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How to arrange pictures in small rooms

How to arrange pictures in small rooms

Hi everyone! Today I decided to post an article about choosing the right pictures for small room. You know, small rooms limit us from different wishes we have. But it doesn’t mean that we should avoid any accessory.

Did you know that paintings have a much greater impact if they are caught in a contrasting colored carton? Choose dark colors for light colored walls and vice versa.

Here are some tips on how you can expose pictures in small spaces:

Art as inspiration
Browse images that will inspire and which possibly was the starting point for setting the entire interior - colors and theme that treats the picture must be found in accessories and other decorative elements.

"Bigger" is often "better"
A large poster is a statement that shows that the owner has something to say and, in addition, make things easier in terms of decoration. It focuses attention in one place and avoids general appearance of clutter.

Related Frames
In order to harmonize a group of pictures choose for them frames of the same type. So, even if the images are different, all will create the impression of a whole.

Add amusing note
Objects of art also can be fun. Do not hesitate to buy a poster like this, it will make you well-disposed and will bring into your home a relaxant air.

Choose colors carefully
Strong colors, vibrant, gives energy, while the neutral creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Small rooms can be enlarged if on one wall is exposed a picture representing a landscape with distant prospect.

And of course: fixture
Paintings or posters must be firmly attached to the wall to avoid accidents and, not least, material damage.

A collection of posters

A group of images that are exposed together may have a greater impact. But you should keep in mind that the frames should be the same.

Paintings and furniture
Try to keep a “relationship” between paintings / posters and furniture over which they are exposed. If a large painting hanging over a desk, the bottom of the frame should not be below 25 inches of working area.
SOURCE: http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/2013/10/how-to-arange-pictures-in-small-rooms.html
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