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Outcasts Thread 10 - Coming in Full Circle

ScribblerGeekScribblerGeek PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Think of all the takeaways we have gleaned since we started this thread. Remember the ties we made and the friendships we came to know; the struggles we faced and the laughter we shared.
Let us reflect on where do we want to go individually and collectively and let this thread celebrate what is essential—diversity, acceptance and community.
People may come and go but relationships forged in mutual respect and reverence are forever ensconced in memory, much like the first day we saw the world.
We are an odd lot, Outcasts, aren’t we? :lol:
I love you guys, sincerely and I wish everyone happiness. Welcome to new ones and regulars alike. May you find a community here that is more tolerating and more accepting than what you are used to because that is the very reason why this thread has been created—to celebrate diversity.
Because we are the O-Boys and we are coming full circle.


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