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Tom and Jerry

The most hilarious episodes are the ones where Tom is trying to impress a chick and Jerry ends up doing all sorts of chinanigans for Tom. te hehe. Oh yeah, pati na rin yung mga episodes kung saan wala sa bahay yung amo ni Tom, yung me rolling pin, and he invites some friends over para mag party. :lol:


  • I love Tom & Jerry. We have a Laserdisc (does anybody do laserdisc to DVD conversion locally?) collection of like, 100 or so episodes of Tom & Jerry.

    One time (at band camp?) me and my friends stayed at home overnight, inebriated, watching Tom & Jerry for hours until morning.

    Walang tigil na katatawanan.

    Putcha. Sakit ng tiyan at mga ulo namin kinabukasan.
  • i like tom and jerry! cute si jerry eh! kinakawawa nya lagi si tom. hehehehe
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