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SMB or Shell?

It seems like Shell power casts have out played the group of SMB in games 3 and 4 of the PBA Championship Series. Who do you predict will bag win the championship, SMB or Shell?


  • I'm a huge Shell fan- I've watched 5 of their last 6 games LIVE. They obviously have what it takes to beat SMB, as they have proven in Games 3 & 4. But then again, they lost Game 5 last night, and eveyone was saying that whoever takes Game 5 will finish up the series in 6.
    Shell has been in this position countless times before- on the brink of elimination. But they have proven time & again that they can come back. In the semis, the series stood at 2-1, with SLR leading. Shell had to beat SLR 2 times to get into the finals. Akala ko they were goners...I didn't even watch Game 4 live anymore. Pero when they won Game4, I knew for sure that they would take Game 5. So I watched it Live. Sure enough, they did.
    So don't count Shell out just yet. Think of it this way: SMB needs to win on Wednesday. If they don't, I think Shell will take Game 7. Provided, of course, that the referees play fair and Danding leaves his wallet at home.

    Shell 4 life!!!!!!
  • Pusta ko, San Miguel in six games. Ewan ko lang, call it a gut hunch.
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