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Programa ng Pag-aaruga (BSN) ng Dalubhasaan ng Marie Bernarde

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The school was formally established on September 20, 2002 by an academic enterprise of nursing educators comprising of Edward B. Malzan, RN, MAN, Zenaida M. Bataller, RN, MAN, Charito L. Manapat RN, MAN, Orlando P. Bataller, with association of respected medical practitioners namely Ceferino A. Baltazar, RN, MAN, MD and Dra.Yolanda Bernardino Lim, owner of Bernardino General Hospital.

The college started with a very dynamic beginning as it continues to grow each year. With the advocacy for globally competitive healthcare educational system, MBC initially offered the 6- months Caregiver Course, as designed & programmed by proven and trusted experts in the field. Eventually, more relevant, innovative and in-demand TESDA registered & accredited courses were offered, all on trimester two years basis, as such: Basic Nursing Assistant Course; Business Management and Information Technology; Business Computing and Accountancy; Health Care Information System and Computer and Network Design.

Marie-Bernarde College Inc. formerly Saint Bernadette College of Health & Sciences now proudly offers Bachelor of Nursing with the Objective of producing highly skilled & globally competitive nurses, far exceeding the standards and mediocrity as MBC is set to offer more courses in the field of health & sciences consistent to its noble mission of providing only the best to its Clientele.



    Marie-Bernarde College Inc. formerly Saint Bernadette College of Health & Sciences shall always strive to be consistent with its vision of providing quality and excellent education in the fields of Health Care and related services through continuous upgrade in its educators, staff and students.

    Through the guidance of the Divine Providence, MBC dedicates itself to the service of the youth, country and God. MBC declares adherence to academic freedom, progressive instruction, creative scholarship, goodwill among nations and constructive educational leadership.


    Marie-Bernarde College Inc. formerly Saint Bernadette College of Health & Sciences envisions itself to become the leader and dominant provider of quality and excellent health care education and related sciences responsive to the needs and demands of local and global market as it is committed to be a paragon of educational excellence and spirituality.


    Inspired and sustained by a deep sense of dedication and a compelling yearning for relevance, the Marie-Bernarde College Inc. formerly Saint Bernadette College of Health & Sciences hereby declares its support to the national goal, the development of a just, progressive and human society and addresses itself to its attainment. To achieve this goal, the College adopts the following Institutional Objectives:

    1. Educate its students to the end that they will be conscious of the problems of the society and commit to their solutions

    2. Program and/ or orient its educational offerings that will satisfactorily meet the pressing needs of our modernizing society as well as the foreseeable demands of the emerging world of the 21st century.

    3. Make itself a more decisive instrument for economic development, social progress, the promotion of desirable cultural values and the strengthening of the national identity; and

    4. Provide an enduring of environment of challenging scrutiny and free inquiry in order to promote the advancement of knowledge and human welfare through the cultivation of national discourse and human values.
  • Courses

    B.S. Nursing consistently above national passing rate in the local board exam
    with top 7 in 2008

    B.S. Business Administration
    Major in
    Human Resources Development Management
    Marketing Management

    Bachelor in Secondary Education
    Major in
    Biological Science
    Physical Science

    Midwifery 2 years course
    Care Giver 6 months course
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    Address: R&J Bldg. 4th Floor Quirino Highway,
    Novaliches, Quezon City
    Telephone: (02) 930-4358 / 938-2309
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