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Wooden Bathroom Collection

Today I was looking for some photos for a new post on my blog. I prepared a text and remain just to find pictures… Than I saw a wonderful bathroom collection and I was so excited that I decided to “erase” the boring text I wrote before and to share you only this amazing collection.

The Nendo Collection is a bathroom collection from Bisazza Bagno. Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo. Each piece of the collection (bathtub, sinks, drawers, accessories like: vases, clocks, shelves, mirrors etc.) appears to be “encased” in a box, a theme that runs through entire collection.

This wooden collection looks so aesthetic and elegant with refined, minimalist lines. I adore minimalism. This is why I couldn’t remain insensitive to this collection. The bathroom is so simplistic but also so sophisticated that does not require any extra detail.

This article doesn’t require any more word… Just enjoy beautiful artwork on: http://upgradesigner.blogspot.com/2013/10/wooden-bathroom-collection.html
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