Technically Single

namour7997namour7997 Immortal of Moria
Ever wonder how to be technically single? :)


  • rockybrockyb Member PExer
    wth does technically single mean?
  • marche1986marche1986 Member ✭✭
    Technical means technology. Technically single means they are single in reality but they are in a relationahip that is complicated.
  • ValorianValorian Do no harm ✭✭✭
    Technically, single ako kahit may jowa ako,kasi hindi pa ako kasal

  • valerie_hatesyouvalerie_hatesyou starrköpfig
    ^ Pwede :lol:


    Technically single because you can date anyone but at the end of the day, you're still emotionally unavailable. Reason? Hung up on ex.


    Technically single because you can't leave singlehood behind. Status? Taken. You just can't help being an unintentional flirt.

    Basta. Opinion ko lang naman yan. I myself can't grasp the real ish :p
  • JoBoy08JoBoy08 Man pero Boy pa din ✭✭
    ^ ^
    Ang talino lang!
  • valerie_hatesyouvalerie_hatesyou starrköpfig
    JoBoy08 wrote: »
    ^ ^
    Ang talino lang!

    Ser, thanks for the compliment but that's mere babbling :hiya:

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