Best Manila Whitening Spa & Facial?


I'm buying a birthday present for someone and he likes whitening body scrubs and facials, i'm looking for a place somewhere in manila, mandaluyong or makati that does this. I want to go there tomorrow and buy it and then give it to him as a present.

So far looking into it myself i have only come across Mandarin Oriental Manila, does anyone know of any good places where you can get a whitening body scrub (and massage), and a facial?



  • IlovehueIlovehue Member PExer
    There is a new spa along Quezon City I go to. It's nothing like hotels' spa. It's quaint place. I like it because they provide good service that certainly makes up for their small place. Generally, their services are not expensive too! They have a clean toilet and they have parking! They offer massage, facials, IPL treatments and the like. Try it out. Maybe you can have the same awesome feeling.

    Find them on Facebook: Let me know what you think. (:

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