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Bizarre Phenomenon: Snowfall visits tropical Country Philippines [July 24th 2013]

Hi Guys,
Just breaking a news. Check this out:
Bizarre natural phenomenon: Snowfall visits tropical country Philippines

What are your thoughts about this?
Good Thing or Bad Thing?
Climate Change or Just pure highly unusual phenomenon?
-Ask for me, minus all the damage crops I want it to be permanent, though might ruin some of our country’s agricultural industry. It’s kinda cool that we receive some snow once in a while.
That’s my opinion by the way. What’s yours?

Got my ticket, will be flying to the place tomorrow to check it out myself. Soooooooooo excited! :>


  • malapit lang sa amin to. dyan destinasyon namin mamaya. . . IMO maganda to kasi masusuot ko na winter clothes ko. hehehe.. for 1 day :D
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