The Phenom?

dfgvandfgvan pilay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Based on the current situation of the Blue Eagles.
It is quite obvious that kiefer ravena is not what people hyped him to be...
For the past years people were praising him ang that slaughter was just second fiddle to him...
Now it is evident who is robin in their tandem...


  • LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL Weh, di nga? PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    don't hate. kiefer is crazy good
  • It's actually just his shooting form that has been off lately. Iba bato ng bola nya ever since he got back into the league. Without a high FG percentage you can't expect him to score double digits every game. He's not as fast as Newsome to weasel out of defenders.
  • dfgvandfgvan pilay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Unless kiefer wins a championship without greg...

    I'm not hating just observing...
    with greg, kiefer can slash anytime and shoots better...
    without greg... hmmmmm... season76
  • elhyelhy PAPATAYIN KITA!!!!!!!!!!!!! PExer
    hindi lang championship without Greg. dapat MVP para phenom talaga!
  • BubblesButtercupBubblesButtercup I Love Holly Golightly!!! PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Magaling naman si kiefer

    Lalo na sa floppping
  • This title should have been given to Parks instead. Pwede na kay Kiefer ang title na "the boy wonder".
  • DoubleMintDoubleMint Member PExer
    I think he's struggling because of his foot injury recently. As you can see when he's shooting free throw, he gets his strength from his feet. Not sure though. Just an observation.
  • kris609kris609 Member PExer
    Foot injury. :bop:

    Malamang maraming maniwala sa dahilan na yan. Wala na siyang papasahan e. Ang liit na rin ng line-up nila. Iba talaga kapag, MVP + Black + ONE BIG mercenary. :rotflmao:

    Well... ganyan talaga ang life.
  • marky_83marky_83 Member PExer
    Actually,magaling talaga si kiefer. last season everytime he plays against UST im dreading what would happen whenever he gets the ball.he either fishes a foul, scores, or breaks the defense so bad that he creates space for his teammates; like a knife slicing through butter. of course it helps that he had much better teammates last season.

    Sa tingin ko si Buenafe ang overrated. hehe peace just my two cents
  • MapeconMapecon Bolero PExer
    magaling naman siya eh. nawawala lang siguro yung focus niya sa game tsaka olats din kasi coach niya eh :rotflmao:
  • dfgvandfgvan pilay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sir marky,

    as you've said, his slashing ability may be the result of having greg as a teammate...
    now that he is not in the middle anymore, ravena has been checked in most of the games this season.
  • dfgvandfgvan pilay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    also, wala po akong sinasabi na hindi sya magaling...
    what i'm trying to say is that he is just second fiddle to greg slaughter and not the other way around.
  • kris609kris609 Member PExer
    Kung wala si Greg, walang 5-peat. Tapos.
  • pulangpulapulangpula Member PExer
    let's see if kiefer can rise to the occasion and and bring the eagles to the final four.

    seriously though, who will you pick? kiefer or newsome?
  • DoubleMintDoubleMint Member PExer
    Individually, magaling sya. No doubt. Kaso hindi enough yung teammates nya to repeat what they'd done in the last 5 years. Kung one on one lang ang UAAP kaya nya lumaban for sure. Kaso team ang labanan dito e. To doubt with his basketball skills because of what's happening to his team would be unfair.
  • dfgvandfgvan pilay PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sir doublemint,
    no one is doubting his skills... what i am observing is that he should be the dominant one in his team, the same way that he was dominant when greg was around...
    but he isn't able to put a performance even worthy of comparing to his previous years... this comparing him now as to the previous years...
  • It's not just the loss of Greg. Even his free throw shooting is sub par lately. Mas maganda pa ata performance nya dati sa Ateneo High School.

    Greg's departure is but a fraction of the cause of his rookie-like performance. Wala rin naman dominant big ang UP but Marata can make his own plays. I really think he picked up a few bad habits when he got injured and he's not conscious of them.

    It's possible to regress in basketball.
  • sakitsabangssakitsabangs All You Need Is PExer
    Magpapakain daw si ravena pag sya yung nag-MVP. Kasi sya yung The Phenom-nom-nom..
  • kg22kg22 Member PExer
    Three reasons why "The Phenom" is being exposed:

    1) Absence of tatang greg slaughter. In the last couple of years tatang was there, ravena would get a lot of his points from nakaw plays. He would leak out for an early fast break because he knows that tatang greg would get the rebound.

    2) His freethrows. He gets 25-50 percent of his points from here, most of them due to flopping. Aside from having a terrible FT% this year, the refs are no longer buying into his flops as much. In the game vs UE, he scored 22 points. Guess where a lot of his points came from.

    3) The defense is now focused on him. In the last couple of years, he had tatang, salva, and buenafe to divert the defense's attention. A true phenom should still be able to score no matter what the defense gives him ala Romeo or Parks. A true phenom can have a bad game, but not a bad season.
  • matutomatuto Member PExer
    Maybe in the past he looked like a phenom, but this season he is not very impressive. It could be because of his injury, or for the reasons mentioned above. If you're not in tip top shape its hard to be a phenom. But I expect him still to be a good player that has to be guarded. Look, Steph Curry(golden state) had an injury on the achilles and he had to take a year off.

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