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Do you want to live a good life without leaving your kids and breaking their hearts?

Meet, Listen,Touch and Be Inspired
By Real Virtual Assistants
And Let Dollars Come Knocking At Your Door,
Instead of You Going Abroad
Chasing After The Dollar

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Do you want to:

Get out of debt and enjoy financial freedom?
Take care of your sick parents and help the family financially?
Earn extra income without leaving your day job?
Get your 2nd and 3rd gigs and have good-paying clients?

Have You Been To London?

Let me share this story.

This is actually a story of one of my VAs.

It was Saturday morning and my VA rode a taxi cab, she was going to meet up with friends. She was coming from Makati going to Cubao.

Well, you know the state of EDSA every Saturday morning, right? or any other day for that matter.

Stuck in traffic and left with nothing to do, she had a conversation with Manong, the Taxi cab driver.

Manong, is a government employee, he is a Driver for an executive of one of the government offices located in Quezon City.

Every Saturday, Manong makes biyahe to have pambaon for his 3 kids, who are already in elementary.

Manong is already in his mid-40s and admits to being a late bloomer, hence, he married and started his family when he was already in his mid 30s.

“Kumusta naman Manong sa office ninyo?”, my VA asked.

“Ayun kumukonti na ang bonuses namin, kaya marami sa mga officemates ko ay nagiging taga London!”, he answered.

“Ah nag OFW na sila?”

“Hindi, taga London ang tawag namin sa mga mahilig mag loan dito at mag loan dun.”

Ikaw, taga Loan-don ka rin ba?

Are you buried in debt, be it personal loan or credit card debt?
Because of this, have you considered going abroad and leaving your family? … Mga 3 years lang para makapag-ipon… those 3 years turned to 5 years, 7 years, hindi mo na namalayan 10 years ka na palang nasa abroad.

For those of you who remain slave to your work, you hoped that you’ll be able to save your bonuses and eventually invest it in your own business.

But the salary that you earn, as an OFW, as office worker, teacher, engineer, supervisor, dentist, admin staff, government employee, HR Officer, call center agent, is never enough.

It just passes through your hands and becomes pambayad to your loans.

If this is you, Isa ka ring taga London!

Hanggang kailan mo titiisin ang pagiging taga London?

It does not have to be this way.

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