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How many addresses are there in your addressbook in your email?

the_FLYthe_FLY F*ck Off Jack*ss!!! PExer
i have a modest...97 so far...



  • Raw_KneeRaw_Knee Geek incarnate PExer
    I don't keep addresses in my email client's address book... an email virus might be executed in my computer and it could use the entries in my address book to propagate itself to other computers...

    hey, isn't this thread supposed to be in the Technology Today forum?
  • frenzyfrenzy Certified PExAdik PExer
    There are 93 addresses...

  • sweet_baby_girlsweet_baby_girl LioN HeaRT LaDY ✭✭
    36 addresses lang po :)
  • *keyah**keyah* On My Side Still PExer
    Hmmm - memorize ko mga addresses nila. Mga closest friends, family, and cousins ko lang naman eh.

    *okay* *pusa*
  • di_ako_si_glenndi_ako_si_glenn Member PExer

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