Other things na mas masarap kesa SEX?

TobatsTobats Glamour Boy PExer
GUYS, what do you think?

Umebak, kumain nang pinakamasarap na pagkain, at mamasyal sa gusto mong lugar!

Korek ba yon! :uh:


  • explicitexplicit Member PExer
    picking your nose after spending the whole afternoon in Quiapo, or after the New Year's celebration.

    haaaayyy.. grabe... it's almost like sex. may penetration din.

  • mookiemookie addictd2U PExer
    Other things na masarap kesa SEX? hmmmm -->talik, do, make love, pagniniig, chuk chak chenes nyahahaha :D ooops excuse me hehehe :glee:
  • SabikSabik Banned by Admin PExer
    meron ba?
  • TobatsTobats Glamour Boy PExer
    My friend says "BJ DAW" e SEX din yon Oral nga lang!

    He he he! :dance:
    kain ng madami tapos mag jebs! *okay* aaaaaahhhhhhh.... sarap ng feeling!!! :p
  • frenzyfrenzy Certified PExAdik PExer
    Mag-PEx! *okay*

  • oui_ouioui_oui moi aussi PExer
    cguro mag sky diving... haven't tried it but i can just imagine! must be exhilirating :wow:
  • Chocolate daw.

    Pero hindi pa ako nakakakain ng tsokolate, eh. :bungi:
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    foie gras :drool:
  • JoYcE`TiKJoYcE`TiK Member PExer
    sleeping on your bed after 36 hours of being awake.
  • trisha jimeneztrisha jimenez 16+ years PEXer!!! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    french kiss... (hindi naman sex yun diba?)
    mas intimate kasi yun eh... pwede kahit 5 hours nonstop eh pag sex after 30 mins, mejo pag wala ka na sa mood wala na talaga diba? :p
  • ReLaTiViTyReLaTiViTy CleVeR GuRL !!! PExer
    kissing ... as in yung sweet na kiss (not the sensual tht makes you want to go further than just kissing) ... and being in love. actually, there's no greater feeling than that itself ... loving somebody and him loving you back ... :)
  • ehnaehna lurker PExer
    yeah....being in luv....making up after a big fight.....hearing from someone you really miss......

    on personal note:
    receiving a phone call from JV...:inluv:
  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Makapag wee-wee after riding a one-hour jeepney ride from Cubao to Espa?a habang pinpigilan 'yung urge na mag-urinate.

    Aaaaah. Sarap.
  • benyakibenyaki i love baked tahong... PExer
    ako??? i like playing music... mas gusto ko pa ang tumugtog kesa sa sex... siguro kung papipiliin ako ng tsiks sa brand new guitar, i would choose the guitar... obsession ko talaga ang music e... :silly:
  • sitting_prettysitting_pretty Top Banana PExer
    Deliciously sinful and very moist blueberry cheesecake na hindi nagtitipid sa whipped cream and blueberries...o kaya, a very rich and very moist carrot cake na me makapal at masarap na cream cheese frosting. Tapos, ipapahid mo sa partner mo, then lick and suck!yum!!!:naughty:
  • aurichaurich Member PExer
    meron ba? :uh: :stolenkiss:
  • TobatsTobats Glamour Boy PExer
    Makayakap kayo ng Love mo alone in a island and asking to her na kelan kaya darating ang saklolo! :spinstar:
  • EverAfterEverAfter Member PExer
    Originally posted by raven23
    Chocolate daw.

    Pero hindi pa ako nakakakain ng tsokolate, eh. :bungi:

    seryoso di ka pa nakakakain ng chocolate? allergic ka?
  • ball4everball4ever Member PExer
    :cool: playing basketball, it's a challenge, it's the competition, it's the drive to win and the celebration afterwards. it's better than sex for me because i love basketball.

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