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PHILIPS: Submit an idea and get a chance to win P 40,000 Worth of Prizes!

Philippines is one, if not the most, natural hazard-prone countries worldwide. Every year, our country faces several calamities that challenge the disaster-readiness of our citizens and government. However, the rising number of casualties prove that we still are not prepared for catastrophes that are yet to come.


With its Innovations that Matter to You campaign,
Philips hopes to partner with you in the creation of meaningful innovations
that can help improve the quality of lives of Filipinos.

We need your ideas on how to make cities more safer and more livable,
families healthier and stronger,
and Filipinos having access to quality healthcare.

Because Philips is a technology company that cares for your health and well-being,
and we believe that by working together, we can make the Philippines a better place for everyone.

Submit your health and well-being ideas at
www.meaningfulinnovation.asia/philippines today and
get a chance to WIN AWESOME PRIZES from Philips!
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