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househChapter 1: Helen the beautiful This incident happened to me when I was 22. I was working in Makati and we lived in QC. My dad was sales manager for Bulacan and Pampanga so he was usually out for weeks on end. We used to live in Pasay but my mom got accepted as a teacher in a university here in QC so we moved to QC. My younger sister was studying in UP Los Banos so in effect I was the only male in the house on Saturdays, as my mom was also teaching part-time in another school. That's the background, now here's the story. When we moved here, our old maid said she found the place too far and she was already too old to work. So she wrote to her sister in Bohol to ask if she could send her duaghter to replace her. The sister agreed and so did the daughter, whose name was Helen. After a month, Helen arrived. She was 20 years old, 5'3, and slim. Her eyes were brown and her skin a light brown. From what I saw then she had small boobs, maybe size 33A, and long hair- she was cute, that's why I recalled her details. My first impression was she was very demure and quiet. She in fact finished 1st year college, but her parents could not afford to send her to college, so she stopped. After three weeks, her aunt, our helper said goodbye to take along vacation. This left Helen alone in the house. I was friendly to her and she was also friendly to me. My mom was very strict and sometimes she would shout at Helen, but I always tried to play the "good cop" and talked to her nicely. Sometimes I would give her donuts or food after I got off from work. She was very industrious and was thankful that I was nice to her. So for the next few months she became close to us. In fact, my father commented how pretty she looked when she wore a dress and my mother complained that some guys wanted to be her phone pal and kept calling but not answering. In fact if you dress her up in nice clothes she would put a lot of women to shame with her face and figure. The maid's room was on the first floor and my room was on the second. My room overlooked her window, and from her room she could look up and see me by my window. Many times I tried to see her naked but she would always turn off her light. However, one night I arrived from work a little tipsy, and started undressing and looked down at her room. It was lighted and I saw her sleeping and the electric fan was blowing into her duster. I saw her white panties and her light brown thighs. Immediately I got a rock hard erection from looking at her, and slowly tiptoed to her room to get a closer view. Her door was locked so I knocked and she opened the door. I asked her where my mom was and she said she was with my dad in Bulacan. So that left me and her. I said goodnight and she closed the door. I went to the kitchen to eat something and she apparently heard me eating and came out to help me. Ako na lang ang liligpit niyan kuya. And I told her ako na lang, matulog ka na. Then she said mainit masyado, mahirap matulog. And I said, Oo nga, kaya ako natutulog minsan na nakahubad. She laughed and said talaga kuya? Sabagay ok lang yun. Minsan ako din ho ganun. And I suddenly got a hard on again because I saw she was a bit naughty. So I told her, sabagay, kung nakita namn kita, balewala dahil parang magkapatid tayo. At ang dami ko nang nakitang hubad na girlfriend ko, balewala sa akin. Then she leaned over to get the plates and I saw her small but beautiful breasts as I looked inside her duster. Light brown nipples, nice nice nice. I was nervous and again really getting sweaty. She saw that I glanced at her boobs, and covered the neckline of her duster with her hand, apparently ashamed that I saw them. Sige ho kuya ako na bahala dito. I told her to sit down and talked to her about her life in our house. Nahihirapan ka ba? Di naman po kuya. Ah ok. Kasi kuya mabait kayo sa akin, parang kuya ko talaga kayo. May boyfriend ka na? Sa probinsiya meron ho pero naghiwalay kami dahil ayaw niyang papuntahin ako sa Manila. Ayoko namn sa kanya dahil di naman siya tapat sa akin. Eh kayo kuya, kumusta girlfriend niyo? ok namn siya, pero di siya ang gusto kong pakasalan. Ikaw, ano ba tipo mong lalaking pakasalan. Huwag kayong magalit kuya, Ok? Kasi tulad niyo ang tipo ko. mabait at mapagalala. So I knew she liked me a bit and she was a bit forward. So I continued to talk to her, and I started to massage my upper arm bec it was hurting from my basketball practice. Masakit ba kuya? Gusto nyong masahe ko siya? She told me that she was about to take PT in college, but could not afford it. Her father was a manghihilot so she knew a bit about massage. Sige nga, imasahe mo. She began rubbing my shoulder and arm, then said kuya, dapat humiga kayo para madiinan ko. OK, akyat ka sa kuwarto at dalhin mo ang efficacent oil ha? I was lying on my bed (on my tummy), and was in gym shorts only but without any briefs. She was standing but because my bed was low, she had to sit beside me. After massaging me she said, gusto ba ninyo yung likod nyo at harap? Aba oo. masarap ka palang magmasahe. So she massaged my back for a good 15 minutes and I almost fell asleep, then I faced her for her to massage my chest and arms. Then she moved toward my legs and I got another hard on again, but this time she could see it as it was pointing upwards. Ay naku kuya, ano yan. Sorry, di ko naman sinadya. Di mo ba alam na minsan automatic sa lalake yan, kahit tulog? She giggled and said takpan naman niyo. Bakit, nkabihis namn ako. Akala ko nagtutule din tatay mo? E di marami ka nang nakitang ganito. Oo nga kuya pero puro bata naman yun. Sabagay ho, parang kaptid ko kayo kaya oks lang. Talaga? kahit nakahubad ako? kasi ikaw pag nakita kong hubad mahihiya akong tingnan ka dahil maganda ang katawan mo at maganda ka kasi. E kuya, kung si manang pala ayaw niyo, hahaha? E ang tanda na nun. Kayo ha, kuya, tinitingnan mo ang loob ng duster ko kanina. Huli kayo. Sori kung tiningan ko yung boobs mo e syempre maganda ka at siguro maraming may gusto sa iyo. Anyway, ituloy mo masahe. Isusumbong mo ako kay mama at papa? Hindi po. Ang bait niyo sa akin eh, parang feeling ko masaya ako pag kayo naguutos at kinakausap ako. Ako nga nahihiya sa inyo. After that I told her to go to her room and sleep. I could not get over that first incident, but I knew there was going to be another one more exciting. Another week had passed and I was sleeping when I heard her voice calling to me to wake up. Kuya, Kuya, gising na po kayo sabi ng mama niyo. I left my door open because it was so hot, and to my surpirse there she was, staring at my early morning erection as the head of my **** could be seen getting out of my loose shorts. I saw that she was looking and smiling at me. Then she went down again. I took a bath and dressed for work, and saw my mom eating. I looked at Helen but she did not look back at me. On Saturday it was just me and Helen again in the house and I just finished taking a bath, and was in shorts and getting ready to leave, when I called her to look for my blue pants. Helen, nasan ang pantalon ko? andito kuya. Dalhin mo sa kwarto. I was in front of our full length mirror when she brought my pants. Eto na kuya. I looked at her and told her to stand in front of me as I looked at us in the mirror. Maliit ka pala Helen, I said as I nudged closer to her back. As I did the head of my **** hit her rump cheek, but she did not budge. I pulled her back toward my chest so my **** would be buried against her rump and she did not react and even smiled a bit as I cracked some stupid joke. Her hair smelled great and I immediately touched it and kissed it. Kuya, mabaho buhok ko. Di naman Helen, ang bango nga e. Then I guess both of us couldn't keep the passion between us from exploding as I turned her to me and looked at her face, and moved my lips to hers. She closed her eyes and kissed me and planted her lips firmly on mine. Kuya, baka bumalik si mama nyo mahuli tayo. Di muna babalik yun. Mga 5 pa yun. Then she embraced me tightly, as I kissed her all over her face and lips continuously. After about 10 minutes I took her to my room and gently massaged her boobs through her duster. Ummmm ang sarap niyan kuya. I moved my hand lower to her ***** and took her hand inside my shorts. She held on to the head of my **** briefly, then held the shaft. I guided her in moving her hand up and down - which she did, but not very well because she was distracted as my hand was in her panties. I took of her duster and removed my shorts, and all at once my **** stood at attention. She saw it and giggled, ay ang tigas pala niyan kuya. I started kissing and licking her boobs and stinking on each of them. They were so soft and nice to touch I did not want to stop kissing them and licking them. Helen kept on cooing and moaning, and I looked at her angelic face as she kept on crying out for me not to stop. Birhen ka pa Helen? Di na yata kuya, kasi yung boyfriend ko minsan pinasok nitya ang daliri sa loob ko. masakit. Paano niya pinasok? ganito - and i played with her ***** lips and lighty touched her cit. Ganito ba Helen? Naku di kuya, ang sarap ng ginagawa mo sa akin. Ohhhhh. It was then that we lay don on the bed and I positioned my **** in front of her. Ano gagawin ko kuya? I could not explain to her how to do a proper ***** so i told her "Kung ano gagawin ko sa iyo, gawin mo rin sa akin, ok? Ok kuya. pero huwag kayong magalit sa akin kasi di ko alam masyado ang gusto niyo. Ok basta sumunod ka. So we assumed the 69 position with helen on top, I began by licking at the soft spot beside her thigh and *****, she tightened up in pleasure, and then i old her to do the same to me, which she did, and it was my turn to tighten up. The scent of her ***** was sweert, just like the soap she used for bathing, and I enjoyed smelling her *****. Next I started licking the oustside lips of her *****. She couldn't take the pleasure and let her head rest on my thigh as she moaned, Kuya ang sarap nyan masyado - huwag nyong ihinto at....arggggh ang sarap di ko matiis yan. I continued to lick her ***** and alternated between ***** and lips and thrusted my tongue inside her. She was getting wetter by the second and I was licing every drop that came out of her. I then concentrated only on her ***** and I played and flicked it repeatedly until she was nearly screaming in pleasure. Kuya, andyan na ako, malapit na. Oh oh oh ayan na....Ohhhhh kuya, ang sarap... But I did not stop until she kept coming again and again. Then I told her to do the same to me. I lay on my back and watched her as she kissed the head of my ****. A little ***** formed on top of my ****, whcih I told her to lick, which she did. Kuya, ang sarap ng ginawa mo. Parang di makagalaw ang legs ko sa sarap. Tama ba ginagawa ko, she asked as I nodded and closed my eyes. She started licking my **** like an ice cream cone. Then she put it inot her mouth and I held her head and told her, sipsipin mo parang may straw ka, tapos iakyat baba mo ang ulo mo. She did as she was told and moved to the rythmn of her slurping and stinking. I did not want to come, so i told her to lie down, and I beagn eating her again. She really had a delicious ***** - one of the best I ever tasted, and I kept on eating and eating her. I then told her I would put my **** in. She said OK kuya, subukan natin. I psitioned my **** head in front of her ***** and rubbed it outside. She moaned again abd I slowly eased the head into her very wet *****. It was a bit tight but she did not seem to get hurt too much. When all of my six inches was inside her she looked at me and said, Ang init pala niyan sa loob, kuya, ang sarap pala. I laughed and gently pushed and pulled my **** into her very wet hole. She embraced me tightly after a few thrusts and her ***** started to tighten up around my **** as she started calling out my name and pulled my rump closer with each thrust I took. She exploded with a load ayannn na naman.... and lay exhausted. Tama na kuya, di ko na kaya ang sarap. I also couldn't help myself and I came inside her. Kuya, nararamdaman ko ang init ng ano mo sa loob. Ang sarap talaga. After that we lay down to rest a bit. I was not afraid of getting her preganant because it was just a week after her period. We were lying down together and she said, kuya, huwag kang magiba sa akin ha? Hindi Helen. hindi ako mag-iiba. After that incident, we did become closer, and my mom also became nice to Helen. I bought her some stuff, which my Mom noticed and said Helen, baka nauubos naman ang pera mo sa mga damit na yan. She would always say she got it on sale or in Divisoria, so it was cheap

Next chapter: Helen and my family on vacation


  • UY atchay thread. :lol: kakainggit yang may mga ganyang experience. nangyari lang sa akin isang beses may bagong maid dinuduldol yung suso nya sa balikat ko habang sineserve-han ako ng pagkain. :lol: napansin ng nanay ko, pinauwi ng probinsya tuloy. :lol:
  • ^ ahaha. ang lupet ng nanay mo. magaling sumipat.
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    haba naman. antok na ko basahin. bakit d sa inp mo to pinost andun half ng pex menyaks.? 10% lang andito :lol:

    wala bang dudong boy thread. lagi na lang si inday. kainis naman :bah:
  • yung sakin naman nung nakalipat ako sa appartment may na hire ako na 17 yrs old Cebuana na refer sakin ng isang Pexer dito.
    nung nakita ko bio data niya sabi ko hired na agad :lol:

    mestiza although halatang probinsyana dahil sa accent, in short attractive siya. masipag naman and masinop hindi mo makikitaan
    na tatamad tamad. nakainuman ko siya minsan and nag ka kwentuhan kami regarding sa sex life and may hint siya na mukang makaka
    iscore ako.

    now after 2 weeks dumating si ermat at napansin niya ang malalagkit na tingin ko sa maid., ayun pinagpalit niya ang maid namin. :mecry:
    hindi man lang ako nakaiscore :mecry:

    now i'm stuck sa family maid namin :depressed:
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    kimot26 wrote: »
    yung sakin naman nung nakalipat ako sa appartment may na hire ako na 17 yrs old Cebuana na refer sakin ng isang Pexer dito.
    nung nakita ko bio data niya sabi ko hired na agad :lol:

    mestiza although halatang probinsyana dahil sa accent, in short attractive siya. masipag naman and masinop hindi mo makikitaan
    na tatamad tamad. nakainuman ko siya minsan and nag ka kwentuhan kami regarding sa sex life and may hint siya na mukang makaka
    iscore ako.

    now after 2 weeks dumating si ermat at napansin niya ang malalagkit na tingin ko sa maid., ayun pinagpalit niya ang maid namin. :mecry:
    hindi man lang ako nakaiscore :mecry:

    now i'm stuck sa family maid namin :depressed:

    di lagi ka umuwi sa inyo... :lol:
  • Part II: Si Helen sa Subic

    Siguro mga alas 6 ng umaga noon, ng marinig ko ang boses ni Helen na ginigising ako. Kuya, gising na, paalis na daw papuntang subic. Naalala ko na sabado ngayon at papunta kaming subic nila papa, mama, at si Joy ang nakababatang kapatid ko na galing pang up los banos. Matagal na kaming di nagbabakasyon dahil laging nasa probinsiya si papa, at si mama naman ay abala sa pagtuturo. Gaya ng unang kwento ko, bumulaga sa akin si Helen sa umagang yun, sabay ng isang matamis na ngiti. Kuya, malapit nang umalis. Binigay ko ang bag ko sa kanya para ibaba, sabay pisil sa **** nya, na kasalukuyang binabalot ng masikip na maong. Sa sikip ay naaaninag ang panty nya. Medyo masikip din ang t-shirt nya, kaya bakas din ang anyo ng bra niya na tumatakip sa bilog niyang mga bundok. Sa ayos niyang yun, naintindihan ko kung bakit maraming nagkakagusto sa kanya. Meron pang negosyanteng mayaman sa kanila na matagal na siyang gustong paksalan. Napakaswerte ko at akong nauna sa kanya.

    Matigas ang ari ko ng umagang yun, as usual, at kinuha ko ang kamay nya para hawakan niya ang mala-batong ari ko. "Ay kuya aalis na po. Tsaka na lang ho." sabi niya habang binibigyan ako ng matamis na halik. Pagbaba ko ay kumakain na sila, at kinantiyawan ako ng tatay ko dahil masyado akong mahilig matulog. Abala si Helen at ang kapatid ko sa pagdala ng gamit sa van. Dumating kami sa Subic at tumira sa Forest Hills, sa isang condotel, na may upper and lower unit. Sa lower unit kami, at may 3 kwarto. Ang mga magulang ko ay sa isang kwarto, at si Joy at Helen sa isa. Dun ako sa pinakamaliit na kwarto. Malamig ang unit at medyo hinahanap ko ang init ng katawan ni Helen noong panahong yun.

    Naibaba namin ang mga gamit at nasa kusina si Helen, at ang mga magulang ko at si Joy ay nasa labas ng unit, sinasamsam ang masarap na hangin. Linapitan ko si Helen at sabi ko. Namimiss ko na ang katawan mo, di ba tayo pwede? Matagal na di ba? Ilang buwan na. E kuya, may girlfriend ka naman. Bakit ako pa ang pinagiinteresan mo? Di ba ok na yung nangyari noon sa atin? Alam mo Helen, di ko rin pwedeng itago sa iyo na masaya ako tuwing naakap kita. Ang bango mo talaga, at kakaibang pagnanasa ang nararamdaman ko. Siguro dahil bawal sa atin pareho. Pero mula noong hinalikan kita at tinikman ko ang buong katawan mo, talagang nabaliw na ako sa iyo. Kuya, salamat naman. Pero natatakot ako.

    Bigla kong hinalikan sa noo at pinadapo ko ang kamay ko sa suso niya at pinisil. Umungol siya ng mahina, at narinig kong nagbukas ang pinto kaya kumalas ako. Pumasok sila mama at tinanong ako kung gusto kong sumama sa palengke at umikot sa Olongapo. Sabi ko hindi na lang po dahil antok pa ako. OK, dito ka lang mag-isa ha, isasama namin kasi Helen baka mga 3 oras kami. Ok lang ho sabi ko pero sa loob-loob ko labo naman bakit sinama si Helen. Paalis na sila nang sabi ng tatay ko, "Hon tayo na lang nila Joy" kasi baka daanan natin ang bahay ni pareng Vic sa siyudad. Sabi ko-- YES! maiiwan si Helen. Ok. Sige Helen dito ka na lang at ihanda mio yung iluluto ko mamayang pananghalian. Umalis silang 3 at si Helen ang naiwan. Sabi ko sa kanya, di ko siya iistorbohin at dun lang ako sa kwarto. Pinabayaan ko siyang maghanda ng lulutuin at pagkatapos ng mga ilang minuto ay narinig ko siyang pumasok sa banyo para maligo.

    Noong narinig kong binuksan niya ang tubig ay dahan-dahan kong binuksan ang pinto. Nakita ko siyang nagsasabon at may sabon sa mukha nya kaya nakapikit siya. Pinanood ko siya habang nagsasabon, at ang libog ang umiral na namn sa akin. Parang lalo siyang gumaganda. Noong una siyang dumating ay medyo morena siya, pero pagkatapos ng ilang buwan sa amin ay bahagya siyang pumuti, at makikita mo dito ang ganda ng kulay ng ***** niya sa suso niyang tayong-tayo sa lamig ng tubig. Hinihimas ko ang alaga ko dahil kanina pa siya gusting pumiglas sa shorts ko. Naramdaman ni Helen na andun ako, kaya napahiyaw sya pero tumawa ng konti. Sabi ko ligo tayo sabay. Kuya talaga, binuksan ang pinto, akala ko nakandado ko.

    Di na ako nagatubiling magtanggal ng damit. Nagshower kami ni Helen, at sabi ko sasabunin ko siya. Hinawakan ko ang sabon at unti-unti kong pinabula sa buong katawam niya. Tumalikod ka helen, wika ko. At sinabon ko siya, mula sa leeg niya, na hinimas himas ko, pababa sa likod niya at noong dumating sa bywang nya, inikot ikot ko, tinaas-bab ko ang dalawang kamy ko mula sa likod hanggang sa bilugin niyang ****. Sinabon ko ang hita nya, sabay sa pagungol ni helen sa sarap, at pikitmatang dinadama ang bawat pisil ko sa **** nya at sa maganda niyang hita at binting hugis kandila. Sobrang kinis niya at hindi magasapang ang daliri niya. Parang di katulong ang anyo niya. Dinaan ko ang palad kong may sabon sa hiwa ng **** niya at sinabon ko ang gitang yun, padaplis sa baba ng nababasang hiyas niya. parang lagareng pinasok-labas ko ang kamay at braso kong puno ng nsabon sa gitna ng hita niya. dahan dahan hinagod hagod ko ang langit sa pagitan ng hita nya. aaaahhh oohhhh kuya jun ano yan ang saraaaap. Nababaliw siya sa di niya maintindihang sarap sa paghagod ng madulas na braso ko sa **** nya, pataas sa **** nya, at baba uli. Tama na kuya Jun, masyadong masarap na yan.....naku ayan na ayan na naman ako ohhhhhhhhh naku sarappp. Inipti nya lalo ang braso ko habang binibilisan ko ang paglabas pasok nito sa mga hita niya. Nanginginig siya habang linalabasan, at agaw hininga siya sa sarap habang hinigpitan pa nya lalo ang pagipit sa braso ko.

    Humarap siya sa akin, at hinalikan ako. Sabi ko di pa ako tapos, at kinuha ko uli ang sabon at sinimulan kong sabunin ang harapan nya. Pinatalikod ko siya at uli at inakap ko siya mula sa likuran niya, sinabon ko ang malambot niyang suso, at inipit ko sa daliri ko ang maganda niyang mga ***** na kanina pa tayong tayo. Kuya, di ko na kaya ang sarap, sobra na. Hinawakan ko ang dalawang suso niya at hinimas himas ko uli, tinulak sila papunta sa isat-isa at pinapgpapatuloy ko ang pagpisil at paghawak dito habang umuungol siya at namimilipit sa sarap ng ginagawa ko. Mayamaya binaba ko ang kanang kamay ko sa manipis niyang buhok at tinaas-baba ko sa taas ng hiyas niya. Ohhhhh kuya, andyan na naman. Mamamatay na ako sa sarap. Nagpabasa uli kami sa shower para mawala ang sabon at sinimulan kong sipsipin ang kanina pang nakatirik na utng niya. Sa mga sandaling yun, para akong baliw sa kanya. Pinagmamasdan ko ang balingkinitang katawan nya na makinis, ang mahaba niyang buhok sa ulo, at ang manipis niyang buhok sa baba. Dinilaan ko ang liukran ng tenga nya at ng di ko na matiis ay bumaba na ako sa hiyas niyang basang basa at lasang sabon at matamis na katas. Hinalikan ko yun at dinilaan, at nung lumalabas na ang katas niya, parang asong **** ako na sinisipsip at dinidilaan ang bawat patak na lumalabas. At pakilasa ko ay parang sumasarap ng sumasarap habang nakabaon ang bibig ko sa mabangong bibi niya sa baba. Habang kinakain ko ay naramdaman ko ang tibok nito ang ang init ng mga labi ng **** niya. Di na siya makahinga sa pagliyad at pagungol. Parang asong **** ako na di bumibitaw sa isang pirasong karne na kinakain niya. Lalong umiigting ang pagkain ko habang halos sumisigaw si Helen na hintuin ko ang ginagawa ko. Lalo kong dinidiinan. Alam kong pagod na sya sa dami ng beses na siya'y linabasan, at medyo mahapdi na ang **** niya pero di ko parin hinihinto. Noong naramdaman ni Helen na di ako hihinto pinagbigyan na lang ako at umupo siya sa gilid ng bathtub at binuka niya ang hita niya para mas madali ko siyang kainin. Kuya, kawawa ka naman. di ka pa nakakaraos. Ok sabi ko, tapos tinutok ko sa mukha niya ang nakatayokong ari na tumatama halos sa puson ko sa tigas. Hinawakan ito ni Helen at....
  • WhiteCrow wrote: »
    di lagi ka umuwi sa inyo... :lol:

    negative brader., nalalayuan ako eh.
    tsaka mukang sinisipat na ni erpat . :lol:
  • UY atchay thread. :lol: kakainggit yang may mga ganyang experience. nangyari lang sa akin isang beses may bagong maid dinuduldol yung suso nya sa balikat ko habang sineserve-han ako ng pagkain. :lol: napansin ng nanay ko, pinauwi ng probinsya tuloy. :lol:

    alam na eh... hahahaha. duldolin ka ba naman ng suso eh..
  • dati may chismis sa InP na taga tss na may chimay files. sino nga ba yun? baka ikaw yun TS?
  • Your stories sound interesting but could be more if all was in English for us who do not understand Tagalog. Wish there was more consideration here in pex
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    pwedeng magpa gupit kay TS?
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    any new updates TS? sana masundan pa ang story niyo ni inday.
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    dapat may sample inday pics! :glee:

    yun fapable naman sana :lol:
  • Hinawakan ito ni Helen at pinisil pisil. Ay kuya, may lumabas. OO sabi ko, pagmatigas na matigas at libog na libog, may konting ***** na lalabas. Pero marami pa dyan. Alam mos siguro na yun ang nakakabuntis sa iyo. Oo nga po. Ano ba ho lasa nun? Nagulat ako sa tanong ni Helen. Una, dahil di ko akalain na ganoon pa rin siya ka-inosente dahil nagka bf na siya, pangalawa dahil naghahalo ang nerbiyos at tuwa sa akin na sa wakas, kakainin nya ang katas ko, katulad ng mga palabas na x na napanood ko.

    A eh, ewan ko anong lasa, kasi di ko naman tinitikman iyan eh. Sabi nila mabuti sa katawan yan dahil may protina. A h gannon ba kuya, sabi ni Helen habang tinataas-baba niya ang kamay nya sa kabuuan ng ari ko. Linapit ko sa mukha niya at tinutok ko doon, Walang atubiling sinubo niya yun at ginawa yung tinuro ko sa kanyang paghimod na parang popsicle, pagdila dila sa aking *****, at pagsalsal habang umaakyat baba ang bibg niya sa sulo ng **** ko. Ohhhh Helen ganyan, ganyan nga. Ang sarap naman. Hinihimas ko ang maganda niyang mga didbdib at kinukurot ko ng marahan ang mga kayumangging ***** niya. Minamasdan ko rin ang maganda niyang mukha, ang malambot niyang labi na sa ngayo'y umaakay baba sa kahabaan ng ari ko. Kanina pa dapat akong labasan pero sinasamsam ko ang bawat sandali nung paghigop niya sa akin. Alam ko na pag pinatagal ko pa ay maraming ***** ang lalabas sa akin.

    Ohhhh Helen ayan na ako ayan na. Tingggal ko ang **** ko sa bibig niya at pinahawak at pinasalsal ko sa kanya. Pinigil pigil ko ang paglabas ng ***** ko para unti unti lang ang labas nito. May lumabas na konting ***** at sabi ko kay Helen, tikman niya kung gusto niya. Dinilaaan ni Helen ang namuong ***** sa ulo ng **** ko. Sinamsman na parang tumitiking ng ulam, at nilulon. Medyo maalat ng konti pala kuya. pero ok lang. Akala ko kasi matamis siya parang yung lasa ng akin pag kinakain mo. Sabi ko, konti lang yan Helen, kaya mo ba lahat? Marami pa. O sige kuya. Halos ilang taas baba lang ng kamay niya at sinabi ko, buksan mo ang bibig mo. Ipapasok ko lahat para di masayang. Sumunod naman si Helen at binuksan niya ang bibig nya. Pinisil ni Helen ang ilalim ng ulo ng **** ko at biglang sumabog ang ***** ko. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Helen, ang sarap oh oh oh. Meron pa, at pumutok na naman ang **** ko sa dami ng ***** na lumabas at tuloy tuloy na pumasok sa bibig ni Helen. Noong natapos ako, nasa loob pa rin ang **** ko sa ning niya at nakatingala pa rin siya sa akin. Noong linabas ko, sinara niya ang bibig niya, at buong lugod na linulon niya lahat ng laman nito. Sa sarap ng narmdaman ko, parang nawalan na ako ng malay. PAgkatapos ng ilang minuto, at noog lupatypay na ang **** ko ay pinagmasdan ko si Helen na nakangisi sa akin. Aba Helen, mukhang gusto mo yata ang lasa. Masarap naman pala kuya. Kasi yung sa bf ko, pinatikim sa akin ayoko ang lasa kasi mapakla. Dinura ko. Pero ang sa iyo iba ang lasa. Pwede kong ulitin ng ulitin. Meron pa ba kuya? Wala na muna. Baka mamaya bubuwelo ako.

    Tumawa ako at yinakap ko siya. Ang bait mo talaga Helen. Kuya talaga, kayo ho ang mabait. Salamat uli sa binigay niyo para sa gamot ng Mama ko. Wala yun Helen. Huwag mo na lang sabihin kay Momy at Daddy na lagi kitang binibigyan. Hinalikan ko si Helen at naligo uli kami sa bathtub at nagbabad kami sa mainit na tubig. Tinitingan ko si Helen habang nagkukwento, at parang teenager lang talaga siya - mabungisngis at masayahin. Pagkaraan ng isang oras, umahon kami at nagbihis.

    Helen, pag libre tayo, ulit uli ha? Oo kuya, kahit kailan, basta gusto mo at pwede ako. Yinakap ko uli siya at hinalikan at dinikit ko ang malambot kong alaga sa malambot niyang tambok.
  • kartero2002kartero2002 PEx Rookie ⭐
    thank you sa maganda mong up date mister TS. sa uulitin po. salamat uli
  • balbolskibalbolski PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kung sweswertehin ka nga naman buti pa yun kapitbahay namin may pakabol na katulong. tsk. ma pirata nga minsan :glee:
  • yaya sya ng ng neighbor namin. I was in third year high school then at a catholic school. and pa start pa lang ng sexual awakening ko that time so medyo naglalaway pa sa mga girls. My first experience with her was when she went to our house kasi ipinagbilin sila dalawa ng alaga nya to my sister by her neighbor / kumare. They had to go to some emergency and wala mapagbilinan na iba. So it was night time na when they knocked and left the two with us.

    Napansin ko agad na nakapantulog na si yaya at bakat ang bra. we were watching tv while the kid was playing pa. half an hour later, my sister went to their room na to go to sleep. Sa akin na lang ipinagbilin na may kung may kailangan pa si yaya at si baby, sa akin na lang magsabi.

    After that inantok na si baby at nakatulog na sa sofa. So si yaya and i were left awake while watching tv. nagkataon nandun sa center table un mga photo albums namin so she got one and started looking at the pics. She also started asking about the locations, etc of the pictures so i ended up sitting beside her. Of course, i had the unexpected opportunity to be very near her and look down at her night clothes. medyo mababa ang neckline so panalo!

    so while she is rummaging through the pictures, im busy answering her questions while trying to get a glimpse of her boobs. Mahirap nun una but when moved forward a little bit to look closely at the pictures, dun ko na nakikita *** cleavage nya. and in a very long instance, since medyo malikot sya and surprisingly malaki un bra nya for her size, nakita ko na rin nipples nya.

    It was really pretty because it was my first time to see nipples up close and personal! not counted syempre un from *****. i had a very raging hard on back then. I dont know what came to me but i started brushing my hand to her side malapit sa armpit. im trying to touch her breast through there. nararamdaman ko na my hands were trembling but the intense determination to touch her boobs didnt stop me. it seems she did not mind what i was doing so continue lang ako. i was doing that for some time that it became obvious for her na and she just stood and went to the kitchen. nauuhaw daw sya so kumuha na *** ng water from the fridge. after that, dumating na *** neighbor namin at sinundo na sya. it was very memorable to me that i masturbated 3x during that night!
  • To continue....

    Since naumpisahan ko na with my first experience kay Yaya Lucy (not her real name of course), ituloy na natin with some of my experiences with her.

    In my last post, si yaya ay sa neighbor pa namin nagtatrabaho. Less than a year later, she had a problem with our neighbor and asked my sister kung naghahanap sya ng yaya. Since, hindi naman maganda na parang nasulot namin sya from our neighbor, she was referred to my other sister.

    My other sister is a single mom who lives in a rented place. I have a three-year old niece (3 back then) na, syempre, kailangan ng magbabantay while my sister is working. So to make the story short, Yaya Lucy was hired to take care of my niece. Every weekend, they were sent by my sister to our house (nasa city area kasi sila kaya she prefers to send her kid to our place which is outside the city na). And here it is where it starts.

    One weekend, umaga pa lang nasa bahay na sila. My niece and nephews were really makulit and magulo, so medyo nakakapagod talaga bantayan. Yaya had a full hand the whole day. And I had a full day oggling at her butt habang nakayuko and glimpse nang cleavage too.

    Night came and kailangan patulugin na ang mga bata (ang mga matanda of course tulog na rin). Ako, i was really horny na hindi pa rin ako makatulog. I remember pa din *** unang experience ko with Yaya Lucy. It was not that much, but for a very young guy back then, talagang libog na libog ako. It was past midnight, lumabas ako ng kwarto to go to the CR. On my way there nadaanan ko *** kwarto ng mga pamangkin ko and dun sa isang bed nakahiga si yaya lucy. I went to the CR pero something is on my mind na.

    Dahan dahan ako lumapit sa kwarto. You can still see clearly sa loob kasi maliwanag ang ilaw sa labas ng bahay. She was wearing a loose fitting shirt and shorts. Hindi nakakumot si Yaya. Mainit siguro that time or talagang di lang sya sanay mag kumot.

    Lumapit ako sa gilid ng kama. Tiningnan ko muna sya baka kasi gising or magising habang nandun ako. Magkahalo na ang kaba at libog sa akin that time. (And later of course, I learned that adventure fuels libido.) Tiningnan ko mabuti ang T-shirt nya. It was white so makikita mo kung may bra or wala. To my luck, wala syang suot na bra habang natutulog. I slowly traced her boobs, though nanginginig pa ang kamay ko. I was really working on it slowly para hindi sya magising. I slowly traced her left boob mula sa baba hanggang dumating ako sa nipples nya. I did the same with her right boob. Natutuyuan na ko ng mouth sa sobrang kaba.

    I was really worried na magising sya at baka mag eskandalo. Pero medyo naghihilik pa nga si yaya. Pinapaikot ko talaga un finger ko sa ibabaw ng nipples nya (un kasi napapanood ko sa mga bold movies noon). Tigas na tigas na si junior ko. I even pinched her nipples sa gigil ko. Pero hindi gaano madiin para hindi sya magising.

    I looked at her shorts and try to find a trace kung may panty. Masyado naman siguro swerte kung pati un wala sya. Tiningnan ko sa awang ng shorts nya. Meron and it was white too. From her boobs, i diverted my attention sa ***** naman nya. Slowly pa din, ipinasok ko *** finger ko sa loob ng shorts nya from her legs. Then dahan dahan, hinimas ko *** ***** nya sa ibabaw ng panty. And it was really really getting hot na for me!..

    I was making a round motion dun sa ibabaw ng ***** nya when she suddenly moaned! F**k! Akala ko magigising pa yata! I stopped muna sa ginagawa ko at medyo yumuko sa bed (but thinking of it right now, mas lalo pala obvious na may ginagawa ako milagro nun!). Nagpalit lang sya ng pwesto ng kamay. I let some minutes passed before I checked kung tulog pa din sya. I was really horny na itinuloy ko pa din *** ginagawa ko kanina. I inserted my finger again sa shorts nya at hinimas himas ko ang ***** nya. Ang tambok! I traced *** line ng ***** nya thru her panties and itinaas baba ko *** finger ko dun. idinidiin ko paminsan minsan. I was looking at her face to see kung may reaction or bigla magising.

    Nun wala reaction, lalo lumakas ang loob ko. I felt na hindi naman ganun ka sikip *** panty nya. I very slowly inserted my finger dun sa pagitan ng panty nya at ng skin nya. I felt first yung buhok nya sa baba! Dun palang gusto ko na magjackol sa tabi nya! pero of course, i wanted very much to feel kahit lips lang ng ***** nya! dahan dahan pa din, hinanap ko *** lips ng ***** nya and slowly nakapa ko na. With the same motion na ginagawa ko above her panties, i slowly traced the lips of her ***** and nag taas baba *** finger ko. It was really moist! i dont know how to describe it that time! pero i was very excited. I reached down some more and felt na bumaon na *** one third ng finger ko! Pinagpapawisan ako that time. Pero tinuloy ko pa din ang paghagod sa ***** nya and once in a while, ipinapasok ko hanggang 1/2 ng finger ko. Feeling ko lalabasan na ko that time!

    Halos 10 minutes ko din ginagawa un. I dont know how to judge whether enjoy ba sya in secret or what. but what the heck! I was a horny ******* back then, that i enjoy what i was doing. Suddenly, bigla sya gumalaw so bigla ko din inalis *** finger ko! I was stunned and hindi ko alam ano gagawin ko pag bigla nya ko tinanong kung ano ginagawa ko. I was waiting for her to open her eyes and do what she had to do....Nakahinga lang ako ng bigla na lang sya tumagilid and continued to sleep on her side..

    I dont want to push my luck back then, so punta agad ako sa room ko. I was really horny that spread the wetness of my fingers to my tool and started masturbating. In a couple of minutes lang, i came and felt that a gallon squirted out of me! i was really spent! It was really an exciting experience for me that i even had a go for another time as morning came..

    When i woke up, i was afraid na baka iconfront nya ko dahil gising pala sya the whole time. Lumabas na ako ng kwarto and sinilip ko muna kung nandun pa sila. Wala ng tao dun sa room nila. Pag labas ko ng kitchen , nakita ko sya habang naghuhugas ng pinggan. tahimik lang ako dumaan to get to the CR. Wala din sya kibo. Pag labas ko ng CR, tinawag nya and sinabi na ready na daw *** breakfast. Ako na lang daw ang hindi kumakain. She even asked me kung gusto ko ng milo or coffee. There wasnt even a trace of anything on her. Hindi ko alam kung hindi talaga nya naramdaman un the whole time or nagustuhan nya? but at any rate, what mattered that time is nakalusot ako and it even boosted my courage to plan more ahead....
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