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Mage Solar Powertec Plus PL, 250 Watt Poly Solar Panel

Only At Solar Systems USA!

Mage Solar Powertec Plus PL, 250 Watt Poly Solar Panel http://t.co/P1cUCrLkKl

High Efficiency Modules when Value Matters Most

Only positive tolerances of up to +5 watts ensure maximum power without compromise
Simple compatibility with any of our inverter partner products to achieve maximum system output

Three Full Decades of Power - Guaranteed
With 30-Year, 80% Power Guarantee, you can be assured top-production for 3 decades
Industry leading 12 Year, 90% Power Guarantee

Quality Tested, Service Assured

Certified by the most rigorous US and International standards
10-Year Product Warranty
Built to withstand even the most harsh conditions

Flexible Design

Ideal for all rooftops and ground mount installations
Easily connected to the grid or used in off-grid scenarios
Suitable for use on ungrounded PV arrays

The Big Advantages With Mage Solar Are:

Local GA customers can pick up at Mage factory in Dublin, GA to save cost.
Great reputation for high quality in Europe.
USA made solar panels (as noted) as well as imports.
All models have 30 year warranty
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