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Traffic Enforcer Incentives in Manila (and elsewhere)

This morning i got apprehended in Manila (beside Sta Cruz church) for going over the Pedestrian Lane. "Sir, i-strict na kami sa Manila ngayon", said the enforcer and told me to park by the side while he issued me a ticket.

At first I thought its another one of those kotong cops.. its a petty violation (I was looking at traffic light, when it turned yellow i slowed down and didnt want to beat it, ended up stopping halfway at the pedestrian lane. Its not like people are using it anyway as i observed everyone is crossing wherever they please while i waited for the enforcer to approach me)

While waiting, i was really annoyed because i pass by this place every day to drop off my wife, and a few meters in front of that pedestrian lane is the sta cruz bridge where there are always.. ALWAYS Jeepneys double parked ON BOTH SIDES waiting for passengers, effectively blocking the entry to the bridge.

Like there are 3 or up to four jeeps in the same lane just parked there while meters away there are 3 or 4 enforcers PLUS 2 or 3 cops just standing together.

If anyone passes by this area, they would know what im talking about.

And while i was waiting for the enforcer to walk towards me and writing my ticket, in front of us is a clear view of traffic jam caused by these jeepneys.

(like is said, i pass this way regularly and i am always annoyed at this, it is pretty obvious the cops are receiving kotong from the jeepneys to leave them alone. What really irks me is they let this happen under their nose and they have the gall to cite me for blocking 1 foot of the pedestrian lane.

Anywyay, i was waiting for the usual "parinig" to make "areglo", but to my surprise he didnt talk to me at all and just wrote the ticket quietly. After accepting the ticket, i politely said, "boss, pwedeng magtanong lang?" Then i asked why is it those jeepneys are blocking the road and no one is citing them? He game some lame excuses and then said he will "get them all" once done with me.

So after i got the ticket i waited to see what he will do and he just approached one jeepney-- and he chose the one jeepney that is neatly parked by the side and seemed like he was checking his papers and license (i would hazard a guess he is only pretending). and while he is there "apprehending" a jeepney, all the other jeepneys around him still continue blocking the road.. you would think they would worry they'll be next on his list and get the heck out of there, but they werent worried at all. What does that tell you? He didnt even bother waving them off.

Anyway just really pi$$ed at the double standard. And he even listed TWO violations - "restriction of pedestrian" and "Obstruction". Obstuction? WTF?? Thse friggin Jeepneys are the ones doing the Obstruction!!

I just googled Manila Traffic Violations.. havent found a list yet but i did see this article:
Stricter traffic enforcement
Posted by Online on Sep 1st, 2013 // Comments off

Manila’s traffic enforcers advised motorists to be mindful of road rules as the entire anti-traffic force becomes more aggressive in apprehending violators in a bid to solve the city’s traffic woes.
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada recently awarded a P19,625 cash incentive to Manila Traffic Police Officer Francisco Amponin after the latter led the entire traffic officers in the highest number of collections in traffic violation penalties.

Prior to the awarding, Manila officials announced they are awarding 20 percent commission to enforcers for every penalty paid by apprehended traffic violators. At present, there are 501 deputized Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) and 150 deputized Manila Police Traffic Enforcers assigned in different routes in the city.
“We advice motorists to follow traffic rules because all policemen are deputized to fine violators,” Carter Logica, chief of MTPB said. (Jenny F. Manongdo)

Well no WONDER they are quick to apprehend. Its a FRIGGIN' CONTEST WHO GETS THE MOST APPREHENSIONS!!!

I remember reading before they stopped this practice already , googled again and saw this:
No incentives
Posted by Online on Oct 31st, 2011 // Comments off

Manila, Philippines – The giving of incentives for traffic enforcers from fees paid by traffic violators is not being practiced anymore, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) clarified yesterday.
MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino made the clarification following reports that that traffic officials and enforcers continue to receive incentives from traffic fines collected from penalties paid by erring motorists.
“The agency has already disallowed the practice five years ago. When I took over as MMDA chairman, the practice does not exist anymore,“ said Tolentino. (Anna Liza T. Villas)

So it seems MMDA stopped this practice for the sensible reason it just leads to abuse, but Mayor Erap is doing it in Manila.

As what you can see, it will definitely lead to abuse..and additional unnecessary violations for the sake of ramping up their total.

And what really gets to me is that it wouldnt be so bad if they go after the jeepneys and the buses and the tricycles too, to "scare" them into behaving... but it seems like they want their cake and eat it too.. incentives and commissions from the Private Vehicles, and Tong from the Public Vehicles.

Really infuriating.

I have half a mind to contest this (especially the 2nd vioalation of "obstruction")
I wonder, will pointing out they just let the jeepneys run rampant be accepted as some form of defense?


  • K.I.L.L.
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    Sadly there is a double standard between private vehicles and public transport such as jeepneys. I don't know how you'll be able to use that as your defense but as with any contention, you need proof of what you're saying your you would need to take a video of the traffic enforcers blatantly ignoring the jeepneys who are obstructing vehicular traffic. They used to catch offending pedestrians too but that practice is now long gone. Attach a dash cam too and record everything including your apprehensions.
  • I suggest that you install a dashcam so that you have proof the next time you get apprehended. James Deakin did a grand comparo of 7 dashcams with prices ranging from 4500 to 10000 pesos. You can watch the video here.

    The dashcams are available online at Lazada. To order, just click on the link:

    Transcend Drive Pro 520 (PHP9279)

    Asus Reco Classic (PHP5649)

    Transcend Drive Pro 200 (PHP6278)

    Abee M6 (PHP4200)

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