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hi! have u guys seen LINK TV on home cable channel 44? it's like irc, kaso lang it's on tv. u chat through ur cellphone. i tried it na, mabilis naman. what do u guys think?


  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    It's cute, they could use it for events and stuff. When I looked this morning, Final Fantasy (I think) was playing.

    So it Link TV a PLDT thing? For the longest time they've been showing student-project looking stuff the whole time.
  • angelicDAWangelicDAW Member PExer
    yeah, i've seen the "commercials" too. but i guess it's still on test broadcast. it's something different, definitely, being the first chat channel on tv. could be addictive, i guess. i peaked several times and there already are "regular chatters". hehehe
  • bichbich :| PExer
    tommorrow 24 hrs test broadcast ng link tv..

    smart lang ba pwede?? sayang...

    c admin-1... gamit nya c hyori as pic dun sa small box.. :(
  • tang ina nila! nanloloko ng tao! kunwari sila ung nasa picture! mga ul0l! sila! mga gag0!
  • angelicDAWangelicDAW Member PExer
    hi ppl! link tv will be showing at sky cable soon! initially at channel 41, starting monday nov. 26, 2001!!!!
  • bichbich :| PExer
    Originally posted by Cookie_Mobster
    tang ina nila! nanloloko ng tao! kunwari sila ung nasa picture! mga ul0l! sila! mga gag0!

    onga e.. ginamit pa c hyori.. :mad:

    e ako namn.. di ko cnasabi na ako yan.. bkt kc ang kyut mo hyori... cla..

    magkakaroon na din pala sa sky... pangit lang sa link.. bawal globe.. isang beses ko lang nakita pwde globe e
  • ELIET0TZ ng CVAELIET0TZ ng CVA Member PExer
    Hi new bie hr
  • ELIET0TZ ng CVAELIET0TZ ng CVA Member PExer
  • Memories....
  • Carlos Vincent, Rockman, Amanda, Antipatika, CyberSassy... Primary chatters who shaped the site 16 years ago...
  • MararagiMararagi PExer
    edited May 2018
    Me and my friend were talking about this. The FFVIII Music Video, the Chrono Trigger trailer (akala ko noon rip-off siya ng Dragon Ball 'cause I did'nt know about Akira Toriyama before. I was just a kid back then, ok?!). Tapos yung System of a Down MV's, yung MV ng Linkin Park na animated na mecha, yung When It's Over ng Sugar Ray, F4 MV's. Andami pa. Di ako nagchachat dun pero natambay ako sa channel na yun just 'cause of those things. Nakakamiss lang. Sino kaya naka-acquire ng videotape library ng channel na yun?
  • Nakakamis mag chat sa link tv 😦😦😦

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