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Engine mount DIY repair


One of my engine mount has a slight tear, dunno if this is a good solution. Link below for more details.


Some racers even weld steel plates for solid support, but this will make your car vibrate a lot. For street use I would think this is a better alternative.

Opinions? Suggestions on what type of gasket to use available locally?


  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I would strongly suggest you get a new engine support. A broken support will cause your car to vibrate. I just had my sedan's engine supports changed and they only cost P1,600 each.
  • Yeah, what you are doing is false economy. Get a proper replacement engine mount, they're not really that expensive. Binaklas mo na rin lang naman, palitan mo na ng maayos.
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    You can get a replacement engine support for less than 1k.
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