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How much does it cost to build a big house in the philippines land not included?

Just only a house


  • Depende ho yan sa laki ng lot area, design itself, materials that will be used, Kung ilang floors. My set of plans na ho ba kayo? Do u have an Architect or a contractor already?
  • Just only a house

    Hi MrBigDick. You can call me at 09164079988 for information. Though i'm not a contractor, I am an architect who can guide you with your design / construction needs. Actually I can advise you with your query. Normally, the cost of constructing a house is about 14,000 if rough finished. 16-18k if semi-elegant finish and 20-24k for elegant finish. That price would also depend on what region you're in. I had a client in Mindanao and got their house built for 600,000pesos only. 3 floors with 5-6 spacious bedrooms.
  • Sir ang costing kung 2 palapag nasa 15k per sqm up to 25 per sqm , depende sa design at sa materyales na gagamitin, kung isang palapag lang nasa 12k to 20k per sqm
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