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Viva Larga Piratang Berde! Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU)-Manila/Cavite

Discreet Bisexuals/ closeted / homesexuals.

Berdeng pirata THREAD.

A Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila/Cavite Thread for Bi's and Homo's :)

Any experiences sa campus??? Feel free to Post and let's meet up soooon :)



from Study Area to Music Classroom (Music and Radio)

Task: The Mad Howler

A mad howler appears...

Seems like nothing is written on it.

To finish the task, three (3) wizards from your house must each post a review for any of the following movies:
- The Judge
- The Book of Life
- The Best of Me
- Fury
- Dracula Untold
- The Trial

Reviews must be posted on their respective movie threads in the Movie Section in IMTV.
<Wizard Name> - <House Name>

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