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StormyStormy Member PExer
Hello there!!! WOuld you like to listen to the latest news in basketball especially the PBA, NBA, UAAP and many more? Please tune in at 918AM Sports Radio between 9-10am Tuesdays to Fridays..............."Hoop Talk" :D :D :D


  • tsmtsm idolkosiCap PExer
    I've been a listener of sports radio since 1989. It's been the station that i listen to everyday. I listen to almost all the programs especially pba oriented programs.
    In the morning, I tune in to Caloy's Sportsgasboard from 6 to 9 in the morning, he is sometimes joined there by Super Ken. You can send in fan mails and they talk about the headlines in Sports on that day. They give very brave commentaries. And then at 9:00A.M., I listen to the basketball hour. On Mondays, Kenneth Garcia talks about the NBA and from Tuesdays to Fridays, Michelle and Cindy has Hoop Talk (its my favorite!). Then comes at 10:00 AM, Sports Today with Ric and Anne or Judith. They also talk about the sports headlines and conduct some live interviews with sports personalities in the news. Then at 11:00 AM, listen to Ma'am Myrna on Sports Miscellaneous, aside from news she also plays some beautiful music. Scoop sa Kamayan on Fridays is also aired at about this time with replays in the afternoon at about past 3. After the 12 o'clock network news, I listen to Sports Column on the Air featuring different sports columnists like Tito Talao, Edwin Sese, Jun Lumibao, Ed Alinea, Ed Tolentino and many more. After that at 1:00 PM, Benjie Castro takes over, he plays a lot of beuatiful music there and discusses some sports bits and sometimes some out of sports issues. At three, I also listen to their 3-o'clock sports round-up. At 3:15, Sports Magazine comes in with Ric And Cecille. They also deal with Sports news with live reports from Peter, Edwin and sometimes James Ty III. They also conduct live interviews via phone or live guest in the booth. Then at five PM on Mondays, I listen to Edwin Sese's Sports lang, he accepts phone calls which he puts on air. From Tuesday to Thursday, Audrey M. takes over. Fridays they feature the Filipino sports like arnis (sorry I dont listen to this). And Belma Ignacio does the sign off for the station, she plays music and insert some sports bits as well as some live reports as well. The staion signs off with their 10 PM Sports round-up. That's their weekday schedule.
    On Saturdays, I start my day listening to Michelle up 8 in the morning. At 9 AM, I tune in To Aida's, Ang Atleta, in the second hour at 10 AM, Danny Espiritu comes in we can ask him questions thru the phone. And then from 11AM to 1:00 PM Judith and Michelle has Morning and Afternoon Delight. They accept text messages and phone calls, and conduct surveys. They also have interviews sometimes taped, sometimes live via phone or live guests in the booth. Sundays, to strengthen my sprituality, I listen to Cecil's Celebrating Life, we can learn a lot and she also interviews celebrities like basketball stars and other sports personalities dealing on their spiritual side. At 10 AM, Sports Spotlight comes in. They also have either taped or live interviews. At 2 PM to 4 PM, I listen to James TY III's Steakshooter, he interviews sports esp. basketball personalities as well as entertainment personalities who visit the PBA venue. He also accepts phone calls.
    If you want to get updated and know more about your favorite personalities just tune in to Sports Radio.
    To Sports Radio, thank you for being there for us sports fans!
  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    The radio in my car is tuned in to Sports Radio 918 KHz so I can keep up to date on what's happening in the wild world of sports.

    I can say that one program in DZSR (when it was still on 738 KHz) really influenced me to like sports, particularly basketball. It was "Man On The Ball", hosted by the late Romy Kintanar. That program proved to be a good bridge between the fans and their sports idols.

    If given the chance, I would like to have a show on DZSR.
  • reybeldereybelde zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PExer
    Me too, I listen to DZSR Sprots Radio 918 esp. when the PBL Games are being broadcast there! At least a good alternative to the nerve-wracking political-based fromat of AM radio nowadays.

  • bals_angelbals_angel The Flash PExer
    hi,i'm jenneth....taga bacolod.di ako nakikinig ng sports radio kasi hindi dito makuha ang station nyo...pero sabi ng friend ko...masarap daw makinig dun lalo na pag PBA ang pinag usapan...
    die hard fan ako ni bal david ng balita ko namimigay daw ng pics at sports radio ng pic ni bal...kaya nagpag isipan kong sumulat dyan....bukas ko na ipapadala...

  • kruggerkrugger Keep on Sleeping.. PExer
    hi peps... i'm really glad that you are tuning in to sports radio.

    pls give all your comments/suggestions and other concerns regarding dzsr....
  • cyanidecyanide -part-time paparrazo- PExer
    Wow! Sikat na sikat na ang DZSR! !)
    Me, I've been a listener of this station way back 1998 and all I can say is Dports Radio Rules!
    If you want all the updates about sports, this is the great station to listen to. At mababait pa ang mga broadcasters! (Naks naman...)
    Kaya to DZSR, tnx 4 being there 4 us sports aficionados. More power to all your staff & sana lang umabot pa ang signal nyo sa buong Pilipinas so that fans like jenneth can also listen.
    Keep up the good work & God bless!

    ps: To Ate Belma Ignacio...:bday:
  • ceecee not here PExer
    hey guys. i'm a big sports fan. just a quick question, though. do they ever talk tennis there? thanks.
  • tsmtsm idolkosiCap PExer
    Cee, yes they talk about tennis there especially about the grand slam tournaments. Judith and Michelle are tennis fans.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Ate Belma Ignacio. Wish we were able to partake with your very delicious potato salad!
    Thank you Sports Radio for all your features on Alvin and the Purefoods team.
    Since I started listening to sports radio, they never forget to greet Alvin Patrimonio on his birthday. This year is no exception since two weeks ago, a lot of birthday greetings for Alvin has been heard. Hope Alvin could come live to the station.
  • kruggerkrugger Keep on Sleeping.. PExer
    Originally posted by cee
    hey guys. i'm a big sports fan. just a quick question, though. do they ever talk tennis there? thanks.

    yeah, man! anything about sports.......anything about sports....
  • rhk111rhk111 Son of Boltok The Rapist PExer
    I used to be a PBA/PBL/NBA junkie back in my college days, and used to listen to the basketball oriented programs or the PBA/PBL games on Sports radio whenever for some reason I couldn't watch it on TV. I eventually just lost touch of that station after a while, but it's good to know that it's still very much around delivering sports news or games.
  • MORPHEOUSMORPHEOUS Banned by Admin PExer
    i've been listening to Sports Radio since their 738 days. nkaka-miss ang Game Analysis with Dr.Danny David (RIP) & Benjie Castro. ..for me that segment is the best.;)
  • tsmtsm idolkosiCap PExer
    A big thanks to sports radio for having Alvin Patrimonio live yesterday to celebrate his birthday. A lot of his fans were able to greet him through the phone and texts. Surely Alvin had a grand time. We his fans also had a wondersul time. Surely this wont be the last.
    I'm currently tuned in to Caloy and Kenneth, they are talking about Alvin, and I'd like to thank them for their very kind words. It's not only Alvin that you're making very happy but we his fans as well. Thank you very much guys.
    Just like morpheous, it's too bad that Danny David has passed away and we couldn't hear his game analysis anymore for along time already. We miss him and his segment with Kuya Benjie.

    Hi to all sport radio staff!
  • MORPHEOUSMORPHEOUS Banned by Admin PExer
    ate judith k & ate michelle m, can you enlighten us kung plano ba talaga nila bal,marlou,&noli to be in one team again?

    kudos to mr.danny espiritu for a very informative segment.

    kenneth & caloy...mabuhay kayo mga pare! caloy you're from MaSci din pala.

  • tsmtsm idolkosiCap PExer
    Thanks again Sports Radio for all the greetings to Alvin Patrimonio for his birthday. Last Saturday, Alvin's exact bday, fans were able to text in to Michelle and Judith their bday messages. There was simply an overflowing of love for Alvin that day. Michelle and Judith, thank you for opening your cell phones for our messages. A lot will be waiting for the replay of Alvin's live guesting last Thursday. Doing it during the Christmas break will be a good idea.
    Thank you also to James Ty III for the taped interview with Alvin last Sunday. It was a very interesting interview. You made a lot of us very happy.
    Congrats also Sports Radio, last week you had 3 PBA superstars interviewed. Alvin last Thursday and Sunday. Also Noli Locsin, in Ang Atleta with Ate Aida and Kuya Danny E. Then Danny I, at morning and afternoon delight with Michelle and Judith. Thanks for all the effort to bring our fave cagers on the air.
  • cyanidecyanide -part-time paparrazo- PExer
    i've been listening to Sports Radio since their 738 days. nkaka-miss ang Game Analysis with Dr.Danny David (RIP) & Benjie Castro. ..for me that segment is the best.

    ur right man! talagang nakaka-miss... actually sila nga yung naging dahilan kung bakit ako na-hooked sa DZSR. I owe a lot to their program...
  • ceecee not here PExer
    too bad i missed the alvin patrimonio interview. :( anyway, all patrimonio and purefoods fans are invited to join the club - please click here! thanks!
  • kruggerkrugger Keep on Sleeping.. PExer
    anyway peps... i will ask ms. michelle madrid if it will be okay if i'll post her e-mail add here, so that you can send all messages to all the staff of sr.....
  • StormyStormy Member PExer
    Wow! I never thought that there were a lot of listeners of Sports Radio. :D ;) :)

    Hoop Talk is where I'm at & I'd like to promote a segment there too called C-Chat!! hehehehehee nag promote ng sariling segment eh!! Miss you too Michelle long time no see na!!!

    For those who would like to know what happened on Alvin's b-day. Well, Mr. Pardo the PFC team manager help out in the surprise party held at Alvin's house. The whole team was there and Even Michelle, Judith,Cecille & co.

    Alvin was touched because all were so supportive of him talagang dumating lahat just for him. That's what he said. Even the President of PFC pala arrived at the party. It was fun and SA BIRTHDAY KO NAMAN!!!! BWHEHEHEHEHEHHEHE!!! :alcoholic:
  • Matagal na din akong nakikinig sa SPORTS RADIO!
    Actually nag start akong makinig noong 1996.

    Favorite segment: Aida and Kuya Danny's show
    ngayon na! pero noon MORNING and AFTERNOON

    Bakit noon nag i-interbyu sila ng mga ATHLETES
    ngayon tumatanggap na lang sila ng mga TEXT messages
    at mga sulat?
  • MORPHEOUSMORPHEOUS Banned by Admin PExer
    hi Stormy , please give my regards to Alvin (another Masci product). i'm listening to your segment every morning.:)

    cyanide hi there dude.:cool:

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