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Samurai X

missko na si kenshin! lol.gif


  • everything about rurouni kenshin gusto ko. and napakalupit ng aking kapalaran coz i wasnt able to watch the whole series grrr.gif
  • if you like Samurai X...i think you should watch first the OAVs. Volume 1-4 where Kenshin's History was revealed, and why he had a scar on his face. So far it is the BEST anime OAV i've ever seen. coz i am not actually an anime fan, but after i've seen the OAVs...galing!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D


    peacelove and godspeed

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  • Natapos ko nga yung pinalabas sa AXN, e.

    Trip ko talaga doon, si Yusui. I guess I have to go for the bad guys. Yung buong Juppongatana, pati na rin siguro si Saitou.

  • Saitou has got to be one of my favorites! He is so cool and his Aku soku zan is the best.

    YoBaKs: I watched OAV 1-4 already and its a complete thumbs up for me. Superb animation and plot line, and the pacing is so good. And the music! I loved the theme that played to accentuate Kenshin's first meeting with Tomoe. Gotta be one of the best OAV's I have ever watched.

  • Is this the OAV where Kenshin got his 2nd scar (thus the "X")??
  • Yeah, the OAV's are really good. However, I still think of it as a poor substitute to the real thing, which is the RK manga's last and greatest story arc, the Revenge arc. It not only has the ultimate villain in Yukishiro Enishi, but also has the true ending to the series, which is definitely not that crappy filler episode known as episode 95. Not only did they not air it on TV, but thanks to those fillers the Revenge arc may never be animated. Aaaarrgggh!!!!
  • Originally posted by flyderman:
    Is this the OAV where Kenshin got his 2nd scar (thus the "X")??

    yup! :D:D

    peacelove and godspeed!

  • vbAbay...oo naman... pero bakit nila inalis sa axn?? baket? :(

    my darling sano
    kahit na mayabang sya...cute pa rin sya. blush.gif

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  • Hai! Hai! RK's my all-time fave anime. I hope it'd be shown again..and i hope they air the last, last ep about kaoru and kenshin..and i hope they make a special about them..yung may lemon :P

    Oav's--i watched em. i hated OAV 3 for the simple fact that (SPOILER!) Kenshin and Tomoe had a lemon scene...arrghhh! I don't like Tomoe! (soorryy Tomoe fans)
  • Aw come on, OAV 3 is ok...its not much of a lemon scene. There are WORSE lemon scenes out there, like the ones in Ninja Scroll *shudders as she remembers THAT scene* Anyway, I appreciate OAV 3 for its aesthetic qualities and the good direction. :)
  • ngayon ko lang na-realze na i've seen some part of rk's oav. i've only seen up to the part na umalis si tomoe and kenshin and pretend na mag-asawa sila. can somebody tell me how many more will i need to see?
  • waaaaaa!!!!! huhuhuhu.... di ko na napapanood samuraiiiii.... kaasarrrr... sino sa inyo taga cali (san jose/sta clara)? alam niyo ba kung saan nakakabili ng video tapes ng samurai? kse naman kasama ako dati sa mailing list pero sabi nila this year palang daw ilalabas... kelan ba tlga? miss ko na si kenshinn sobra....

    *nadesico mas malupit ang kapalaran ko kse baka meron pa axn niyan ako dito di ko alam kung san meron....huhuh
  • nadesico: anong oras flight mo? ingat ka ha. may internet ba kayo sa phils? kung wala pakabit na kayo. sige ka ma-mi-miss mo dito sa pex. hehehe.
  • pamela: is that really you...sa wakas nag-pex din ikaw......july daw sellling ng anime sa cali...wait ka na lang
  • ang tagal naman. july pa. eh wala ako pera nun. la na kme pasok sa school. eh alam mo naman na no skul, no income (allowance) ako. hayyyy ..... bukas ka na ba uuwi sa phils? ingatz nalang ha.
  • i saw some RK VCDs at greenhills. try to check it out, forgot the name of the sotre lang smokin.gif
  • pamela: tomorrow na nga akong uwi sa manila....miss na kita kaagad :(
  • I watched the OAVs and it was teriffic (morbid though) yet one of the best love stories i've seen.
    Hitokiri Battousai and his Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is the best by the way which of the sword slashe techniques do you like most, i go for the Ama Kakeru Ryo No Hirameki

    yeppers to all who sed dat the OAV's rocked. the OAV's hooked me on anime on a deeper level 'cause it shows a different, more eerie human side to anime.

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