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Spread the Mayer-naise! (For all that is John Mayer)

John Mayer is the artist behind the song NO SUCH THING...

....I wanna run to the halls of my highschool. I wanna scream to the top of my lungs! I just found out there's no such thing as a real world. Its just a lie you have to rise above...

I heard that his two song...Your body is a wonderland...and...Oh Georgia... is good too.

I hate living in the Philippines. Tower records doesnt carry his cds... I can't wait until his album hits the pirated stands...not because its cheap but because it is where John Mayer's cd COULD become available.


  • Yeah his songs rock. The whole album is good actually, I had to download all the songs individually, then I just burned them. I don't normally do that, just to the artists that you can't find in the Philippines :) I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a pirated release, pirates only make copies of artists that are sure to sell, and John Mayer really isn't that known
  • uy share naman ng songs niya. gusto ko rin iyung sound niya eh, astig.
  • got my acoustic version of no such thing! ang cute!!!!!! lyrics please.......
  • I've heard his album... it's really really good! I don't think they'll ever release it here, though. My friend had to order it pa from the internet :( Well if you're willing to spend some money, it's worth it to buy the album over the net since I hear you get a bonus cd :D
  • Aye, good album. I like this guy.
  • i only know "no such thing." kainis nga kasi di available ibang songs nya, galing pa naman nya lyric-wise.

  • ganda ng "no such thing"! really like that song. try ko rin ibang kanta niya. any picks?
  • whats his song list ba? I really enjoyed No SUch Thing.. and here I was all glum thinking I was the only one who knew about him... :D
  • Track listing for "Room for Squares"

    1. No Such Thing
    2. Why Georgia
    3. My Stupid Mouth
    4. Your Body Is A Wonderland
    5. Neon
    6. City Love
    7. 83
    8. 3X5
    9. Love Song For No One
    10. Back To You
    11. Great Indoors
    12. Not Myself
    13. St. Patrick's Day
    14. (untitled)

  • gusto ko rin iyung "Back To You". cool. He reminds me of Dave Matthews.

    His other songs on the album are good too. I didn't bother checking out the titles pero ang sarap ding pakinggan.
  • jaedee <?> the host of the midnight countdown <nu107> said that john mayer actually plays more then words way way back while he was still starting... ü she got turned off though. but i still think that's cool!
  • di ko mahanap ang mp3 ng studio version.. does anyone know where I can get his album??? it seems to be really really worth it!
  • I finally found his studio version.. grabe... aliw sobra sound niya.. I want the whole album BAD!
  • nussnuss PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yeah... his voice sounds like Dave Matthews...
  • this guys pretty damn talented, check him out www.johnmayer.com

  • love this guy and his music! galeng sobra!
    I got all his songs both from his album and live ones
    Favorite ko "Love song for no one, No Such Thing,
    Your body is a Wonderland"

    I'll never get tired listening to all his songs :D
  • gleng noh? his lyrics make sense pa naman.. sexy sobra ng your body is wonderful... I'd play that for my girl if I could!
  • I'm addicted to him na nga eh!
    I also like "Not myself, Breakaway, Back to you"
    hehehe actually i like the whole album! *okay*
  • grabe.. naadik ako sa your body is a wonderland :D hehehe replacement ko na sha for Crash Into Me
  • Originally posted by neonique
    grabe.. naadik ako sa your body is a wonderland :D hehehe replacement ko na sha for Crash Into Me

    hahaha me too! I love the acoustic version of it! :walkman2:
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