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Painting that looks real

Dear all, I am glad to share with you these astonishing pieces of art. When I saw them for the first time I could not believe they are paintings, I really thought they are photos. I was looking at them for about an hour. I watched the images and I could not say a word. I felt like hundreds of ants run on my skin. And I was thinking how good it would be such a beauty to embellish my room. I think all of us would like to have such a painting on their walls.

I have to recognise that I am not a skilled in painting, but these paintings can not leave indifferent even a novice in this domain. Moreover, it is so exciting to watch how these great artists work with care and patience.
Click to see these astonishing pieces of art: http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/20...ooks-real.html you will not regret
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