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[FREE Shipping] Car Air Ionizer Purifier and Cleaner 12V

Car Air Ionizer Purifier and Cleaner 12V



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The ionizer air purifier must be the perfect device for your car or home if you want to live an allergens free environment. When you breathe clean air, you improve your health and make your life better. Clean air improves your blood circulation and the immune system. The air in the closed confine space is usually laden with allergens, mites, pollens, dust, smoke and many more pollutants and therefore there is need for you to get air purifier.


12V Car Air Ionic Purifier Ionizer Cleaner

100% brand new and high quality

Small and exquisite design.

This product produces the ozone and anion which can rapidly eliminate the inside soot, peculiar smell, force sterilization, it can purify the air and makes your car smells fresh.

The anion is called "Vitamins in the air", It is beneficial to the human's health.

It has the best medicinal function, and can effectively reduces the cough, sneezes, asthma's incidence of disease.

Direct insertion in the car lighter port will produce blue lamp light it means the unit is working.

The effect can not be seen. To test please light a cigarette, the smoke will be absorbed gradually by the unit.

Plug and play


Working voltage : 12v

Ozone density: 3mg/h

Anion density: >=60 million/cm3

Operating current :< 60 mA

Length: 8 cm (approx)

Quantity: 1pc

Note: No Color Choice, text us. we send only available color

Package includes::

car air purifier cleaner x 1
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