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Daniel Padilla: You've Got To Believe in the Teen King's Magic. • DJP GLOBAL THREAD 2

Daniel Padilla: You've Got To Believe in the Teen King's Magic. • DJP GLOBAL THREAD 2


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    :spinstar: We are the SUPPORTERS of DANIEL PADILLA (with or without a loveteam) who SEE and LOVE him BEYOND the kilig and charms. :spinstar:
  • djpglobalpexofcdjpglobalpexofc Member PExer

    Daniel John Ford Padilla, (born April 26, 1995) popularly known as Daniel Padilla, is a Filipino actor and recording artist. He is a talent of ABS-CBN and Star Magic. He rose to fame when he starred as Gino, in the primetime Filipino drama Princess And I.

    Daniel is the son of actor Rommel Padilla and actress Carla Ford (screen name: "Karla Estrada"). Because of his strong resemblance to his uncle Robin Padilla who became famous for his "bad boy" image, he is often tagged with the same image. His mother was only 19 years old when she gave birth to Daniel in Waterous General Hospital on April 26, 2013. The baby’s father was not around, but Karla had her friends and mother to help her raise the child. Karla named her son Daniel John, or DJ. She picked the name from a Bible she found in a drawer by her bed.


    Three years after DJ was born, Rommel was imprisoned soon after. The first time he laid eyes on his son didn’t happen face to face, it was only through a single solo photo of DJ which Karla brought to him at the prison. Due to the persuasion of her friend and Rommel’s brother, Karla decided to bring DJ to see his father finally.

    Karla was left to raise his son as a single parent. Their nomadic existence, moving from place to place, didn’t bother DJ at all. He learned how to make friends quickly, and adapted his mother’s bohemian lifestyle. DJ jokingly calls his mother “Karla the Explorer”. Some of DJ’s fondest childhood memories were made running around the streets of Happy Homes, a townhouse complex in Tandang Sora where they used o live. DJ and his friends would go biking or play basketball. DJ loved not wearing his slippers during playtime which made his mother angry every time he came home. They also enjoyed playing patintero and taguan.

    DJ was not the always the sole focus of his mother’s attention. A year after he was born, there was a new addition to the family: Jose Carlos or JC. He is the son of Karla with musician Naldy Padilla. Karla explained to DJ when he was five, “Anak, wala namang masama sa pamilya natin. Kahit stepbrothers lang kayo, sama-sama parin kayo, hindi kayo nagkakahiwahiwalay. DJ, andito ako hindi para kayo paghiwa-hiwalayin, kundi para pagsama-samahin lang kayo.” DJ took Karla’s words to heart. Even when Karla bore two more children – two girls, Margaret and Carmella, also by different fathers – he came to see them as full sisters. DJ practically helped his mother raise his sisters. He did everything from preparing bottles of baby formula to changing their diapers without complaining. Growing up, DJ became fiercely protective of his mother. He picked a fight with his classmate who insulted his mother. When Karla learned about this, she did not get disappointed of DJ. In fact, part of her was proud that he had the guts to stand up for what is important to him.

    Daniel’s family came together in 2011, the year he turned sixteen. He finally met his other siblings from his father’s side: Ralph, RJ, and Roanna. This was also the year when his showbiz career took off. The late Douglas Quijano saw something in DJ even when he was just 1 year old. He told Karla that when DJ turns 14, he would take care of DJ’s showbiz career. After 13 years, Douglas called Karla to bring DJ to ABS-CBN for a go-see. Douglas introduced DJ to Johnny Manahan. Two days after, Douglas passed away. Karla and DJ thought that this meant the end of DJ’s showbiz aspirations. Two weeks after, Mr. M called for DJ, and there followed his first show, the youth-oriented Gimik 2010.
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    :wave: guys, who else has not been added? it's been awhile since we last updated so we might have missed some people. just edit this to add your names. :love:

    :spinstar:We are the aficionados who adhere to Daniel Padilla - learning in every way, growing everyday, achieving all the way and never fading away.:spinstar:

    1. keyen_dorbell17
    2. Pexer2013_gwenny
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    5. MackJack
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    14. TrueEscapist
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    19. jamliangel
    20. eXXo
    21. chate_clown
    22. its_kimAGAIN
    23. butterKLAI
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    25. TRLM
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    40. immaryechiverri
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    45. Yuhoo
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    47. glai09cutie
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    49. winxsluvss501
    50. jessie_drei
    51. princessfiction

    :spinstar:This is NOT a loveteam thread. We focus on Daniel Padilla ONLY.:spinstar:

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    :spinstar: Daniel Padilla Grand Fans' Day at Sky Dome and DJP Album Launch :spinstar:

    :spinstar:The Buzz (05.12.13) - Daniel at Kathryn, magbabalik telebisyon sa 'Got To Believe':spinstar:


    :spinstar:DANIEL PADILLA Contract Signing in STAR CINEMA:spinstar:

    :spinstar:DANIEL Live! and MUST BE LOVE Thanksgiving Dinner:spinstar:

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    GIMIK 2010 Trailer


    GROWING UP Trailer

    Daniel is growing up!

  • djpglobalpexofcdjpglobalpexofc Member PExer

    :spinstar:Official Trailer:spinstar:

    :spinstar:Princess and I: BIG REVEAL:spinstar:
  • 24_7_in_love_poster.jpg tumblr_mn3qn1Rbw51qbracro8_r1_400.jpg

    :spinstar:24/7 In Love: DANIEL PADILLA as BILLY FERNANDEZ:spinstar:

    sisterakasdownload.jpg tumblr_mn3qn1Rbw51qbracro9_r1_400.jpg

    :spinstar:Sisterakas: DANIEL PADILLA as ANGELO SANTOS:spinstar:

    Must_Be_Love_film.jpg tumblr_mn3qn1Rbw51qbracro7_r1_400.jpg

    :spinstar:Must Be Love: DANIEL PADILLA as IVAN LACSON:spinstar:
  • :spinstar:Love Songs from Princess And I:spinstar:


    Hinahanap-Hanap Kita by Daniel Padilla

    :spinstar:Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs:spinstar:


    Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat composed by Jungee Marcelo and interpreted by Daniel Padilla

    Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs FINALS NIGHT

    himighandogfinalsnight.jpg himighandogfinalsawards.jpg
  • :spinstar:DANIEL PADILLA (Self-titled Album):spinstar:


    "Prinsesa" Official Music Video by Daniel Padilla

    :spinstar:GOLD, PLATINUM, and DOUBLE PLATINUM STATUS:spinstar:


    :spinstar:DJP Album:spinstar:

    Available at Astroplus/Astrovision and Odyssey stores nationwide!

    djpalbum.jpg tumblr_mlccn7R7x21qj9vmwo1_500.jpg

    "Kumusta Ka" Official Lyric Video by Daniel Padilla
  • [highlight]BUM EQUIPMENT[/highlight]




    [highlight]WHISPER Cottony Clean[/highlight]


    [highlight]AMIGO SEGURADO[/highlight]


    [highlight]KFC Streetwise[/highlight]


    [highlight]Your Own Time[/highlight]




    [highlight]NESCAFE CLASSIC[/highlight]


    [highlight]BENCH Daily Scents[/highlight]

    931298_10151652802786251_1609123847_n.png 1002066_371038639663393_1834224980_n.jpg

    [highlight]LILY'S Peanut Butter[/highlight]


    [highlight]HANSEL CRACKERS[/highlight]

  • :spinstar:MUSIC:spinstar:





    OMG! Breakthrough Actor of the Year - NOMINATED
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  • gtb10.jpg

    :spinstar: Got To Believe: DANIEL PADILLA as JOAQUIN MANANSALA :spinstar:
    Kapamilya Fan Art Champion Grand Winner!!


  • Nabitin Ba Kayo Sa Kwento nina Chichay at Joaquin?

    Abangan ang Full Trailer: The Continuation ngayong Lunes sa Juan Dela Cruz!!

  • Napakinggan mo na ba ang pinaka bagong Station Jingle ng M.O.R. 101.9 FOR LIFE?

    Here is the very first collaboration of Toni Gonzaga, Vice Ganda and our very own, Daniel Padilla!

  • :wave: :wave: Congratulations DJP Global!! Welcome to our new home!! :love: :love:
  • jamliangeljamliangel Member PExer
    congrats djps kain muna tayo naghanda ako para sa atin:lol: konting salo-salo lang:)

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