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Possibility of Debarment: Need help.

Okay, here's my DETAILED situation:

Current position: I'm an undergrad sophomore currently taking AB History in the Faculty of Arts and letters. Yes, that's history and yes it's a difficult degree.

AB History: A degree designed to train tertiary level educators. Not what I had expected. Looks easy at first, but boy was I wrong, because if you think that history is all about memorization, well think again mofos. The art of studying History (as a whole) is very complex and requires alot of attention. Analyzing and synthesizing historical events, are just two of the few skills you need to develop in order to survive here. You need a keen eye in contextualizing your facts too--because to err with historical facts is a great sin. And if you're the type who wants to laze around all day, survival for you will be non-existent.

My problem/debacle: So here comes my problem. I actually like my course. In fact, I opted to enroll in UST instead, despite me passing the ACET. Anyway, I'm now at my first semester in my 2nd year and YES I have MAJOR problems with my MINOR subjects. I did not exert enough effort. I lazed around, and now I'm awaiting my grades--waiting for the judgement. I really think I might fail this time. I need to think of back-up plans now and entering DLSU just might be my salvation. But I need to know if I could still transfer to other colleges in UST. I really don't want to leave UST. I LOVE IT HERE.

First year: allowable units to fail (9)/ three subjects.
[did not fail]
Second year: allowable units to fail (6)/ two subjects.
[might fail four subjects]
**debarred if exceeds

Notorious Professors: BRILLIANT PROFESSORS. VERY KNOWN IN THEIR FIELD. ALL BEYOND AWESOME---but heartless. They don't care if I fail or not.

My strong points: Speaking, art, history


I need help please. Your thoughts? Suggestions?
**note: Interested in Art, design, language, history. Any course suggestions?


  • BubblesButtercupBubblesButtercup I Love Holly Golightly!!! PEx Expert 🎖️
    "lazed around"

    Yun na yun

    Di mo gusto ginagawa mo so find another course
  • acceberannaacceberanna PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Bago na ba debarment system?

    Alam ko laging 9 units eh. Irregardless of the year level:hmm:

    Eh why did you "lazed around"? May prelims and finals ah? After prelims, nalalaman naman yung class standing and by that time naman pwede ka pang bumawi for finals. Tsk. 4 subjects?

    Talk to Dean Vasco and try to ask for a chance na magstay ka pa (kung debarred ka na). Mabait kasi si dean. I have batchmates noon na subject for debarment pero pinagbigyan basta never na ulit sila babagsak, parang probationary.

    Hindi ka na pwedeng lumipat ng ibang college kung debarred ka na.

    I think grades are out na nung isang araw pa. Sana di debarred tong si MyWaterShed. :)
  • Grades are out, TS! Kamusta ang grades? Bagsak na ba talaga 'yung 4 subjects mo?

    As far as I know, there are some special cases where students who got debarred from their college/faculty was given an 'option' to go to other colleges. I just don't know if this will apply on your case if ever you got debarred.
  • kamusta na? im hoping youre still in the University. by the way im from UST bio, balak ko magshift sa AB history. kung pinagpatuloy mo yang course na yan you must be a candidate for graduation na. :)

    As far as i know, tho irrelevant kasi 2 years ago pa hehe. add ko nalang para makarating sa susunod na makakabasa yes you can transfer to other college and course even if you are a candidate for debarment. sa ating university there is such a term as "academic forgiveness" coined by Dean Vasco, which happens to be the dean of AB. Pakita mo lang na di ka na uulit pagbibigyan ka nya. (from the experience of one of my friend). Di ko lang sure sa ibang college yung "academic forgiveness" will depends kung tatanggapin ka pa ba ng aaplyan mo na college/faculty. Sa experience ko sa UST college of science, i have this friend na bumagsak ng 4 subjects same as you. yet nabigyan ng chance at currently 3rd year na.
  • verde04verde04 PEx Rookie ⭐
    lol si dean vasco ba talaga ang nagsabi nyan ?
    sya pinaka backward dean ng AB as said by higher batches and during my time, everyone I know do not like him (but does not necessarily hate him)
    yung kaibigan ko na magshift from one AB course to another pinahirapan pa nya na bawal daw magshift and transfer for how many years
    1st year pa lang kami nagshishift na yung friend ko, 3rd year na kami saka sya nakapagshift
    inefficient pa lagi ang deans office
    pro-admin and anti-student pweh !
  • Hello. i'm actually at the same situation as you are pero IT course ko (3rd year). 9 units failed na ako and 2 nalang debarred na ako. can you give me tips para maretain parin ako? i don't wanna leave kasi haha :( 3rd year na ako. 1 or 2 years nalang eh. tips naman thanks
  • Hah well apparently academic forgiveness doesn't exist in engg smh. Nagmakaawa pa ako sa assistant dean pero di pa din ako binigyan ng second chance (nagapply kasi ako for shifting wala naman akong bagsak hindi lang daw talaga enough yung grades ko para sa kanila) oh well papel.
    Anyway para kay kuya @posporoking: basta bawiin mo lang yung mga binagsak mong subj. May mga kakilala kasi ako na na-condi rin soooo yun :)
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