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Regine Velasquez or Sharon Cuneta

Both are very our best in acting. Both are two of the most successful recording artists in our country. Both are good hosts.

Who do you think is better?


  • kreukkreuk amishuuu PExer
    I think Sharon is a better talk show host because she speaks better english and is more calm and collected than regine. Mas natural sa TV at mas natural sa kanya ang magdakdak nang magdakdak. REgine sucks in talk show hosting or interviews.

    Pag Variety show hosting ang usapan, i vote for regine! di na bagay kay sharon kasi, kulang sa buhay at spunk as variety show host!

    Kung singing ang pag-uusapan, mas talented si regine dahil she can reach more notes and she has more style, rythm and spunk. But di ko parin siya type!!!

    Di koring masasabi mas respect ko si sharon dahil parang plastic din naman yun
  • perlasperlas Member PExer
    I like Sharon more. She's prettier and smarter. Mas lamang lang si Regine sa voice kasi she can reach high notes, but even then, I don't like the way she sings sometimes kasi puro na lang tili, while Sharon naman she's not a belter pero may feelings pag kumakanta siya plus ok ang enunciation niya.
  • limbo16limbo16 Member PExer
    i like sharon more din than regine....i also like regine....

    pero if i were to compare....si regine lamang sa boses...sa acting si Sharon (she may not be the very best but she has improved a lot...much better than her earlier movies)

    in terms of award marami yata si regine sa recording pero sa kalahatan si Sharon ang mas marami: recordings...acting--box office....hosting....and regine has yet to proved she is an ultimate multimedia celebrity...she is somehow pero di pa niya naabot ang naabot ni sharon ngayon.....

    and for personal life mas ok din ang buhay ni sharon...

    pero di din natin masabi baka in time malampasan ni regine si sharon pero as for now hindi pa talaga....take away the boses talagang lalo na siyang nalamangan ni sharon
  • pohpoh Member PExer
    i go for the megastar . in both singing and acting . although magaling kumanta si regine i think ang bagay sak anyang songs ayyung mga english na gagawin nyang upbeat o kaya naman pwede nyang gawing mataas at pasigaw, pero for ballads iba pa rin pag si sharon ang nakanta dahil mas ramdam ang kanta at may feelings. acting-wise, wala pang panama si regine kay sharon. and of course, pagdating sa personalidad, i see how smarter, and sweeter sharon is than regine. im not saying regine is not at all sweet but iba ang dating ng personality ni sharon which seems to extend and radiate through the people watching her. :):)
  • criseracrisera Member PExer
    First of all, it’s hard to compare two people whose careers didn’t start at the same time. They’re not what I’d call contemporaries. From what I remember, Sharon started recording when she was 12 years old. Regine won the Bagong Kampeon contest when she was 14. (Sharon is older by 4-5 years) Sharon had the connections (Tito Sotto & Helen Gamboa) to jumpstart her career in singing then 3 years after, in movies.. Regine had to join several provincial singing contests before she even joined the contest on tv. After winning in BK, she didn’t become a recording artist at once. It was only when Ronnie Henares managed her that Regine was able to embark on a progressive career. So based on the time difference and the breaks each one had, of course, Sharon had an easier time. But, if I were to choose between the two of them based on their singing talent, I’d vote 100% for Regine. As broadsheet writers have put it, “Regine enthralls her audience.” To be honest, I used to like Sharon’s way of singing. She’s a natural alto that’s why her notes are rounder and fuller compared to regine’s. But I don’t know what happened to her….in the past years, I’ve noticed that she has a tendency to have that “whisper” effect when singing. And that really irritates me. An example is that of her “Starlight” rendition. As for Regine, she receives flak from some who say that she always shouts when she sings. Isn’t it the same with Sharon? Listen to her sing especially when she tries to reach the high notes…she, too, shouts tsaka matigas. Her vowel-pronunciation (esp. “A”) sounds different. Example is her renditon of “Maging Sino Ka Man” (as copied by lani m.)

    Acting-wise, Sharon is ahead. She’s had more challenging roles which have won her awards. But remember, Regine became active only on tv and in the movies in the 90’s. Sharon started her acting career way ahead of Regine. Both have had shares of box-office hits. With Regine’s performances of late, she’s becoming better…but she still has to take more serious roles to prove her mettle. Perhaps MMK has just paved that way for her.

    With regard to hosting, we can’t compare them now because Sharon does talk shows. Regine does not. If we go back to the 80’s when Sharon used to host her own variety show, I think she’s better than Regine in the sense that she gets to ask more questions from the guests. She’s more articulate. However, I don’t like Sharon’s way of laughing so hard at all her guests’ quips even if the comments aren’t too funny. If Regine were to have her own talk show, perhaps it’ll be fun to watch. From the concerts I’ve seen her in, she has a natural flair for comedy. Her spiels do not appear scripted and she makes people laugh

    As a whole, they’re both very good. They’re unique. They’re special. They’re Filipinas. And I’m happy they’re sharing their talents with us.
  • cloak&daggercloak&dagger sometimes, i bleed PExer
    Regine is very talented, but I would still go for Sharon Cuneta over Regine anyday.
  • HunirataHunirata i am music PExer
    kailangan ba talaga ito?

    para sa akin, silang dalawa kapwa magagaling, mababait, dignified, at love ko. :)

    kaya lang, magaling si Sharon, verbally, at very fluent and eloquent. obviously intelligent and well-bred.

    si Regine naman, wala nang tatalo sa galing ng pagkanta, tsaka down-to-earth din at humble. sensible din at naturally funny.
  • for the record: regine is a big big big big fan of sharon cuneta! im assuming you all have watched the anniversary special of sharon yesterday and regine was there. you can see na she idolizes sharon. just wanted to share... :)
  • fennfenn Member PExer
    Sharon and Regine are two very big stars in the Philippine entertainment landscape.

    Both are obviously very humble and down-to-earth.

    Kaya naman I think both of these Viva Queens will shine bright for a long, long time.
  • bLoSsOm_17fbLoSsOm_17f *so* *cute* *me* PExer
    Acting-wise, syempre Sharon. She can do a variety of roles, and of course she has trophies under her belt. If you say na bago pa lang kasi si Regine, wala naman yon sa age eh, nasa talent yon. :D

    Voice-wise, syempre Regine. Pero Sharon's voice is really nice given the proper songs.

    beauty-wise, for me Sharon is definitely prettier.

    Hosting-wise, Sharon. Naturally kase, she's more sensitive and intelligent than Regine. She's also witty, funny and charming. Regine tends to be tackless and she sometimes comes up with out of this world jokes that are like, duh? :D

    Personality-wise, both. I think they are both good persons inside and their personalities are not consumed with fame. True, Regine idolizes Sharon while Sharon admires Regine very much. She even said to Regine:
    there are many who are Up there who don't really deserve to... You deserve every success you have right now... your true personality will always shine through. :)
  • reignedeerreignedeer Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    i think there is no point in comparing the two.

    sharon and regine highly regard each other, and they're friends. no one knows that, but they are friends. regine fully supports sharon (even watches her shows and concerts, sometimes, regine even waives her talent fee whenever invited in a sharon event) and sharon also supports regine.

    sharon is incomparable... so is regine... but i'm a regine fan, so there! hehehe!
  • Sharon is better host that Regine. Spontaneous siya si Regine parang nagiisip palagi kung paano niya itatanong sa english yong question niya.

    Regine can reach high notes than Sharon pero mas feel na feel ko si Sharon pag kumakanta

    Sharon is better actress that Regine but Regine is not bad at all.
  • JhonabJhonab Member PExer
    I like this two girls.

    When acting is concern, well, i like sharon
    I like regine when singing is concern. but sharon has her own style sa pagkanta......


    I you have time, watch kayo ng show on September 26, 9pm "MEGA EVENT 2" at Jefz Cafe in Solani Hotel near PWU in taft. (plugging b!!??? hehehehe) pero di c sharon yun kakanta. His name is Benjie Reyes, kaboses nya c ate shawie believe me. He can also sing regine's songs..
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    No comparison eh...
  • Karen4Karen4 KChard pour toujours PExer
    I like them both, although, mas pinapanood ko kasi si Sharon. But in fairness naman, Regine has to do a lot of things pa bago niya marating yung kinaroroonan ngayon ni Sharon, but they are both successful in their respective careers.

  • andre14andre14 Your Tennis Buddy PExer
    Let them join the Star Quest Singing Contest to settle the issue of who's the better singer between them.:rolleyes:
  • EllheymEllheym entrepreneur PExer
    Si Sharon magaling siya maghost.. at kumanta.. si regine ganon din... pero sa hosting hindi pa siya ganon kagaling! natural noh.. si sharon ba naman.. ang dami ng pinagdaanan sa showbiz... unlike regine diba... :)
  • VipguhrlVipguhrl Member PExer
    Originally posted by andre14
    Let them join the Star Quest Singing Contest to settle the issue of who's the better singer between them.:rolleyes:

    Bakit may nagkiclaim ba na mas magaling si Sharon na singer kesa kay Regine? :rolleyes: Mas gusto ko si Sharon kesa kay Regine pero saludo ako sa galing ni Regine sa pagkanta. Magaganda ang mga kanta niya , ayoko lang ng mga revivals niya.
  • aLiNG_PePaYaLiNG_PePaY from Timbuktu PExer
    Originally posted by bLoSsOm_17f
    ... She (Sharon) even said to Regine: there are many who are up there who don't really deserve to... You deserve every success you have right now... your true personality will always shine through. :)

    She said that? *okay*

    My 2 cents: As far as artistry is concerned, I think mas creative si Regine. She sings great, she acts well, she produces songs and albums not just for herself but for other people as well. Regine also conceptualizes and directs videos and concerts. She's also done musical plays. She always makes it a point to work as a collaborator and not just as a mere talent sa films and other projects. From Regine’s career history, it's obvious she's not just after the popularity and the tons of money. She's got a sincere desire to hone her craft and spread it. I think mas well rounded ang artistry ni Regine. Plus I love her life story.

    Sharon on the other hand is obviously the more popular one all around. She started out famous and is still up there. Sharon’s long reign on top is a feat not easily equaled.

    They’re both great.
  • AkalaMoLangAkalaMoLang mag-isip ka nga!! PExer
    Ang lamang lang ni Sharon kay Regine, mas matagal na siya sa showbiz which means mas marami na rin siyang na-accomplish or namithi na mga karangalan.

    Agreed na mas magaling mag-English is Sharon kay Regine, pero given Sharon's family background (born with a silver spoon ika nga) expected talagang mag-excel siya in that aspect.

    Pero para sa akin, mas magaling pa rin si Regine in singing and acting. Habang tumataggal, lalong lumalabas ang galing in Regine in music and films. It won't be long, she'll be raking in the movie awards as well.:)

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