Oral Sex, HPV and Throat/Mouth Cancer

may thread na pala na ganito, gumawa pa naman ako ng separate thread for HPV. repost ko nalang dito question ko.

hi everyone. i read in the net lately that certain strains of the hpv virus could cause throat or mouth cancers, and this virus could be passed through oral sex. I have been sexually active for the past three years and have performed oral sex on at least four women. am i at great risk acquiring throat/mouth cancer later in life? i dont drink or smoke by the way, just sexually active.

what really freaked me out was about two years ago, i had discomfort in swallowing. no pain but it just feels like something is stuck in your throat. doctors had no clue what it was and just said i had esophageal dismotility. i only had it for about two weeks then it was gone, and i never experienced it again. i never thought it could be possibly caused by hpv until now. is this thing i experienced something serious? or is it just a mild infection caused by some other hpv strain? is this sign cancer is developing?

Good news is now, i have quit this lifestyle of mine and decided to be celibate as long as i could handle it. its now been a year and a half since my last sexual activity. Will this further reduce my chances of getting throat/mouth cancer later in life or too late na if i acquired hpv already through oral sex?

please advise so i can have peace of mind. thank you.

sorry may merged thread na pala on std, paki merge nalang po or answer there.

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