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LORNA TOLENTINO:Her Beauty&Acting Reign Supreme,WE will stand by U forever~Book 22

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@Lornatics will always love you and support you all the way :hear::heart::heart:




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    Still a pictorial queen


    [highlight]Flawless endorser Lorna Tolentino: It is easy for her to exude glamour[/highlight]

    As a showbiz royalty, Lorna Tolentino had already earned for herself several titles. For one, she will always be known as one of the most beautiful faces on the local screen. Even as a child star, she had always been lovely. No, not cute, but divinely beautiful.

    And since her face is classic, it is easy for her to exude glamour and sophistication — giving way to yet another title for her: Eternal Star of the Night in most awards presentations. You may just fall off your seats and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, but Madame Auring one time also aimed for that title. It was a FAMAS show and the contest was about having the best hairstyle.

    And so at the Philippine Plaza ballroom, Madame Auring showed up in her big hair that had dried twigs with running Christmas lights on them. Of course, there were also other legitimate, respected and pretty actresses who showed up for the occasion. But in the end, it was still Lorna who clobbered them all and her hair was just tied in a bun. Simple, but very classy — that was the comment of the crowd who approvingly applauded her win.

    The most significant of her many titles surely will always be that of [highlight]Grand-slam Queen[/highlight] — having scored this is in 1992 for Narito ang Puso Ko.

    Oh, but she still holds on to a title that had not been much heralded: Pictorial Queen. Yes, she is that, too.

    It was Joey de Leon who pointed that out to me during the 10th anniversary of Startalk and we were posing for the cover of a commemorative magazine that was specially released for that occasion.

    I was the first to go since my hair (just a dab of gel) and makeup (only a little powder) is almost fuss-free. Then came Joey, who also needed just minimal fixing.

    When Lorna’s turn came, she walked in (her call time was later) with a naked face and she was already beautiful. But she is Lorna Tolentino and the public always expects her to get all dolled up — and she did in a yellow Paul Cabral outfit.

    That was the first time I saw her work — in a photo shoot, that is. But for a pictorial, she focused completely on getting her best shots. No horsing around — no bantering. That’s how seriously she takes these shoots. No wonder the results are always fabulous.

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    Sana may representative tayo here:

    Kapamilya vs Kapuso Amazing Race


    The network war is here to stay. Parati na lang pinagaawayan ang ratings, artista, ganda at creativeness ng shows, etcetera, etcetera.

    However, ang mismong fans ay hindi pa nailalagay sa isang competition ng talino't ganda na tulad ng ginagawa sa mga networks.

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    Copy and paste lang ang listahan ng team na gusto niyong salihan. Ichecheck ito ng Showbiz Reps natin para masigurado na walang sasali sa isang team na hindi naman dapat. PExers who are based outside the Showbiz forum are very much welcome to join :)

    Team Kapamilya:

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    from twitter of lea cutin thank you :)
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  • stomatastomata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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    [highlight]Here's one for you Miss Lorna Tolentino! Love you,Nay! ♥ Enjoy Reading!ü[/highlight]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]I could hardly recall when was the time that i started to like her, but surely that day is the day i would never regret! :) I started to notice her way back Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, that was technically 6-7 years ago. She was Lorrea && Lorrinda back then, It was indeed amazing to know that she could portray two different characters at the same time. She was the antagonist && the protagonist, imagine how hard was it for her to do that yet she ended up making her viewers fall in love with her! she’s superb, we could really tell! PROVEN && TESTED, ikaa nga! :D After that, I guess she transferred to GMA, so ayun wala na akong balita sa kanya, because I wasn’t that active to any site pa, GHEEED naman I was 9 years old pa and I was clueless about the NET WORLD, the only thing I knwew before was “PLAYING”,hahaha moving on, though I could still read some articles about her and her updates. Anyway, to make the story short, eto nalang until DMII came in the way, hahaha I was kinda excited about that teleserye, honestly, that was unexpected for me to notice her, coz I thought my admiration for her died down, but I came to realize that it never did! I totally fell in love with her as ATTY TESSA RAMIREZ, She astonishingly portrayed her character well and because of that I tried to visit DMII SITE, we were very few pa noon, every-night after DMII’s episode we do all the chit-chats and everything until such time na inimbitahan ako na sumali sa pex, so I tried to register and with all my might nakapasok naman! As the day passed by, mas nakilala ko si Miss LT, with the help of my ATE’s who knows her better than I do, so ayun the more that I get to know the more na mas na love ko siya, that’s why I keep on saying “I LOVE EVERY INCH OF YOU”, kasi she may not be perfect, but she is indeed very unique in her own way! I realized that ang PAGLORNA HABANG TUMATAGAL LALONG SUMASARAP! NAKAKA-ADIK! HAHA! So after that I tried to visit all the movie store and try to grab all her movies unfortunately, I only got a few, but atleast I have my own copies with some of her movies! Now, I could really tell that I love her so much & I would never get tired of loving her! ♥

    Oh, did I say too much? ü

    [highlight]OLIV2068 [/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Una kong nagustohan si LORNA T when I first saw her "UNIQUE BEAUTY" plus her "LONG LEGGED LEGS" - I guess like late 70's (Dalagita, Matandang KABAYO ... Sariwang DAMO, Dulce Amor Ina ...), Grade Five AKO noon. Lalo ko siyang HINANGAAN ng mapanood ko siya sa "APAT na MARIA".

    From there on ... GRABEEEE ! Naging CERTIFIED LORNANIANS na AKO at palaging nakikipag-buno sa mga Fans ni ALMA MORENO at RIO LOCSIN (that time!). Umiyak AKO at nakipag-simpatiya ng "MAG-BREAK-DOWN" siya sa "SEE-TRUE" regarding Her TRUE Father. Ayyy ... naku GUSTO kong lusubin si late "INDAY BADIDAY".

    Early 80's when most showbiz afficionados considered Her as ONE of the "LONG and LASTING SUPERSTARS" alongside with NORA AUNOR, VILMA SANTOS and ALMA MORENO. Hinulaan din siya noon na magiging SUPERSTAR with RIO LOCSIN (remember "STEPSISTERS"). Yun nga lang talagang, HINDI EKSENADORA ang IDOL natin kaya mas minabuti pa niyang maging "TUNAY NA AKTRES" sa Tunay na Kahulugan nito.

    Nag-lulundag AKO sa TUWA ng ginawa niya ang "MORAL" dahil udyat na yun ng kanyang pagiging Lehitimong MAHUSAY na AKTRES. Imagine "SIYA" ang naging mahigpit na kalaban nina NORA AUNOR (HIMALA) at VILMA SANTOS (RELASYON) sa lahat ng Award-Giving -Bodies that year (1982).

    I always believe na magiging ISANG RESPETADONG AKTRES si Ms LORNA TOLENTINO na kanyang tinahak mula noon hanggang NGAYON!

    Imagine ... mula sa pagiging "VIRGIN" ko, until I became a "SOPHISTICATED PROFESSIONAL" and until now wherein I am in the stage of "LIFE Begins at 40's" ... TRULY - I am a CERTIFIED LORNATICS (Super ADIK kay LT) and rest assure na magiging LORNANIAN Aketz until the Last Drops of My Precious BLOOD !
    PROUD to be a LORNANIAN for LIFE !!!

    [highlight]alelee [/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]ako,, kasi hindi ko naman po naabutan iyong mga movies niya noon..
    mga telesrye niya ako ngsimula (ng magkamalay ako sa earth.).
    year 2000 na ,,and when she potrayed as RED butterfly,,sa KTKH,,
    I was grade 2 that time..na starstruck ako sa kanya
    kahit na nasa GMA na siya...
    then of course in DMII,,her role as atty. ramirez
    nagyon highschool na ako,,
    mas lalo ko siyang minahal..
    as my IDOL!!
    she is the best for me

    [highlight]tethskiegirl [/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]ako naman,lOVE ko na sya wen i was 18 den,she portray the character of red butterfly ang galing nya dun...best actress sya sa star awads for tv ata[correct me if im wrong]..nawala sya sa kapamilya network ng matagal,sori ha hindi kc ako kapuso eh,*** hindi ko sya lage napapanood sa gma7,pero alam ko sa puso ko na sya *** talga ang iniidolo ko hanggang sa wlang hanggan...maniwala kayo at sa hindi si victoria lorna alluquin *** talaga ang hahangaan at mamahalin ko,ewan man sya ng iba nandito parin ako para sa kanya susuporta.....love you po...,lalo akong humanga sa katapangan nya hindi sya bumitiw sa pag subok na dinadaanan nya nung mamatay si kuya daboy,god is good all the time naman...sobrang bow talga ako....,den opportunity came nagbalik sya uli sa kapamilya at sobrang saya ko talga as in kasi makita ko naman sya sa galing nya sa pag arte,di kalibre talga ang teleseryeng ginagawa nya,may tatak sa puso sa bawat taong pinoy nanonod...sa bawat eksena tinututukan,sinong makakalimot sa linyang eto..PAG BABAYARAN MO ANG LAHAT NG GINAWA MO SA AKIN PATRICIA,SISIGURADUHIN KO NA MARARAMDAMAN MO,ANG LAHAT NG SAKIT NA NARARAMDAMAN KO,SAKIT NA MANUNUOT SA BAWAT KALAMNAN MO,PUPUNIT SA PUSO MO,KINUHA MO ANG LAHAT SA AKIN KUKUNIN KO RIN ANG LAHAT SAYO,SINUSUMPA KO YANNN]O DI BA!!!!!!!hindi lang yan marami pa kaya everynight kasam sya sa dasal ko na sna manalo sya uli ng best actress awards for tv...love you po ate LT looking forward to see you po in personal...keepsafe po always & god bless!!!!!!

    [highlight]kathprincesz09 [/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]its my turn namn
    actually , d ko alam kung paano ko ipapaliwanag eh , i started to admire her noong 10 years old ako , d ko alam kung paano nagsimula , bigla ko lang siya naisip , then after that nagsearch na ako nang kung anu-ano about her , pictures&informations and nagstart na din akong bumili ng magazines nea . then yung ibang namissed kong telserye nea , movies & etch . pinanood ko sa net and dinownload ko ;p HAHA . tapos pagkatapos nea lumipat sa ABS-CBN lagi kong pinapanood *** mga guestings&appearance nea .at ang tagal tagal ko ding inintay ang DMII , d pa nagsisimula lagi na akong bumibisita sa DMII site .at hanggang sa makilala ko ang mga lornatics/galorians . yung iba ka'close ko na nakakatuwa . tapos in-encourage nila ako na bumisita dito sa PEX&PEP . dati konti palang kami dito eh . HAHA .
    " Im not your worst enemy , Im your worst nightmare ! " wee ! favorite line ko ;p



    [highlight] SEXY09[/highlight]
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Nag simula sa simula

    Limang taong gulang ako nun na appreciate ko ang Ganda ng mukha ni Ms. LORNA TOLENTINO sa isang magazine sa bahay. Panay ang tanong ko sa mama ko kung sino siya.
    Kasi namangha ako sa Ganda niya at ganda ng katawan pati ang LEGS sabi ko noon sa mama ko.. Dapat huwag akong makagat ng Langgam kasi gusto ko kasing ganda ko ang LEGS yun nasa magazine. Tawa sila sa akin nun tinuro ko si LORNA TOLENTINO....

    Nagkakaiisip na ako nun nakakapanood na ako ng OLD movies niya sa TV at mga guesting at hosting niya sa mga TV show. Parati akong nakatitig sa mukha niya ganda ganda niya kasi..

    12 yrs old ako noon 1993 1st time ko naka panood ng MOVIE niya sa sinehan title KUNG AKOY IIWAN MO. w/ Mr. GABBY CONCEPCION and MS. ZSAZSA PADILLA dahil hindi lang siya maganda mahusay pang umarte.

    Doon na nag simula ang lahat.. Wala na akong ibang sinubaybayan kundi ang mga movies at guesting niya....Pauulit ulit ako sa mga movies niya hindi ako nag sasawang ulit ulitin.
    Pinangarap ko din na makita siya ng personal.. That time nag aaral pa ako noon. 1st year highschool ako noon may pagkakataon na makita kona sana siya ng PERSONAL nag shooting sila sa BAGUIO w/ BOYET ng GAANO KITA KA MAHAL. kaso hindi parin ako nakapunta kasi bata parin ako nun saka ayaw ko naman tumakas o mag absent para lang sa ganun... Nag pray nalang ako na balang araw makikita ko din siya sa tamang panahon. Super dami ko din ginawa nun Mega sulat pa ako sa mga magazine, peoples journal Para lang mapa abot ang paghanga ko sa kanya. Pati mga tv show nun sa EYE TO EYE para request na sana makita ko siya ng personal. Pati sa Parlor ni FANNY SERRANO tumatawag ako nagbabaka sakaling nandun siya.. heheheh.. At pati sa Radio (DZRH) SWARDING... May portion doon nun eh parang mag wish ka kung sino ang gusto mong artista makita. kaloka diba? Sa mga ganyan hindi ako napansin eh..

    Taong 2006 dumating din yung pinaka mimithi ng buhay ko ang makita ko siya ng PERSONAL...Sayat tuwa ang naramdaman ko nun.. Sobra sobrang saya ko talaga. Ito na dumating din ang matagal ko na prayers sa tamang panahon. AT yung hiling kong yun.. SOBRA SOBRA pa ang naibalik sa akin...

    Kaya nagpapasalamat ako kay Ms. LORNA TOLENTINO dahil ipanganak siya para hangaan lalo na ng mga kabataan na tunay na nakakapag bigay ng saya sa atin lahat.

    Masarap ang pakiramdam na humanga sa isang artistang alam mo malaki ang naitulong sa BUHAY mo.. Kahit hindi ako kilala ni Ms. LT noon nakikita ko sa kanya na maganda ang pananaw niya sa BUHAY kaya ko siya hinangaan bilang artista.. Hindi lang naman kasi GANDA at HUSAY kilalanin din natin ang ATTITUDE ng isang artista.. Yun ang nakita ko sa kanya. Kahit marami noon nagsasabi na SUPLADA raw ang isang LORNA TOLENTINO. Pero para sa akin hindi ko yun nakita sa kanya. Nakita ko ang kabutihan niya bilang ANAK, ASAWA, INA at KAIBIGAN... Maging sa mga FANS niya.. kaya masayang masaya ako at napabilang ako..

    Pakiramdam ko kasi noon sa mga interview lang niya lalot pag uusapan ang paging ASAWA at INA niya. Hangang hanga ako sa kanya Pakiramdam ko ang dami dami kong natutunan sa kanya.

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Hi everyone,

    Naku, mahahalata yata age ko dahil sa kuwento kung papano ako naging fan ni Ms. LT! Anyway, I was young when I first watched her in Nakagapos na Puso with Sharon Cuneta. I think that was 1986. Sharon fan ako nung una (uso pa ang mga tweetums movies noon). Impressed ako with Ms. LT noon (along with Ms. Cherie Gil), so nasundan ko when I watched her in Pinulot Ka lang Sa Lupa and Maging Akin Ka Lamang, both in 1987, where the latter to me is one of her most beautiful movie) kasi bida-contrabida siya sa role niya (she can really pull off with the role of being bad yet nakakaawa kasi she longs to end up with a guy she loves and is obssessed with)...Tapos, the rest is history... Buhay na buhay pa ang mga Pinoy movies back then when Viva, Regal and Seiko would show movies halos every week sa theaters. I love her sa mga dramas (her movie Narito and Puso Ko which brought her the Grand Slam title is really heart-wrenching), pero nag-enjoy ako sa Pusong Mamon kasi feel-good ang movie na yon. I also remembered when she would guest in See-True, and Vilma (na kumakanta or sumasayaw!). Sa Eye-to-Eye naman when she would usually be featured sa mga interviews.

    Then, the decade of teleseryes came when she became Lorrea/ Lorrinda (Red Butterfly)/ Lea sa ABSCBN's Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. Ayy grabe, for me, yun naman and pinaka-memorable teleserye of all the teleseryes made. Kahit it took more than 2 years yata ang soap opera na 'yun, it was always full of surprises. I can just imagine kung gaano kahirap mag-portray na kambal sa isang teleserye sa sa 'yo umiikot ang story. Ang galing talaga nya doon. Again, bida-contrabida roles and nagawa niya sa teleserye na 'yun. Then I followed her with her Dove stint sa All About You. Classy siya - and very pretty too. Well, she won't be called the pictorial queen for nothing, 'di ba? Para talaga siyang wine - gets better in age (be it in her career, physical beauty, her total persona). With the way she handled her most challenging role as a wife, doon ako totally humanga sa katatagan niya (Even when her husband Rudy Fernandez was already sick, she was still very professional making sure she attends to her Startalk co-hosting job). And when she became a widow, there were no hysterics, yet we all felt for her.

    Haay naku, gusto ko pang ilabas ang mga thoughts ko about how I became a fan of Ms. LT, pero I guess, the main reason why I continue to admire her is that she does not only have the talent, but she is a good person inside and out who does not have any put on. Maraming magagandang artista at very talented too, pero hindi nagtatagal sa industry nila dahil sa ugali. At the end of the day, those who are talented and have the right attitude towards work and the people whom they work with, will last for a very long time.

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]eto naman sakin ate booo.

    = Election nun. can't remember kung anong taon ahihi. me memory lapse na ang lowla. basta before that time. wala talaga me faved na actress, basta lang maganda movie watch agad me. pero nung pumunta me sa manila for vacation sa sister koh na taga quezon pa nun. tyempo yun na election at tumakbo nun si kuya daboy for mayor. nagkataon na me rally sila pumunta kami ng big sis ko at - dios mio nakita ko si mamadiosa hindi ako makapagsalita. tameme ang byuti koh. hinimas ko mukha koh at sabing nasa langit ba ako?
    tutoo yan ever. akala ko kasi nakakita ako ng anghel na pagkaganda ganda ever, soooo ganda na parang isang buwan ata yung di mawala sa isip ko ang byuti ni mamadiosa. so mula nun watch ko na mga tv shows nya. movies at lahat lahat na ever. nagdaan ang panahon mas lalong tumibay ang paghanga ko ke mamadiosa lalo na nung nagkasakit si daboy. na nanduon sya. hindi sya bumitiw. talaga namang ibang klase ang isang ms. lorna t. mula gma hanggang abs-cbn. talagang go akoh para sa kanya. baliw ako nun mas lalong baliw akoh now. ask ko nga sarili ko in love kea akoh ahihi jowk. me boyfriend ma noh!
    yan ang story of my life ahihi.

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]noon gusto ko na si atty..nung napanood ko yung MAGPAKAILANMAN sya yung gumanap sa role ng cancer patient..sa ch.7 un kay mhel tiangko..nung napanood ko un napansin ko yung GALING nyang magpaiyak.. pero hindi pa ko masyadong adik non.. (di tulad ngayon)hehe..

    tapos nung napanood ko yung LADIES ROOM scene sa DMII ayun..
    naghanap na ko ng mga videos nya sa you tube.. tapos una kong nabiling movie nya yung ABAKADA INA.. gosh! pinaiyak nya ko dun...
    after non, nakita ko na alng ang sarili ko na may account na sa PEX, MULTIPLY, at FAMBAM..
    ayun ang resulta isa na ko sa mga sinasabi ni kay na MGA NILALANG NA ADIK KAY MISS LORNA TOLENTINO...


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]I start to admire missLT when i watched her in mmk entitled "martyr mom", of all the artist, its only her who caught my attention, 2nd to the ASAP launching of the new primetime teleserye of abs-cbn whish is DMII. from that moment on, my heart was captured and i promised never to miss watching the show, i love to keep on watching her act, i read all of her biographies to know her better and i did watch all of her previous shows and movie, when it comes to her attitude, I think she got everything, i don't care about her shortcoming coz i know we all commit mistakes.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]I'll be honest. Lately lang ako mga DMII moments although napapanuod ko na ang ilan sa mga movies niya, di kasi ako maka-local movies more on international ako. LOL. but guess what? siya ang naging daan upang ma aappreciate ko ang mga local movies, she nailed it. love her so much.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]i started became a LT addict. 8-10 years ago, but before that, simpleng fan lang ako, watch ng movies niya ganun, kasi uber galing niya magportray at ang ganda niya, sa mura kong edad[nuon! haha] siya lang ang artistang nabighani at humanga ako ng sobra, pero when she did KTKH, that was the time i started to be a LT addict, as in adik, todo kung todo! i remember, i pushed myself to study how to use internet [nun palang kasi nagka internet dito sa bundok namin. hahaha], just to search ng info all about her and dun ko din nakilala ang iba pang LT Addict, i'm so happy talaga lalo na ng nameet ko sila at mas bonggang super mega happy ako ng makita ko na si Miss LT sa personal. Before natakot ako mameet siya dahil baka masungit o irapan pa niya ako, pero when the big day came and that was August 27,2007 at starstalk studio, we met her personally. When i first saw her from a far talagang napa nga-nga nalang ako. I feel i'm in heaven staring on an angel. hay, starstruck galore! Tapos 1 of the fan na kasama ko waved our banner and she saw it and she immediately give us a "Hi with a smile" na lalong nagpa hyper sa amin, that was the time na na conclude ko, she's different from other stars, she's super approachable and napakabait. And nasundan pa yun ng 2meetings pa ang talagang mabait siya hindi nagbago from 1st meeting namin with her. But there's a time din na hindi ako super active sa net/text, nag lay low ba, parang ganun, pero kahit hindi ako naging active sa internet/text nun, i'm still abang 4 her and watched her sa tv perobumonga ulit ako sa pagka active when she did DMII nabuhay muli ang natutulog kung duging lornatics! hahaha[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]It started to become a fan of ms. LT when i first watched her movie ABAKADA INA.. followed by her being a challenger on EXTRA CHALLENGE..her excellent ability in acting, her being true person and staying low profile despite of some greatest achievements she received
    was gave me a strong impact for her to be idolized

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]it started when i was 12 years old, iba kasi yung dating niya sakin feeling ko bata pa lang kami close bata pa lang ako.kaya naging fan nya ko eversince.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]nung may sakit si kuya rudy,. kasi nakita ko kung gano sya ka strong,at napakabuting asawa talaga. kahit anong issue yung pinag dadaanan nilathat time di nya talaga binitawan si kuya rudy. talagang bumilib ako sa kanya doon,.gusto kong maging matatag tulad nya.tapos lalong tumindi dahil sa DMII. superb ang acting nya,! i love her anything about her, i love her as a mother to his sons, as a wife of late daboy, as an actress, as a friend, i love her the way she treats her fans.[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]the first time i saw Ms Lt was in the movie KISLAP SA DILIM doon plang na notice ko na super super pretty sya.
    then last year as i already told you nakita ko sya sa dmii.
    i loved her acting. kasi feel ne feel ko yun love nya a mother could have for her children.
    bihira ko lang nakita yun sa actors playing a parent.=)
    she makes simple thinks sooo beautiful and nice and perfect.
    how she talk, move and act...
    when i remember her or think bout her i always mind the word: UNIQUE
    i love her sooo much
    i never felt such a love for a celebrity before. grabeh si Ms LT kasi eh she is so down to earth but on the other side her simplicity and characters are unreachable.
    I LOVE MS LORNA!!![/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]i will never ever forget that day!! it was OCTOBER 9, 2009 around 9:45 pm...
    after ko makita yung elevator scene biglang lumabas yung hidden addiction ko for miss LT.. dati kasi hate dramas... kaya hindi ako masyado nanunuod nun... pero nung nga 13 years old na ko i started to like dramas and movies especially love stories..... yung love story ng galor ang nagpalala sakin! (what a term!)
    i do admire those people who caught my attention but now...... i admire with LOVE
    love you goddess!!!

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Even before pa, I admire Ms. LT na pero sakto lang! I did watched her shows pero I must admit nung nasa Channel 7 siya , hindi gaano kasi mas pinapanood ko talaga ang mga teleserye sa Channel 2. Hehe. Pero nung nasa Startalk siya, pinapanood ko ang DIOSA palagi kasi dun ko nakikita ang ibang “LT”, hosting naman.

    Lumevel up ang paghanga ko kay Ms. LT dahil sa teleseryeng DAHIL MAY ISANG IKAW. Sobrang ganda na, sobrang galing pa! Amazing talaga! Gaya ng iba, nagsimula yun sa “ELEVATOR SCENE”. Inabangan ko talaga ang scene na yun. Kahit na gabi ang uwi ko from school, pinipilit ko talagang umuwi ng sakto sa DMII time slot. Pag hindi naman ako umaabot dahil sobrang traffic, inaabangan ko agad ang specific episode na yun sa mga websites.

    Dahil sa kaadikan kong yun, paulit ulit kong pinapanood ang DMII especially DIOSA and GALOR scenes sa youtube, pinoychannel, etc. Hanggang sa madalas na rin akong bumisita sa dmii.multiply.com site, doon ko nakilala ang “so called family” ngayon sa PEX.

    Nakakatuwa kasi dahil kay DIOSA ay nabuo ang pamilya naten dito. Promise ko ngayon Aling Luding kahit saang channel ka man pumunta, panonoorin pa rin kita! I hope and I pray that I’ll see you in the future, gusto ko rin mafeel ang CLOUD 9 na sinasabi ng mga sisters ko dito :) Please continue to inspire us! I Love You forever DIOSA! :)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]nagsimula ang addiction ko kay MS. LT nung sa nag portay siya ng role ni "RED BUTTERFLY" , hindi ko talaga makakalimutan yun kasi ang galing niya bilang kontrabida! haha
    after that mas lalo akong na-adik sa kanya bilang si ATTORNEY TESSA RAMIREZ! ang galing niya! ang ganda niya! superr!!
    wooohooo.. simula nun, super avid fan na ako ni ms. lt.. lovesigh:
    I LOVE YOU GODDESS![/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]I started liking ms.LT noong KTKH, that was last 2002. i was 7 years old that year. i always watch her cause i like red butterfly. but i admit po na i'm not that addicted pa kay ms.LT noon but i always watch her. in 2003 she had a movie entitled "magnifico". i love that movie. " super nakakaiyak" :'(. here's the highlight na of my kwento. hehe. I was watching The Buzz noon with my grandmother at their house last June 8, 2008 to be exact. ( i guess you all know what's happening that time ) she was interviewed by ms.kristi fermin. She was crying then :( it torn my heart. That time she cried i don't know why but i can feel the pain. maybe it's because i like her nga. but that day i started loving & supporting her. mejo addict na. Then last year DMII came starring her and mr. gabby that was the time that i came super addict na. august 24 2009 is the premiere night. I'm so excited for it that i even went home super early to watch that. haha. i watched every episode of it na parang tumitigil mundo ko pag DMII na. when she cries. nakoo, my heart is parang" nadudurog " :( when she laughs, i also laugh out loud. =)) pero the most amazing thing is the tandem between her and mr. gabby. whaaaaa. OMG! oh my GALOR! HAHAHA :D super kilig as in when they have their scenes together. i can see my self floating. hahahaha, i even had my pillows that i named mama tessa & papa jaime. hahahah!:D nako we had our retreat last december 2-4. bawal mag dala ng phone. walang TV doon. that was my biggest problem! pano ko mapapanuod ang dmii. haha. so i brought my aunt's phone *** may tv. hahaha. my roommates and i watched it inside th loo :D

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MS.LT. i'll never get tired of loving && supporting you :)

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]I’m really trying to recall the exact date but I really can’t remember. Actually, it all started in “Dahil May Isang Ikaw”. Yeah, just recently. Well, before, I have seen her in the movie entitled “Pusong Mamon” which really interests me. But I was knida like soo young before that I didn’t put much attention to my being “fanatic”. More like less devoted. The first phase of my admiration to her was less intense. I kept it to myself. While watching the said Teleserye, I get butterflies in my tummy whenever I see Galor scenes. And then finally, I tried to visit the dmii site. And so, I found what I wanted. I didn’t expect that I was not alone. I was FC to everyone who loves GALOR. And then, all of a sudden, I got a lot of texts from people who they call themselves “Galorians”. From that day on, my phone never stops ringing. HAHA! It actually changed my life! AHAHA. So there. I have so much to say but I guess I have to stop here. My admiration became an addiction but of course in the right way. She motivates me to do well in school. She never fails to remind of how wonderful life is and that I should be thankful for everything God has bestowed upon me. Everything about her just makes me feel like heaven. Utopia mode! In every way, she’s my inspiration; everybody’s inspiration.
    Thank you so much K-LTs and Goddess. “I love you and I will tell you everyday”. – pang if only ang drama.. hehe.. Always and Forever ♥[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]ako naman matagal ko ng idol si ms.lt ngsimula sa BAYARANG PUSO na movie nya ang galing nya grabe sabi ko sa sarili ko ngaiisa lang sya wala ng papantay pa!tas may MAY NAGMAMAHAL SA IYO ANG GALING.BASTA HALOS LAHAT NG MOVIE NYA MINAMARKAHAN NG BAWAT PILIPINO DAHIL SA HUSAY AT GALING NYA.syempre ang pagiging magaling na nanay sa kanyang mga anak at sa kanyang asawa.at sa mga kaibigan at sa mga fans nya isa sya sa dapat tularan nating lahat ang kanyang katapangan na hinarap ang pagsubok sa kanyang buhay sa pagpanaw ng kayang mahal sa buhay na si mr.rudy.ay nanatiling syang matatag.kaya saludo ako sa iyo ms.lt at pinkagausto ko sa kanya ay napakasemple nya kahit na subrang sikat sya ay hindi ko man lang nakitaan ng kaartihan..basta sabi nga ng mare ateth ko HANGGANG SA DULO NG WALANG HANGGAN ANG AMING PAGMAMAHAL SA IYO MS.LT[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

    Guys: If you want to answer the same question, please do so,

    and PM me your asnwers para naman masali ko dito yung idea nyu! ♥ Thanks.

    kLTs - thanks for answering ♥ here's the complication, i hope you'd love this! Have Fun! ♥

    thanks ateCrazyB000 for the question!
    sana masama lahat ng Lornatics



    --andaming di napasama dito, pati na ako --
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    Klap klap klap may bagong bahay na!!
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