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RYZZA MAE DIZON <3 Bawal ang sad; dapat happy! Cha-Cha Dabarkads!<3 GC1

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    1. adiksaPINK! 

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    [center-hidden]RYZZA MAE DIZON <3 Bawal ang sad; dapat happy! Cha-Cha Dabarkads!<3 GC1[/center-hidden]

    Kaya po ganyan dahil naging trademark na ni Ryzza ang "Bawal ang sad; dapat happy" phrase. Cha-Cha Dabarkads is her first hit song. GC1 stands for Grandma's Chateau :rotflmao: since siya si Aleng Maliit at 80y/o na siya:rotflmao:
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    [center-hidden][highlight]Nickname: Ryzza / Aling Maliit
    Status: CELEBRITY under the management of Malou Choa-Fagar)
    Real Name: Ryzza Mae Dizon
    Origin: Angeles City, Pampanga
    Birthdate: June 12, 2005
    Nationality: Filipino
    Religion: Roman Catholic

    Back in 2012, Ryzza auditioned for Little Miss Philippines. According to her she modeled, danced, and sing in front of the screening panel but to no avail, then she asked them (the panelists) that she can recite a poem and that made her entrance to the elimination round of the search. But then she was eliminated early. Thanks for a callback because she competed again and won the wildcard slot. Destiny worked its way that Ryzza made it to the grand finals and was crowned Little Miss Philippines 2012.[/highlight][/center-hidden]
  • count me in.
  • NakuraNakura PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Cute ni Ryza with that blonde afro ^^
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