to make love with a drugged virgin for the enjoyment of elites of the day.
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    A stow-away boy on a luxury ship who was forced to make love to a drugged maiden in a room full of elites of that time - These were to be his immigrant ancestors in their pursuit of the American dream.

    Mr. Mills was a fugitive and a hermit. He nearly starved to death on a secluded island where he escaped. He lost his material wealth and the communication with his relations.

    He investigated his own lineage using an inter-dimensional drone made by a Maldekan on the island. Using its limited capability to time travel to the past he was able to assemble scenes much like shuffling a deck of cards.

    Her grand mother was from a poor family. She was devoted to her religion so that when a nun invited the lasses there to join, she was easily persuaded. Though her parents denied her permission, she nevertheless went secretly to pursue the future she sought.

    Eventually after spending some time with the nuns, she was turned over to another religious order, together with others they boarded the SS Olympic for certain missionary work abroad.

    Mr. Mills also went back to find out how a young man hiding in the cargo area of SS Olympic saw the young lass.

    As the young man ventured to admire the wealthy accommodations, he overheard two men arguing. When the fight was about to break, the young man stepped in to pacify the clerics. That was when, his eyes saw the lass. And that was when he was found out to be a stow-away by officers of the ship.

    Later, Mr. Mills saw the beaten young man placed naked on a dimly lit stage with an apparently drugged and scantily clad maiden.

    Mr. Mills was shocked with the scene. The air was dark. And behind the intense attention of the audience in the room, Mr. Mills began to glimpse shadow figures moving from among them. He adjusted his vision and noticed various shadow beings not only within the room but amassing on-board and around.

    Mr. Mills skipped in time again to find a chaotic evacuation of a sinking ship. He witnessed the commotion and some images of shooting, panic reactions, dead, wounded people and shadow people feasting on astral bodies.

    He tried to follow a movement of shadows underwater. All the way to the teleport of body parts to cloaked underwater vehicles and on to the underground bases. There, he saw some reptilian humanoids turning off micro-gadgets, that he called invisibility packs or density attenuation devices.

    He skipped again, to search the young man and the maiden. Several times, he did, to later found the two rescued. The young man donned a clerical garb, which must have belong to one of the arguing men he tried to break up.

    Mr. Mills, solved some family secrets, the changes in their surnames and many other things that are beyond personal.
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    In memory of SS Olympic and the crimes committed therein:
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