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Which PH Brand do you prefer for Mens Jeans? (Men) *Good Fitted+Has Good Style*

Well, there's a Sale happening this 16-18 Friday-Sunday at SM Pampanga (up to 70%), and I was just wondering, I know asking here would absorb much great insight for buying a good pair of jeans. I'm kind of looking for Teenage Looking well fitted jeans for men, something that would go good for an 19 year old.

So Far I have bought from the past:
1 Jag Black Jeans (Original Price 1000/Sale Price 800 )
1 Bench OJ Dark Blue Faded (Original Price 899/Sale Price 499)

But still I don't feel these jeans are the right ones for my legs. If you guys could give me some good suggestions on which jeans you guys prefer the most, I'd gladly appreciate it. It would even be better if you could rate your favorite Philippine Jean Local Brands from #1-#5 and so on so I could have an idea on which the majority chooses, I will base my future purchase on this thread, and again, Thank You guys for sharing your opinions and insights here, I appreciate it wholeheartedly :handsdown:

Philippine Brands I'm planning to canvass from (but please, be free to share your suggestions):
#1 Bench
#2 Penshoppe
#3 Jag
#4 Bum
#5 Dickies

My Money Budget: 1k Pesos
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