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Hotdogs & Sausages Foodcart Business


What we offer is a quality cart, a complete set of equipment (with warranty), utensils, and products. You can start the business in just 2 weeks. You can also sell other products inside the cart. No restrictions.


>Hotdog Jumbo
>Iced Tea (Red, Apple, Citrus, Lemon, etc.)
>SRP: P20-29 (Hotdogs) P30-49 (Sausages)

Profit Margin: 80-90%

Standard Cart – 36,000
Regular Mall Cart – 62,000
Mall Hi-End Cart – 85,000
Business Kit (all inclusions below but without the cart) – 16,000


>Semi-High-End Built Cart (not collapsible)
>Oven Toaster
>Deep Fryer
>Electric Steamer
>Food Display
>Juice Acrylic Container
>Utensils & Wares
>Initial Inventory
>Crew Uniform
>Operations Manual
>Costing and Pricing
>e-Loading Business (optional)
>Unlimited after-sales support

Contact us at:

email: [email protected]
Sun - 0922-862-6154
Smart - 0921-951-3522
Globe - 0917-848-3522
Landline - (02) 340-0156


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