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Is it our fault if we don't patronize Filipino movies?

Sino ba talaga ang dapat sisihin kung bumabagasak ang status ng movie industry sa Pilipinas?


  • I watch only Filipino films that I think is worth watching. QUALITY FILIPINO FILMS is what this country needs not just sleazy low-budget sex films. :p
  • bihira lang lumabas ang quality filipino films, mga once a year or once every 2 years. Ang kadalasang lumalabas ngayon ay mga basura. Mga Traditional na action, romance, drama , comedy na pauli ulit na lang ang tema.
  • i watch real good films... but sometimes i get disappointed

    i watched dos ekis, booba, radyo, jose rizal, death row, tanging yaman, muro ami,....
  • oh, as for ur statement woodbine, you cant blame pinoys for not watching since most of the times theres nothing worth watching anyway. they have to take the risk of investing in a worthwhile flick...


  • hindi naman lahat ng filipino films panget pati rin naman sa foreign may panget na film din naman eh! i believe that there are good filipino films din kasi there are good scriptwriters,directors and talented set of actors but the problem is because the country is "going down" there is no enough budget for our movie industry to atleast reach the level of hollywood films especially in terms of special effects and technology but i guess when it comes to story concept and depth may laban naman ang pinoy. *okay* kaya nga lang sa panahon ngayon dumarami yung mga bold films and low class films kasi yun lang ang kaya ng ibang movie companies kasi mostly yung magagandang films gawa ng mga big movie companies eh.

    the industry just need bigger budget!!

  • It's not our fault if we don't patronize Filipino films.. You can't be forced to pay for and watch films that you dont like..

    And for so long, there arent really any good local films.. Producers have always propagated the profit first, quality later mentality.. as you can see.. ST films are still around.. different actors, directors, but basically the same set of producers..

    Producers always say, Filipinos are not ready for change.. Helllooooo!!! how come we appreciate simple foreign films.. ?!!! It's just that they dont want to risk their money in the hopes of creating better entertainment for the Filipinos.

    And besides they can't really blame the foreign films for overtaking them in terms of revenues, coz they're the ones who also control the distribution of such.. !

    Granted that there are talented directors, scriptwriters and other filmmakers out there.. but please.. show some new concepts! show some new products!!!

    We're really sick and tired to the never-changing public offerings that you're all churning out.!!!

    Oh well, sorry for ranting.. i've said my piece..

  • If you are a Filipino and you don't want to patronize a certain movie (no matter how good it is) just because it was Filipino-made, then you are at fault. As for me, I only patronize quality Filipino movies. Minsan may mga disappointments pero ganon naman talaga kasi kahit foreign movies eh may palpak din.
  • pinoy movies sucks!

    senseless, redundant, talentless actors and actresses...
  • I have to admit that I'm not fond of watching filipino movies. Bihira kasi ang matitino nowadays. Most of the time, wala tayong originality. Especially when it comes to storylines. We almost always have movies based on international flicks. But to be fair, I think that we have some movies worth watching. :hmm:

    To answer the question posted as thread, I also don't think that we can blame filipinos for not patronizing local movies. Eh wala naman kwentang panoorin yung iba talaga. :( Moreover, I think that the reason why we have a few good quality films is that a big percentage of the moviegoers would rather watch senseless movies. :mad:
  • On the average, I find myself watching a Filipino movie once a month. My reasons vary from movie to movie; sometimes out of boredon and curiosity I watch the latest skin flick, sometimes I try to catch the better-made movies (my gauge is an FRB rating), or sometimes it's just the latest commercial offering from the bigger companies.

    The last one I caught was La Vida Rosa, with Rosanna Roces and Diether Ocampo. I wanted to watch this film because it got a B+ rating from the FRB, and surprisingly, I really liked the film. It's fresh, with a good, solid storyline, and great direction from Chito Rono. I'm glad I took out the time to catch this because I think it's one of the best Filipino films of the year. The next Filiino film I'll probably watch is Trip, starring a slew of young ABS-CBN talents.

    To answer the thread question, I agree with gpanch, it will be your fault if you choose to disregard Filipino films just because they're local films. You will be more at fault if you choose to disregard them because you're still stuck with the old "there-are-no-good-pinoy-films-period" mentality.

    If you're interested and willing, at first glance you could immediately see if the movie is worth watching, based on the director, actors, story, or production company. Sometimes you just have to let go of your doubts, and just rush into the cinema to watch it. You might be surprised as to how fresh the movie turns out to be, no matter how clich?-ic the trailers present it to be or how unknown the actors are.

    For the question in the first post, my answer would be: it's a lot of different factors. Part of it is the fault of the producers for making films that fail to appeal to the public. Part of the problem lies in the economic troubles of the times. Yet another problem stems from the fact that a "quality" movie may have to bent to give way to commercial viability. While commercially I think it's not exactly sinking, there aren't enough movies to keep it afloat, quality-wise.
  • there are not a lot of talented actors. there are not a lot of quality movies. making a really good movie would require a huge budget and not a lot of producers are going to risk money.

    sex. sex sells. men would pay joyce jimenez read the yellow pages in her birthday suit. much as we want to see, say, 4 or 5 good actors in a movie, they all command dough. its a "show me the money" industry. instead we see mediocre actors in low budget films that the masa watches. producers make money that way, after all, theyre in it for the money, not for the love of art.

    really, the movie industry is in a catch 22 situation.

    the solution lies on the actors. instead of asking for their standard "talent" fee, they can take a pay cut AND a small percentage of the profit. or they can just go for a higher percentage of the profit, and cut their fee altogether. again, how many actors are up for this? bottom line, the movie industry as a whole doesnt want to take risks.
  • actually, those yucky pinoy movies do not target audiences such as people on this list.

    most of those movies are targeted at class C/D and you will be surprised how much support they have in those sectments.

    generally, local films have low budgets and demands low box office hits for return of investments (reasons: read above)

    may mga foreign films din na sux big time, just like their local counterparts. so its not much of being pinoy that makes a movie bad.

    there are some good local movies too, although many of them do not give good returns, due to poor response from the provinces.

    you do have to watch some bad movies to really appreciate the good ones right?
  • Originally posted by neueziel
    bihira lang lumabas ang quality filipino films, mga once a year or once every 2 years. Ang kadalasang lumalabas ngayon ay mga basura. Mga Traditional na action, romance, drama , comedy na pauli ulit na lang ang tema.

    paano pag sinabi ko na hindi lang once a year or once every two years lumalabas ang quality filipino film?

    paano pag sinabi ko na sa isang taon marami pa lang lumalabas na quality filipino film?

    paano pag sinabi ko na ang mga hinahanap niyong mga "original storyline" nandun sa mga "sex films" na ayaw niyo?

    at ang mga walang "originality" eh ang mga pelikulang tinuturing niyong "quality filipino films"?

    manunuod pa rin ba kayo?

    anong mas papanuorin niyo, Booba o Dude Where's My Car?

    neueziel, hindi ikaw ang tinutukoy ko. ginamit ko lang yung sinabi bilang ehemplo.
  • of course hindi na. Kahit nga ngayon bihirang bihira na akong manood ng filipno movies. depende din kung hilig ko ang sinasabi nilang quality filipino movies. Kung tulad yan ng princess sarah na pinag yayabang nilang maganda eh talaga namang walang kwenta di ko papanoorin yon.
  • I seldom watch Filipino movies and if I do, I make sure it's really worth my time & my money. So malamang bihirang bihira lang yun. . . :(
    Di ko magets sa mga producers alam na nga nila na konti lang ang quality films na ginagawa puro pa rin low quality movies ang ginagawa nila.

    Puro toilet humor parin ang mga comedy movies d2 satin - - haay naku pano kc ang dami pa ring pinoy ang natatawa sa ganun ewan ko ba.. .

    Sana eventually magimprove naman ang mga Fil. movies :rolleyes:
  • Is it considered my fault if I didn't patronize pito-pito movies? I don't think so. I did patronize Rizal and Muro-ami a couple of times though. *okay*
  • most of the films are *ahem* cheap kasi. admit it. as in ala kwenta and they have the same storyline. super typical. pero i still watch filipino movies.. ung mga worth watching and the ones with the quality. :D
  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Whenever someone asks me this, I give them the same answer:

    "We can't help it if its THAT stupid...!"

  • No but the producers should do something about it. They should make movies worth watching. Tsaka walang pera para gumawa ng pelikula.
    I am proud of the movies Jose Rizal, Bayaning Third World, Bata bata paano ka ginawa.
  • Here is my list why I dont watch too:

    1. No Better actors
    2. None sense Story
    3. I Cant appreciate their level of artistry
    4. Poor quality of Films (cinematography, Lightings, etc.)
    5. Too much Gimmicks
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