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Potato Twister Foodcart Business


The preparation for this food concept is easy and not really a trade secret, anybody with a potato cutter and fryer can do it. The taste and quality of products is the same with the more expensive foodcart franchise. The big difference of our offer is the low start-up capital and bigger profit margin.

What we offer is a quality cart, a complete set of equipment (with warranty), utensils, and products. You can start the business in just 2 weeks. You can also sell regular fries and other cut of potatoes. No restrictions.


>Potato Twister on Stick
>Fries, Crisscut, Wedges, Mojos, Hashbrown, Curls
>Ice Tea, other drinks and beverages
>SRP: P20-35/serving

Profit Margin: 90-100%

Standard Cart – 41,000
Regular Mall Cart – 67,000
Mall Hi-End Cart – 90,000
Business Kit (all inclusions below but without the cart) – 21,000

>Semi High-End Built Cart (not collapsible)
>Potato Twister Deep Fryer (single pan)
>Potato Twister Cutter
>Powder Shaker
>Utensils & Kitchenwares
>Tarpaulin banner 2x5ft
>Video CD & Manuals
>Crew Uniform
>Free initial supplies
>e-Loading Business (optional)
>Unlimited after-sales support

Contact us at:

email: [email protected]
Sun - 0922-862-6154
Smart - 0921-951-3522
Globe - 0917-848-3522
Landline - (02) 340-0156


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