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My bestfriend passed away due to careless driver in commonwealth

I wish I could be a great writer as I’ve always wanted to express my emotion and make reader hear, feel and understand my thoughts…. Unluckily I wasn’t able to widen my delusion until I decided that I have to express how much it hurts to lose someone whom you really appreciate….

Today, I found myself writing this note for a good friend who recently passed away due to a car accident in Commonwealth, Quezon City last July 14, 2013 at around 02:50 in the morning.

July 14, 2013 1:00 am I am running late for work. I saw Therise waved at me saying that she missed me, requesting for me to stay even for a while. I asked for a cigarette and had a quick chat. She said that she’ll meet a friend for Saturday session.

At around 3:00 am Therise called sounding anxious “Have you checked your phone, Tsong tawagan mo nga si Jam,” She said that she’s home and an accident occurred just a few minutes ago in Commonwealth QC and they have this feeling that Jam is one of the fatalities as the news mentioned that the girl’s name is “Julie Montefalco”. I said I have not received any update and thinking that it’ll not happen to Jam is I’ve always known her to be like Superman (a girl version of course) because of her ASTIG personality. I would like my team to be aware about what’s happening so I decided to place her on speaker mode; upon hearing the bad news we found ourselves checking news online where we found this:

3 killed, 3 hurt in predawn accident along Commonwealth Avenue
The SUV mowed down the three fatalities—a balut vendor and her customers
Killed were the balut vendor initially identified as Liza Romero and a customer identified as Julie Montefalco. The third fatality, a male, was not immediately identified.

We were all denying that she is a victim of the said incident saying that there’s a lot of Montefalco in that area as that’s where she grew up… I’m calling Jams phone, it’s out of reach… I checked my email and saw Kim’s message stating the same things as Therise mentioned.

I called Jam several times; Unreachable! …. We said Naaaah, its not her, “nag inum lang yun, e lasing na lobat” “Nag gala” “ aahhh nag pass out lasing” “ The usual It’s Saturday eh”

Knowing Jam she is not the type na magpapasaga… Of course she always wanted to be beautiful “gusto nun pag namatay siya sosyal yung tipong drowned to death ang drama dahil sa surfing”

I am continuously communicating with my former agents to know Jam’s whereabouts while others are speculating where is she…

I asked Kim for any update “Yes TL her parents are here” we are all shocked! Asking why??? They’re checking if Jam’s clothes matches the cadaver clothes lying along Katuparan Street. He confirmed that she is wearing same clothes; they then requested for CCTV footage to confirm the same. They found out that she left around 1:30 am and that was last time she was seen at the office.

I called Therise to come over… She’s on her way; I can still distinguish from her voice that she is dead tired and drunk traveling back and forth from here and there but it didn’t stop her just to make sure that Jam is alright.

I can’t keep myself calm, feeling terrified I called Kim again asking him to verify the picture, and he said it’s positive though I cannot identify her face.

I called Therise discreetly crying….. “Tsong positive” …… though it’s so surreal….I am not convinced, I am still in doubt… She will not let someone end her life just like that; I know her very well….. She’s a fighter…

Concerned friend called as it’s stated in FB that she passed away… We got mad, why did someone aggravate bad situation and burst it in social media.

Upon checking my mail there’s a screen shot from her brother stating “RIP ate Mahal na Mahal kita….”

We’re astonished, I felt like I have been cast by cold water…. I felt betrayed… I am extremely mad about what happened…. Then the news online hit me again starting to reveal all unanswered questions. Her face was unidentified, her body was crashed and that her life was taken by some irresponsible driver who’s racing along Commonwealth Highway.

We are all in deep sorrow, waiting if we can come to her right after we logged out from shift. We are all stunned and with intense disbelief asking why, why did it have to happen and why her of all people. We’re still contacting her family hoping that we could see her; I know that she needs a friend. We all know that she needs us as she was badly hurt, feeling alone and confused.

Shift has ended, we all went out of the office and sat outside. We can’t help but reminisce the Jam we came to know. Everyone had their story to tell.

Memories started to flashback, Jam has this exceptional talent wherein she can easily combine being sweet and baluhura that makes people love her charm. I don’t think anyone would ever disagree to that. She have always been very optimistic about life, and she’ll leave you asking “Anu kayang pinoproblema ni Jam?” (That is if she had one). Her smile makes it so easy to describe how carefree and loving she is when it comes to life. Never a dull moment (she hates that); she hates people that complicates life. She’ll always make you feel and realize that there is always something good at almost everything. I can still hear her say “Ok lang yan..” then you’ll rant again, she’ll say “Ok lang yan., Tara inum nalang tayo”. With her, life does not revolve in just one day, if you’re not okay today, tomorrow is surely a happy day. At a very young age she got me thinking where is the I-am-strong-brave-fearless attitude coming from. She has lived simply but has touched many hearts, definitely including mine.

So many other things to remember for 2 years that we are together almost everyday I know her in and out. OURS as a team is different we treated each and everyone as a family, She even quoted that we are the best; working hard and yet living our life to the maximum, no exception, thus hurts badly it all ended there, nang iwan ka sa ere!

This is the first time that someone who is so close to me passed away. I wonder what else I could feel just like what others felt when they’ve lost a friend. Now I can feel that if someone special to us is gone it can be difficult to continue living life. Things that were special to you may begin to seem pointless when you don't have that person to share it with. All of the things that you did together are reminders of the loss that you have to suffer.

July 14 10:00 pm, start of the shift. They say that the show must go on; we are all sitting in one bay without talking to each other. Everyone feels the pain of losing a friend, a cheerer of the crowd will be forever gone.

For 48 hrs that we did not see her none of us slept, we are all bothered, wanting to see her. We wanted to ensure that she is peacefully lying in her coffin that she is with the creator starting to live a peaceful life that she deserves.

This is the first time that I wrote a tribute to someone, first time in my life that I expressed how I feel. I know that I am not proficient but at least you know how much I love you by overcoming my fear... Fear of writing…. And fear of opening myself up for the world to see.,

Jam I know you are in a better place. You are so young to die. I keep on wondering why it has to be this way. It hurts so much as we have a lot of plans; Baler is one of our Top favorite as we are all frustrated surfers. We will surely continue what we have set, I hope that you could come with us and enjoy as you always do.

I know that time will come we can all cope up and move on, you are gone but never forgotten Jam! We will start today as you always say, “Don’t let it break you, no matter how hard things get. Life goes on” – iamjam04- —
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