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Most offensive T-shirts

ach_chooach_choo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Just those you've seen in person or on media. My growing list:

Silly *****, d|cks are for chicks
Free d|ck rides
Dead girls don't say 'no'
I swear officer, I didn't know she was 3
(printed at the back) Repent you fvcking savages! Repent!
9 out of 10 enjoy gang *****
Little c0cks make me giggle
Lets put the FUN back in FUNERAL
(drawing of a girl running inside a treadmill, powering a generator to light a bulb) GIRL POWER
Sorry girls, I suck d|ck
I ***** BACK

With national flavor:

'Comrade' is Russian for 'moron.'
(drawing of a goat and an Arab) ***** 'em and roast 'em.


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