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ABS-CBN Be Careful with My Heart's Beetle Thread 24[Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap]♥

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:spinstar: ABS-CBN Be Careful with My Heart's Beetle Thread 24 [Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap] :spinstar:

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Mondays-Fridays bago magShowtime!


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    MANILA – (UPDATED) Maya dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria) can now change her surname after tying the knot with Richard “Sir Chief” Lim (Richard Yap) in a fairy tale wedding ceremony on “Be Careful with My Heart” on Friday.

    The two exchanged wedding vows at the Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas.

    Sir Chief promised to love Maya for the rest of his life.
    "Maya, I vow to love you forever. To fulfill your dreams as you have fulfilled mine. To never give you any reason to doubt. To apologize if I make a mistake, and to apologize even if I don't make a mistake. And most of all, to constantly remind you that it is not I who is the miracle in this relationship, but you, because you turn my whole world around.

    "And I will be forever grateful to you, my miracle, because you found your way on that bridge more than a year ago. We had very different lives then, but that bridge brought you to me, and me to you. It was just like any other night, except that you came out of the blue. And just like that, my whole world changed. I changed.

    "And although you like to call me Sir Chief, I want you to know that it is you who will always be my chief. My boss, my sun and my love, and I won't have it any other way. I will love you until death do us part," he said.

    An emotional Maya, for her part, said, she will never leave Sir Chief's side.
    "Richard, pinapangako ko sa'yo na simula sa araw na 'to, hindi mo na ulit mararamdaman na mag-isa ka o malungkot ka, kasi patatawanin kita kahit tiger mode ka pa. Dahil alam ko kahit bibihira kang tumawa o nakakunot 'yung noo mo, 'yung naniningkit 'yang mga mata mo, alam kong punung-puno 'yan ng pagmamahal hindi lang sa akin, pero para sa mga anak natin at para sa pamilya mo.

    "Pinapangako ko rin na araw-araw kitang ipagtitimpla ng masarap na kape. At kahit magtampuhan tayo, hinding-hindi magbabago 'yung lasa n'un, gaya ng pagmamahal ko sa'yo.

    "Hinding-hindi mawawala 'yung tiwala ko sa'yo, at sa kung anong meron tayo. Hindi kita iiwang mag-isa, hindi ako bibitaw. At kapit-bisig lang tayo simula sa araw na 'to at hanggang sa pagtanda natin, at hanggang sa huli nating hininga. Mahal kita," she said.

    Maya, who started out as the nanny of Sir Chief's youngest child, is now a flight attendant who is married to the man of her dreams.

    The lovely bride wore a long sleeve gown by Avel Bacudio, while Sir Chief donned a gray suit.

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    Nation picks most child friendly stars
    by Mag Cruz Hatol

    After a nine-month long survey that covered the breadth and length of the country, the votes of thousands of jurors were further validated by an august group of professionals who screened through the shortlist. The negative votes given to stars who figured in the Ayaw Ko list were subtracted from the plus votes they obtained in the Gusto Ko column and the resultant score was the basis of the ranking and final selection.

    Anak TV will induct into its annual Roster of Makabata Stars the following TV personalities, who in the estimate of many parents, teachers and NGOs are celebrities who they want their children to model after.

    They are (for males) Ryan Agoncillo, Kim Atienza, Noli de Castro, Dingdong Dantes, Ted Failon, Coco Martin, Daniel Padilla, Vic Sotto, Anthony Taberna, and Richard Yap.

    Dantes of GMA and teenage heartthrob Padilla are first-timers in the roster, the same roster that has elevated the likes of Mike Enriquez, Julius Babao, and Gary Valenciano to the Hall of Fame for topping the survey for eight consecutive years.

    For females, the list this year includes newcomer Kathryn Bernardo, Kim Chiu, Kara David, Karen Davila, Angel Locsin, first-timer Marian Rivera, Charo Santos Concio, Judy Ann Santos, Jodi Sta. Maria and Vicky Morales.

    The list was led for years by news anchors Mel Tiangco and Korina Sanchez, who, like Enriquez, Valenciano, and Babao, went on to become Hall of Fame awardees in 2011.

    This year, the Hall of Fame awardees are Jessica Soho, Bernadette Sembrano, and Sarah Geronimo.

    Yearly, the stars come in droves to the Anak TV awards. It is by far the only industry ceremony held in the morning and which is covered by nearly every channel.

    In a recent symposium for special children, Davila was heard enthusiastically describing the awards as their “most cherished” recognition because it comes from thousands of people across all social, political, religious, and geographical boundaries and not simply from a heterogeneous handful of judges.

    The ceremonies are slated on Dec. 12 at the Soka Gakkai Building in Quezon City
    with Senator Grace Poe as key guest. Among the many presenters are Nora Aunor, child star Ryzza Mae Dizon, acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza, and MTRCB chairperson Toto Villareal. (If interested in the advocacy for family-friendly television, visit anaktvweb.com or email the foundation at [email protected])

    Thank you so much, DOLE! :)

    Congratulations reel wifey Jods, reel hubby Chenes and the whole team! *okay*
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    Available pa din ang Be Careful with my Heart DVD, Now has 24 volumes!

    Available na din ang Be Careful with my Heart Soundtrack & Fairy Tale Wedding Magazine!

    Dagdag Endorsements!

    At ang TVC TOGETHER!

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    Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa-Lim/Mrs. Chief

    Richard Yap as Richard Lim/Ser Chief/Ricky

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    Also Starring
    Jerome Ponce as Luke
    Janella Salvador as Nikki

    Mutya Orquia as Abby

    Aiza Seguerra as Kute/Cristina Rose dela Rosa
    Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita dela Rosa
    JM Ibanez as Cho/Pocholo

    Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe
    Micah Munoz as Joma
    Tart Carlos as Doris
    Viveka Ravanes as Sabel

    Supporting Casts
    Marlo Mortel as Niccolo

    Paul Jake Castillo as Simon

    Kalila Aguilos as Liza

    Ya Chang as Engineer Yamaguchi
    Nathan Lopez as Emman

    Special Participation
    Vandolph Quizon as Lino

    Lito Pimentel as Arturo dela Rosa

    Noel Trinidad as Don Roberto Lim
    Marissa Delgado as Donya Esmeralda Lim

    Maricar Reyes as Rafi Alcantara
    Cris Villanueva as Ryan
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    here are the top threads in LMTV - TV from November 10 - 16
    (The top threads will be based on the general activity of the threads for the past week, not just the number of posts and views)

    1)Be Careful with my Heart


    2) Got to Believe


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    4) Adarna


    5) Catarina


    Currently we have 298,472 views!♥

    the top 10 students of KAPIT BISIG UNIVERSITY for thread 23
    mared 915 :eek:
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    cjm 304 (anyare?!:hmm:)
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    Everyone is welcome to post your opinions, pictures, videos and updates on their mall tours. There are no rules in posting but only, avoid such offensive remarks.

    Any suggestions/opinions for the show's improvement are most welcome. Even Fanfics, stories can be shared thru Excess Baggage. Who knows, Writers, Staffs of the show are lurking or even posting on this thread

    :director: Magandang araw mga Kabisyu! :-)

    Nakakatuwa po ang magbasa ng mga opinyon at kuro-kuro ukol sa ating paboritong programa at tungkol na rin sa ating mga paboritong bituin....

    Yung nga lamang, sana nga po ay ang mga ito pa din ang nababasa hanggang ngayon! :-)

    Munting paala-ala lamang po sa ating mga kasama dito sa Thread, huwag po sanang malihis sa usapang "BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART" ang ating mga posts...

    Batid ko po na ang iba sa atin dito ay nagkakasayahan lamang at hindi layunin na lumagpas pa sa usapang biruan at hindi naman ipinatatanggap na maging lubos na katotohanan at seryoso.

    Ngunit sana po ay isa alang alang din natin na mayroon ding mga mambabasa na hindi lubos ang pagtanggap sa mga usapang may mga pahiwatig ng hindi kagandahang mga kaganapan, na patungkol sa tunay na buhay at sa pamilya ng mga artistang kapwa naman natin minamahal.

    Maaari nyo pong sabihin na ito ay katuwaan lamang at walang anuman intensiyong makapagdulot ng anumang hindi magandang pakiramdam, ngunit nais ko rin pong ipa alala na ang ang Thread na ito ay nagsimula at nagpapatuloy na ang pangunahing layunin ay talakayin ang mga kaganapan sa programang magpahangggang ngayon ay walang sawa nating sinusubaybayan. Ang programang ang hatid na mensahe ay pagiging positibo, malayang pag-iibigan at higit sa lahat, pagmamahal sa pamilya. Sana po ay mapanatili nating patungkol pa rin sa mga mensaheng ito ang itatakbo ng talakayan.

    Malaya po tayong magbigay ng kuro kuro at opinyon, ngunit sana po panatilihin nating ang mga ito ay mga positibong pananaw na isinulat dahil sa magandang pakiramdam matapos mapanood ang programa. Ito po ang siyang dapat na nagbibigay sa atin ng dahilan at karapatang sumali sa usapan.

    Kung taliwas man sa mga ito ang nais isulat at ipahayag, maari namang sumali na lamang sa ibang thread na ang nilalaman ay mga katulad na saloobin. Malaya po natin iyong magagawa.

    Muli, ang mensaheng ito po ay walang hangaring kumitil ng karapatang magpahayag, ito po ay isang paala ala sa kung ano ang tunay na dapat nilalaman ng mga diskusyong mababasa ng karamihan ng sumusubaybay at nag-aabang sa ating BCWMH Thread :-)

    KAPIT BISIG!! :-)
  • Hello everyone! I've been a lurker here for a long time. I have enjoyed all the updates and photos y'all have posted here. Never have I shipped a tandem this addictively as I have them. Kakaiba talaga sila. Last time I was active in a forum was when Diether & Kristine were together. I hope more BTS pics and scenes will show up here. God bless!
  • Paapak sa bagong bahay..
    Ganda ganda naman!
    Thank you Archy Tiny...
    As usual... Maaasahan ka talaga at labs mo ang mga adik dahil ayaw mo kaming nasa lansangan eh, pasko pa naman..
    Teynkyu beri mats.:love:
  • Good morning! !!
    Paapak din!
    Thank you Arch Tiny sa bagong bahay. Nice pala feeling pag pics mo nasama sa entrance. Thank you!!!!
  • good morning everyone :)


    Thanks TinyCutie sa bagong classroom :lovesigh:
  • ... a house warming gift...

  • maredmared PEx Rookie ⭐
    Klasmeyts!!! Dito na tayoooo! Kanya kanyang pwesto na lang. :naughty:
  • yehey!!!! nakasama uli sa lipatan! :bounce: :bounce2: :bounce:

    thank you suzienicoco!!!!!!

    di kita binully ha :lol:
  • #PersTaymNakasamaSaLipatan
    :bounce: :bounce2: :bounce: :bounce2:
  • maredmared PEx Rookie ⭐
    Ako poy antok na talaga. Bukas napo uli ;) Good night classmates!
  • Yehey!!!! New House!!!!

    At ito ang favorite feature ko


    Josko!!!! Pagud na pagod yung mama sa kaka-trabaho!!!!! Kailangang-kailangan ng pahinga!!!! :lol:
  • Yehey!!!! New House!!!!

    At ito ang favorite feature ko


    Josko!!!! Pagud na pagod yung mama sa kaka-trabaho!!!!! Kailangang-kailangan ng pahinga!!!! :lol:

    Ako rin magpapahinga na....alam na niyo kung sino ang katabi sa pangarap :naughty:


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