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Random dude wants to talk to a lady of substance and depth

Well this is my first time trying to do this. I'm looking for someone to have a decent conversation with. I'm mostly interested in humans but I can consider a hyena. Pardon my lame jab at humour, I'm slightly inebriated.
About me? Physically, I am neither imposing nor endearing. Part Spanish, part makata. In all seriousness. I'm interested in films, novels, history, small talks, tv series, cultural anthropology (euphemism for cultural differences), music, and a bit of video games and alcohol. I also like to write, when inspired. I also would like to stop now as it seems I am writing an essay about me, which is basically a clear sign of narcissism. Nope, not a narcissist (only during my birthday). Looks or figures aren't completely necessary, just someone with substance or depth. Cheers!


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