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transferee from canada

hi! i was planning of transferring to Ateneo prolly sa sy2015-2016. I'll be a 2nd year student when i get accepted. But the thing is maghinto ako ng studies for two years to earn money. Do you think that would be a problem to my application? and i was wondering, how hard is the ACET and how hard to get into ateneo? is there any books that i could use to study for my ACET? what's the ideal gpa (canadian computation please) to secure my application? how many applicants do they accept? and i was thinking of asking my profs for recommendation forms anytime this year, will they question the date of my recommendation letters if ill be applying 2 years from now? hope you guys could help me, i really wanna get accepted to Ateneo. thanks! i know i should ask the ateneo for my concerns, but i wanna hear Ateneans' opinion first. best of luck to everyone!
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