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thrift stores vintage kitchen wares & plumbing s

hi, I was wondering if there's any thrift store or bargain centers specializing in 2nd hand, vintage, old, antique kitchenwares, plumbings, faucet etc? I mean I already know where to get vintage furniture & decors (in evangelista st. makati & in pasay), vintage sewing machines(in new port, manila) but how about kitchenwares? I am specifically looking for apron sinks, brass faucets or anything vintage or antique plumbings, tin cans, wire baskets. I'm a baragain hunter for unique old pcs, so new ones are out of the question. anyone knows if it exists? thanks.


  • cyberfunkcyberfunk PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Try Evangelista street in Bangkal, Makati.
  • I went there na po several times pa nga (for their paintings) but none of them are selling kitchen fixtures. puro lang furniture. Saw an apron sink in sulit but the price is waaaay out of my budget. :( Baka meron somewhere out there kahit antique faucet lang na below 5k sana. Yung nakita ko 7k, I might consider it but still hoping merong mas mura coz husband is strongly against na gumastos ng ganyang pera para lang sa gripo hehe. Type ko din yung pot filler pero juskopo ang mamahal kaya I am looking for alterntives :)
  • cyberfunkcyberfunk PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    May mga brand new faucets naman na may antique style and finish. Why not buy those? Kung authentic antiques baka hindi na usable because of the wear and tear sa seal. Walang replaceable O-rings ang mga yun.
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