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Looking for cheap face powder

Guys I need some suggestions
I am currently looking for a face powder which is great for oily and acne proned skin and also Ive heard that Tender care is good?? Do you have any suggestions??


  • maraming raves about dun sa bench powder. idk what the exact name is, pero i think may "natural" na shades. great oil control daw and i think di off/white ang magiging hitsura sa mukha.

    lewis and pearl din has great oil control daw.

    but since you're acne prone, try something na may mineral. you can check venus and mars/pureglow, krave, virginia olsen, etc. :D
  • Pasensiya na for saying this, pero sa akin lang ha, I really, really find it odd seeing boys powdering their faces. I see this everytime I enter public restrooms, boys lined in front of the mirror powdering their faces without surrender. This is something that we never see before, oily or what, we just simply splash cold water on our face then pat it dry with a face towel or paper towel, that's it.

    Ngayon inaabot ng siyam-siyam sa harap ng salamin, trying to whiten their faces with face powders. Minsan maghuhugas ka na nga lang ng kamay, kailangan mo pa maghintay dahil maraming busy sa pagpe face powder at hindi magkanda tuto kung paano ito papantayin.

    What used to be a beauty pre-occupation (or routine) just for girls, now boys are doing the same, oddly moreso!

    Kaso ang daming nagmumukhang zombie tuloy, dahil ang puti-puti ng mukha :)

    What's happening?
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