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Utang | PANSARILI (personal loans / PL)

VlestatVlestat PExer
edited August 2019 in Banking and Finance
Hey guys!

I would like to ask if you know where can I apply for a pesonal loan. Yung mabilis at mababa interst . Grabe ang hirap ng buhay huh ...



  • San ba pwede? I'm thinking citifinancial. meron bang office to sa makati? ano pa ma-s-suggest nyo?

  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I saw a citifinancial office on Pasay Road (near the Makati Avenue corner).
  • Thanks Kuya Danny! :)
  • I believe there's also one on C. Palanca st. (if it's still there). I believe ChinaBank and Standard chartered also have their own version of the salary loan.. um wait

    ChinaBank Requirements:

    Min 30k
    One month latest payslip
    photocopy of ID
    12,24,36 monthly installments
    1.5% x 12 months = .18 x 30,000 = interest for 1 year = P5,400

    Interest and Principal = P35,400 over the course of a year

    7-10 working days processing
  • ^^ Chinatrust is a little high (Citibank is even higher). Why not try HSBC, PSBank or Orion Bank (this one's the smallest at about 1.12% a month)
  • I think my company can help you with the HSBC loan. Let me double check this.

    For the meantime, read up here:


    There's also a Loan Calculator at that site, too.
  • dude, that'll be great. please do inform me if its possible. thanks

    pm me for updates pls. thanks a lot! :)
  • Sorry dude, still under negotiation pa pala. I'll keep you posted pag pwede na *okay* We do have the ChinaBank na though
  • try mo standard chartered, yan yung sa may palanca st. makati, kakaapply lang nung friend ko dun, eto requirements:

    photocopy of latest or 2003 ITR
    photocopy of 2 valid ID's with 3 specimen signature

    i-fax mo lang requirements mo sa kanila tapos 7-10 working days din.

    tawag ka 813-3290 or 813-3292, contact person: sheila

    sana makatulong :)
  • thanks for the input guys, *ahem* and gal :) i'll sure look into these options.
  • Hey, are you connected with any company? Coz Citibank is offering a salary loan program thru the process of SALARY DEDUCTION (which come to think of it, it's easier and more hassle-free).
  • ibank offers salary loan too. mode of payment is salary deduction. yup less hassle siya kaso dapat accredited yung company nyo ng ibank. san ka ba nagwowork? can i have your contact no. baka matulungan kita.
  • thanks sa info!

    please send me details at [email protected]. requirements, rate, payments, fee's, and everything else that I need to know.

    yep, connected po ako sa isang IT company

  • i'd rather get my salary loan from SSS. interest is lower, and payment is more humane. hehehe... one week processing if your company is the one who will submit the documents needed... then first payment will be 5 months after.
  • yes, SSS gives the lowest interest as far as know but your loan is based on your contributions. the lower the contribution, the lower your loan. i don't wan't to be limited by that. :)
  • and financial institutions will only let you loan an amount proportionate to your basic salary. basically, it is just the same thing. so in effect, you are still limited by your capacity to pay. the only difference i see is that SSS loans are disadvantageous for those who had just started contributing to SSS.

    don't be fooled by advertisements that you could loan upto 1M or something to that effect. basically, you don't have any control on how much you can borrow from them. they are the one who decide what you can borrow. The biggest amount you can borrow is roughly 3x your basic. normally, it's just about double. and if you will look at the interest rate, you'll be paying an effective amount of 20% annual interest in all. plus they'll deduct in advance the processing fee and the first month installment from what you'll be receiving from them.

    that's why i hate borrowing from banks. i had bad experience with them.
  • If you can avoid going into debt or taking out any personal loans, much the better.

    If it is not absolutely necessary to get a loan, I suggest to just avoid it! Unless its an emergency, dont spend what you dont have!
  • i agree with easy_going.
  • yes i understand what you're saying. but don't worry, i also know what i'm doing. i'm limited in what i'll be able to loan from SSS due to my limited contributions. what i can get won't be enough for now. much lower than what i can get from other sources. no, i'm not planning on loaning 1M. :)

    yep, staying away from debt is the best. but sometimes we just can't.
  • i hope no offense was taken, as we were just giving some advice.

    anyways, how much are you planning to borrow from the bank?

    i myself had a personal loan from standard chartered bank. they were offering a 1.5% interest monthly for a year. Sounds pretty neat at that time for me until i learned that the 1.5% is based from the whole amount. since i just needed extra cash, i still persisted taking the offer by SCBC. my salary back then was only P23K. that was three years ago i think. I was hoping to get about 80K, just an additional cash to get myself a 2nd hand car. after two weeks, i was informed i'll be able to borrow only around 42K. then they had deducted the processing fee of about 2k i think. and also my first monthly due. aside from that they required that i submit 12 months equivalent of PDCs. at that time i don't have a checking account so i had to borrow from a friend another 10k to open one. anyways, i was able to return the 10K immediately after that. but had to pay monthly fine of 100 pesos because my account balance was below minimum. in summary, i only got about 35K worth of loan plus an effective 20% interest. not enough for the hassle i went thru. with that amount, i still had to borrow extra money from friends to get the 80K i needed.

    my point is, if you could borrow money from other sources, it is way better than borrowing from a bank. less hassle, less payment. as long as you pay your dues on time to whoever you borrowed money from, then it is a better setup.
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