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103.5 K-Lite: The Hits and Lite Favorites

I was wondering...coz 103.5 is not that famous a radio station...
...me personally i only listen to their talk shows coz their DJ's are great talkers, and quite intellectual.
My favorite is "Nitelite" during Wednesday midnight.


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  • I have been listening to 103.5 since I was about 5 or 6 years old. Hehe.. :D It's funny 'cause I still remember the station. Ewan ko if my memory serves me right pero I grew up listening to that station because whenever my dad would get me and my siblings to sleep during the afternoon, I'd always see the stereo display tuned in to 103.5

    Nag-exist na nga ba ung 103.5 nung 5 na ako?
    *wonders* :eek:

    Anyway, I've always liked the station because the music is really nice. Puro mga old ones...(am I right?) Kasi un nga, when I was a kid even during bedtime (I used to sleep in my parent's room ksi) my dad would tune in to that station and I'd fall asleep listening to it. Even when I didn't like taking naps during the afternoon, I'd still fall asleep kasi the music was relaxing...

    Kaya ayun, I grew up appreciating Johnny Mathis, Matt Monro, Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole..and a host of a lot of other people my dad listens to.
  • Only on Sundays. Twisted on a Sunday with Jessica Zafra remains a favorite. :)

  • yup. i listens to that station.
    especially every wednesday at midnight (hey isn't it thursday morning by default? nevermind). that's when the show "nitelite" is on air. :)

    anyways, did u listen last night (or this morning)? hahaha... about the "style mo bulok" guy... i was suppressing my giggles while listening to it, coz i'm sure if i didn't control it i'll start to crack up and my parents whould caught me awake at the ungodly hours of the morning. naku! patay nanaman ako... good thing they didn't caught me icon14.gif .
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    K-LITE is my favorite radio station, because the DJ's are really good. They play middle-of-the-road stuff, nothing too pop or too baduy (like Spice Girls), R&B, and a lot of 70s-90s stuff, too.
  • i like the music! i like jazz kasi. I also like the talk shows! they're great! :)
  • Yeah wAgKaNaNgMaKuLiT...
    ...i got to listen to the last show...
    ("last show" na lang para safe)
    ...and yeah that guy was funny...
    ...Anyways, who's you favorite jock on
    K-Lite???Ako, fave ko si Monica...for some reason.

  • Dan Blaze: hahaha... oo nga. sobrang funny. namaos pa sa kaka videoke... hahaha...

    yiheee! fave jock niya si Monica... bakit kaya? hmmmm.... ;)


    ako si ron south... wehehehehe... joke lang.
    but seriously, fave ko yun trio ng "last show". lalo na if The Blade and Lil David are making fun of Monica... and yun corny nilang jokes. wahahahahaha... it never fails to make me laugh.

  • I do listen to the station. i don't have a fave dj. I just like the songs that they play. I like their program every Sunday at 12-3pm, playing 60's, 70's and 80's music. I just hope that they can change the time schedule to an earlier time sched like 9-12pm.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Jinjy (spellcheck) annoys me to bits. Palaging pa-cute.
  • As MONICA says (or sings):

    "May tomorrow be a perfect day,
    may you find love and laughter along the way, may God keep you in his tender care,..."

    (well, i forgot the last couple of lines) hehe
  • Till He brings us together again :)

  • Dan Blaze: there u have it. :)

    Meiji: do u sing along when she sings that song? :D

    ...hey, it's wednesday! makikinig ulit ako... :)
  • I happened to catch the "late show" last night. The three of 'em were funny and I couldn't stop laughing :D
  • JENNIFER: Yeah i also got to catch the show last night and it was one of their best ones...and funniest ones
    "It's easier said DALANDAN" (only those who listened to last night's show will get that)

    MEIJI: Hey thanks! So let me do it again:

    "May tommorow be a perfect day
    may you find love and laughter along the way
    may God keep you in his tender care
    till he brings us together again!!!"
    (g'night everybody) :)

  • kakainis! hde ako naka kinig last night :(
    nanood kse kami ng tv ng sister ko, hde namin namalayan yun oras. mga 3 na ako nakatulog last night, tapos na-late pa ako sa work ko today :(. buti nalang mabait boss ko at hde ako pinagalitan. :)

    btw, naabutan ko lang yun question and answer portion. e kaso patapos na. pero narinig ko yang phrase na yan: "it's easier said DALANDAN". pa kwento naman o. please... :)
  • I met Monica a couple of years back when she was just starting along with my sister.

    Actually it was my sister who introduced me to her.

    wala lang just wanted to share...

  • kwento na kayo... please... hde na ako maka hintay. :)
  • Kulit: sometimes i do :)
    Dan Blaze: you're welcome :)

    I really like their playlist, di masyadong pop and very pleasant to my ears :)

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  • wAgKaNaNgMaKuLiT: Sige na nga ikwento ko na:

    Ganito kasi: The three DJ's were talking to this girl na may problem about love(everyone there talks about love!). Anyway, ang problema niya, she loves a guy that doesn't love her back...so ang sabi ni Little D., tell the guy so he knows how you feel about him...
    ...tapos may nag-beep a few minutes later about Little D.'s advice na: "It's easier said DALANDAN", and Monica couldn't make out what the message meant until later nag-beep ulit na ang ibig saw sabihin no'n ay: "It's easier said than done"...apparently, the message reciever from the beeper service didn't hear the message right and sent a wrong beep...and that "It's easier said DALANDAN" thing was talked about (and laughed about) all night! :cool: GETS?

    Oo nga pala...will they have a show this week, or will they sign-off right before 'Nitelite'???

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  • Dan Blaze: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

    ...sobra talaga akong na curious dyan... :)

    and nope, walang nitelite this wednesday... :(

    Meiji: talaga? hmmmm... ano kayang tunog mo... hehehe. ;)

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