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Kotoura-san : If you can read minds


From animenewsnetwork :
Alternative title:
琴浦さん (Japanese)
Genres: comedy, drama, psychological, romance
Themes: espers, school, superpowers
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Plot Summary:
Haruka, a girl who suffers during her childhood due to her ability to read people's mind, is starting her high-school life in a new school. When she transferred in, she feels that her life will be the same as ever, but then she meets Manabe, a guy who always think about erotic things, and a club consisting of people who aren't afraid of her ability. With Manabe and her clubmates around, her gloomy life slowly start to bloom and enjoyable.

In this anime, Haruka had a terrible childhood due to her ability. I believe that this ability could have been used to the bearer's advantage. So the question is, if you can read other people's minds, what will you do with this ability and why?
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