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Michael "MITOY" Yonting [1st Ever The Voice of the Philippines Grand Winner]

Mitoy wins 'Voice PH'


MANILA – (2nd UPDATE) Veteran band vocalist Mitoy Yonting was named the first-ever winner of “The Voice of the Philippines” on Sunday during the hit TV show’s grand finale at Resorts World Manila.

Yonting, 42, a member of Team Lea, received 57.65% of the votes to beat Team Sarah's Klarisse de Guzman as the two artists faced off for a final showdown after garnering the highest percentage of text and online votes plus iTunes and truetone downloads.

Before the poll for the top two artists opened, their individual scores were reset to zero. In the end, the artist who got the higher percentage of public votes was named the winner of “The Voice of the Philippines.”

Team Bamboo's Myk Perez and Team Apl's Janice Javier were the other two contestants in the Top 4 in the much-awaited finale of ABS-CBN’s hit talent search.

According to “The Voice’s” official Twitter account, Perez and Javier got 13.56% and 12.81% of the votes, respectively, before scores were reset for Yonting and de Guzman.

“Salamat sa inyong lahat,” an emotional Yonting told the ecstatic crowd before doing a reprise of his Top 2 performance of The Beatles’ “Help.”

Before he was announced as the first winner of the local version of “The Voice,” his coach Lea Salonga thanked Yonting for giving her the opportunity to help “someone as gifted, as talented and as amazing as you.”

“Maraming salamat sa pagpili, for letting me into your heart and for allowing me to help you along this journey,” she said. “Sana in the rest of your journey, you will allow me to look over your shoulder and watch over you.”

Early favorite

The vocalist of the band The Draybers, Yonting established himself among the show’s early favorites and most popular contestants during the Blind Auditions, where he sang the ’70s OPM hit "Bakit Ako Mahihiya."

Known for his high, effortless voice and energetic performances, Yonting easily progressed on the show after engaging Chien Berbana in the Battle Rounds with "Alone." He electrified the Resorts World Manila crowd during his first live performance with Queen’s theatrical “Don’t Stop Me Now,” exuding a confidence honed by many years of band experience.

In the succeeding live shows, Yonting also showed his quieter side with restrained performances of "Paano," "Against All Odds," and "The Power of Love."

In Saturday’s final competition, Yonting chose to do a rock version of Freddie Aguilar’s classic “Anak,” with Salonga proclaiming, “You are the most deserving person right now for the title, you are the voice of the Philippines.”

His original song, “Bulag,” has also been a best-seller on iTunes, consistently ranking in the Top 5 downloads in the Philippines.

Star-studded finale

Yonting’s victory capped a star-studded finale for the successful TV talent show, which topped the worldwide trending topics of micro-blogging site Twitter during its two-part grand finale. By the end of Sunday’s show, “The Voice of the Philippines” occupied all 10 spots in the local trending Twitter topics.

Among the celebrities who watched the finale show live at Resorts World were celebrity couple Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz, beauty queen-actress Ruffa Gutierrez with her mother Annabelle Rama, beauty queen Miriam Quiambao, actress Iza Calzado and singers Gary Valenciano and Angeline Quinto.

Journey frontman Arnel Pineda and champion singer Jed Madela opened Sunday’s show with the Top 24 artists of “The Voice of the Philippines,” in a rocking mash-up of “We Will Rock You” and “I Love Rock and Roll.”

Shane Filan, former lead vocalist of Westlife, also performed with the Top 4 artists in a medley of the boy band’s biggest hits “Fool Again” and “Uptown Girl.”

The four coaches also had their own production number with Michael Jackson’s inspirational anthem “Man in the Mirror.”


  • 29m99ih.jpg

    MITOY's Blind Audition

    TVOP Battles (Chien Vs. Mitoy) - Alone

    Mitoy & Maki (Macho Gwapito)
  • Mitoy's Live Shows

    Don't Stop Me Now


    Against All Odds (Mitoy & Radha)

    Power of Love

  • Grand Finals Songs


    Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Leaving on the Jet Plane

  • Mitoy's Winning Moment




  • Coach Lea of Team Mitoy

  • Radio Guestings





  • primary182be0c5cdcd5072bb1864cdee4d3d6e.jpg

    AGE: 43

    Mitoy discovered his passion for music at an early age. Like most artists, he actively pursued a career in the industry but luck gave him half-a-wish. The young Mitoy back then had joined various televised talent searches that lead to various tv appearances. He even earned a slot at a noontime show as a comedian-singer, but sadly, his career did not reach a full throttle.
    To raise a family, Mitoy went to Japan and other countries to work as a band singer. Later on, he came home and went to play his for his kababayans. Today, Mitoy is with the band “The Draybers” where he plays regularly at Resort’s World Manila. Because of his exposure to different and various races, Mitoy and his band learned to speak little and sing foreign songs/languages.
    Mitoy joined TVOP to relieve youthful dreams, make a career and maybe win an awesome trophy.
  • akoito413akoito413 Member PExer
    Parang kaboses ni Mitoy si Gabby Concepcion :lol:

    Congrats to Mitoy! :)
  • sasswalshsasswalsh salonga ▪️ pressman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Congrats, Toymits! :rocker:
  • dragon_ariesdragon_aries Member PExer
    Wow! may separate thread na for MITOY!!! Dito na lang ako pupunta kapag gusto kong alalahanin ang TVOP winning moments nya from BA to the Final Showdown!

    Congratulations to Mitoy and to his best coach ever - Ms. Lea Salonga!


    Woooooooot! Wooooooooooooot!

  • welcome!

    post anything about mitoy and updates :)
  • iz9phe.jpg

    Resorts World Manila Concert Series Presents... The Crooner, The Acoustic Wonder & The Rocker. Oct. 14, 2013 at Bar 360 - Showtime 8pm
  • geemartsgeemarts Martin Nievera 👁 PBB Loyalist
    Wow may thread na si mitoy :)

    sama may mga updates! :glee:
  • Maraming Salamat sa supporta po.

  • dragon_ariesdragon_aries Member PExer
    kapag po meron ng video nung guesting nya mamaya sa It's showtime- pa-upload naman po. hindi ko mapapanood he. thanks.
  • geemartsgeemarts Martin Nievera 👁 PBB Loyalist
    Congrats Mitoy, He will be part of ASAP regularly :)
  • lulay101lulay101 Member PExer
    geemarts wrote: »
    Congrats Mitoy, He will be part of ASAP regularly :)

    talaga? yehey!!! im very happy for mitoy
  • dragon_ariesdragon_aries Member PExer
    lulay101 wrote: »
    talaga? yehey!!! im very happy for mitoy

    Galing naman! ASAP regular na. iba talaga ang treatment kapag grand Winner!!!
  • chi_chiechi_chie senseless poster PExer
    hello there :wave:...I voted for Mitoy sa TVoP finals...just would like to share this with you...isinulat ni Lea sa column niya sa PDI:

    You never forget the first

    October 2, 2013 | 9:59 pm


    On Sept. 29, Michael Yonting of Team Lea, more popularly known as Mitoy, became the very first “Voice of the Philippines.” In an epic showdown with the last men standing from Team Sarah, Team Apl and Team Bamboo (Klarisse de Guzman, Janice Javier and Myk Perez, respectively) on Saturday and Sunday nights, Mitoy emerged the people’s champion. To say that his coach, family, fans and friends were ecstatic would be an understatement.

    Humble, generous

    Throughout his journey from his Blind Audition to his victory in the Live
    Mitoy was consistent, humble, attentive, generous. There were never any battles behind the scenes between the two of us in the coaching sessions, where the coach would pull one way and the artist another. The process was always collaborative. Add to the mix his songs’ arrangers, (to Gerard Salonga, Homer Flores, Mon Faustino and Cezar Aguas, I will always be grateful) who helped shape each performance. Each song along the way would be a stepping-stone closer to Mitoy’s victory.

    A friend of mine (who happened to be one of the backup singers) said Mitoy and I made an unlikely couple, each one performing for very different audiences on very different stages. Taking a moment to think about that, I had to agree. However, because Mitoy and I are close in age—he’s only a year older—we come from the same generation that listened to a lot of 1980s bands (Queen, Styx, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Air Supply, Journey and many more whose frontmen possessed distinctive vocals with stratospheric top ends), the same ones that influenced his own vocal style. It’s a throwback to a beloved era for many in our generation—when the hair was big and clothes were questionable, but the music was undeniably awesome.

    Mixed opinions

    In social media, netizens had very mixed opinions of Mitoy and his style of singing. There were those who were turned off because they felt he was screaming or that his tone was strident. Others thought him “baduy.” One in particular was not very happy about his win on the show, saying he was the “next April Boy Regino.” (For the record, I really, really like the way April Boy sings: clean quality, precise intonation… however, I was never a fan of the mullet cum baseball cap.)

    That’s the thing about “The Voice” that was so wonderful: We were presented at the end with four very distinctive singers, each with his/her own style filling a nice chunk of the marketplace. Each of them deserved to win (I love all four singers with all my heart) and I truly would’ve been happy if any of them was heralded as the victor. They each have my undying and full-force support as a fan. (And yes, you can all stop calling me “Coach” now.)

    No sob story

    If there’s anything I’m proud of, it’s that we didn’t use a sob story to help Mitoy win. You got to know his wife, Merly, and the members of the band that he fronts, The Draybers—that’s all. One thing I told my team was this: “I don’t want your personal stuff exposed to the public. They don’t need to know your business; that’s yours. Let them get to know you through your music and through your voice, nothing else.”

    There is something about Mitoy taking home the title that says a lot about the public that elected him their champ. A throwaway remark from another contestant clued me in on what that might be.

    Lee Grane Maranan of Kamp Kawayan, when she was still in the competition, said to me during one of Mitoy’s rehearsals on stage: “Have you ever seen FPJ sing?” She then pointed to him. I laughed about it at the time, but it left me something to think about, something that hit me in the hours that passed after the show was over.

    Mitoy represents the masa, the most common denominator, the group that comprises the majority of our country’s population. That would be the men and women who toil in the heat, endure the daily humiliations of their lives and work themselves to the bone for a pittance of a salary. The Everyman we don’t always pay mind to as we go about our day. The almost invisible, ignored, marginalized Juan de la Cruz. These people see themselves in Mitoy, and there’s something inspiring in watching someone like him reach the top.

    Spark of hope

    In reality, the Everyman doesn’t always win. For many, being condemned to live a horrible life is the reality. Some are born in a garbage heap, and die in a garbage heap. Others are forced to leave their families in pursuit of a better life, only to find that “better” is unattainable, or that “somewhere else” is next door to hell.

    For every Live Show that Mitoy hurdled, there was a spark of hope, a glimmer of possibility that this Everyman had a shot at triumph. That with each song he sang, full-throated and laser-precise, he came one step closer to the light. Every time he stepped out on that stage to sing, it meant that maybe, just maybe, out of the millions of Juans waiting for redemption, one would make it.

    So the millions voted… spent their hard-earned cell phone loads to vote, and vote, and vote again. And in a country where the marginalized, ignored and invisible are pushed aside, to actually have a say in one arena—and know that it matters—means the world.

    The voiceless actually let their voices be heard.

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