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Traditional Pinoy Kakanin and Delicasies...

My boss and co-workers kasi want a traditional pinoy kakanin and deli theme sa christmas party (which will be on the 20th) and i was assigned as leader sa food group.

So aside from Razon's and Dolor's Kakanin by Mommy's Malabon, may mare-recommend ba kayong caterer/food shop na nagtitinda ng mga traditional pinoy kakanin like puto, kunchinta, sapin-sapin, ube halaya, binbingka, suman, biko, maja blanca etc. at delicasies like pansit malabon, pansit palabok, lumpia sariwa at ubod, dinuguan etc. na pwede mag cater sa mga parties at events.

Saka kung pwede sana yung tried and tested na ninyo ang quality, cleanliness and taste yung ire-recommend ninyo and please provide a contact number and/or addresses para ma-contact or mapuntahan ko. Pwede rin yung mag recommend ko ng isang specialty place for like puto or whatever.

Anyways, may na-recommend na yung 2 kong co-workers (one from Cavite and one from Bulacan) but i still want to get more recommendations from you guys para ma-consider ko come our Monday meeting.



  • cretinous00
    cretinous00 The sea! The sea!
    you guys should canvass out-of-town places; grass roots makers who turn out really good stuff. there's this shop in bi?an that makes great ensaymada (better than hizon's or mary grace but they contain ube or bacon :D ) then look for people who make really good puto bi?an. lots of places that make my all-time favorites: biko and sapin2.

    dishes to go with those sweets include dinuguan, sinampalocan na manok, miki or sotanghon soup, lugaw.
  • thank you po sa replies.

    may napili ang food group at per special request lang daw ang catering service nila at mga auntie at tiyo sila ng isang co-worker ko.

    worth it na siguro yung catering package for 30-50 pax (21 kami sa office + 15 yung confirmed na kamag-anak na aattend at at may reserved pa kung may darating na ibang makikiparty)

    eto yung proposed na kasama sa package (pwedeng magdagdag or magpabago until wednesday)

    1. 10 roasted chickens (5 buttered garlic and 5 spicy pepper);
    2. 1 large bilao of sliced puto with cheese;
    3. 200 pcs. pichi-pichi ( coconut and cheese);
    4. 100 pcs. kunchinta,
    5. 1 large bilao of sapin-sapin,
    6. 1 large bilao of biko,
    7. 1 large bilao of pansit canton (veges and chicken meat only);
    8. 1 large bilao of pancit malabon (sea foods only and no pork);
    9. 1 large order of pork dinuguan (no intestine and innards);
    10. 1 large order of beef pares,
    11. 5 large llaneras of leche flan,
    12. 50 pcs. regular lumpia sariwa,
    13. 100 pcs. regular bread rolls;
    14. 1 large tray of cooked plain rice;
    15. 50 pcs. maracapuno tarts and 50 pcs. macaroons; and
    16. 'bottomless drinks' of sago't-gulaman at buko pandan...

    quality and cleanliness of ingredients and preparations are guaranteed.

    tapos yung sobrang food ay ibabalot daw at ipapauwi sa mga aattend ng party and all these for P25,000.
  • cretinous00
    cretinous00 The sea! The sea!
    ang dami niyan! don't expect even 20 hungry people to finish all that.
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