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Toyota Altis or Nissan Sentra GS

Pwede po ba makahingi ng advise which of these two is a good buy? First car ko po and wala ako alam sa auto. Second hand lang sana kasi yun pa lang kaya ng budget. Pros and Cons po sana nung dalawa. Salamat po!


  • 2007 or 2008 Model po sana. Thanks!
  • Have you test driven any of them? IMHO, both are reliable everyday cars as I still see them on the roads and are the cars of choice by some companies for their med reps. I still see '07 to '08 Sentras and Altises used as Taxis (no offense meant here) up to this day, and even pimped up ones, so it may boil down to which car suits your taste, performance-wise and aesthetically.

    Try to see if saan ka mas komportable once you're behind the wheel, and kung saan ka mas at ease sa handling while you're test driving.

    I've driven both types, an automatic '08 Altis and a manual '03 Sentra GX (I think the '07 model still used the same engine, sa body lang nagkaiba), and I can say that both has the same agility.

    For the Sentra, we're lucky na wala mashadong major repairs for the 5 years that we had it, save for the replacement of worn out belts/fan/sparks, and tama nga, malakas yung aircon. If you're buying this, try to see if the shocks are new or replace it, since based on my experience, lumulubog na siya pag puno sa backseat, plus cargo sa trunk. And since the'07 has a bigger body compared to the previous model, baka mas evident yung paglubog, or maybe they changed the suspension na by that time, hehe.

    For the Altis, we had the tranny replaced 2 years in due to a loud noise when it tries to shift, although this was a rare factory defect DAW sabi ng Toyota. After that ok na, no problem encountered with the suspension naman.

    Personally, I'd select an '08 Altis since it's much sleeker compared to the Sentra's big body.

    Since you said this is your first time, just remember to set aside a portion of your budget for replacement of new parts or repairs. The models you are targeting are already 5 years old by now, and sabi nga nila, yung mga sira, after 5 years magsisilabasan.

    Check all mechanisms if working as well (trunk/gas/windows switch). Good luck! :)
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    I'd go for the Altis. The N16 platform is dated when it came out. The Altis looks more modern and durable. Parts are abundant and cheap being Toyota.
  • cotton_on
    cotton_on strive for greatness
    Toyota Altis for me :D
  • Toyota Altis.

    Just bring a trusted mechanic when checking out a car.
  • Altis for parts availability and long term value. Toyotas are very reliable, just maintain as required and it will last long.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    It's the Altis for me between your options. I love Nissans and their powerful engines but the Sentra is a basic model and for basic cars, it is easier to have something that is cheap and easy to maintain.
  • salamat sa inyo.. Go for toyota altis.
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